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It continues to be a very exciting summer at Manchester United, with plenty of topics to discuss. While we still have some time until the preseason begins, there is no shortage of topics to discuss today.

So let’s take a spin through the latest news and notes items making the rounds on the internet this Tuesday.

-There’s nothing bigger in the sport than the World Cup, and today brought one of the two tournament semi-finals. What could rival that from a news-worthiness stand point?


How about Cristiano Ronaldo, possibly the greatest current footballer alive right now and one of the greatest of all time, moving teams. Here’s a link to much more on Ronaldo’s leaving Real Madrid for Juventus.

Ronaldo had been linked with a move back to Manchester United the past few summer transfer windows, but current manager Jose Mourinho wasn’t reportedly interested. However, United now stand to earn £2.2 million off the Madrid-Juve transaction via the Solidarity Mechanism.

Earlier this off-season, a poll of United fans named Ronaldo the best Red Devils player of the Premier League era.

Paul Pogba said heading into the World Cup that he wanted to boss the tournament, and his play has been very impressive to say the least. Today, in the semi-final win over Belgium, he played his best game for France thus far. Plenty of United fans are wondering why they didn’t see this Pogba, week in and week out during the Premier League season.

On Tuesday, Pogba played in a more defensive role, and while it worked perfectly for France, this of course re-ignited the same debates that we saw all Premier League season about where Pogba should be playing for United.

There was also a lot of tweets in which Pogba fans called out the midfielder’s detractors, and wondered aloud if the critics are going to own up to being wrong. That’s all essentially noise though compared to the Pogba tweet that really matters, the one he made himself, in which he made a very classy gesture.

Pogba dedicated today’s win to the Thai children’s soccer team that had been trapped in a flooded cave. All 12 boys and their coach were successfully rescued by Thailand Navy Seals. 

After the game Pogba swapped shirts and hugged it out with another Man United player whose name was trending today on social media- Marouane Fellaini.

Roberto Martinez started Fellaini on the left wing, and it didn’t go well. There was a ton of criticism for both Fellaini and Martinez, as this was not a winning strategy.

The Independent has more on the tall Belgian’s “loafing.”

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