Man United Transfer Talk: Angel Gomes, Saul Niguez, Timo Werner

angel gomes

Manchester United, along with the rest of most global football, are off indefinitely, so let’s do some transfer talk instead. If there’s one thing that can survive a global pandemic, it’s transfer rumors. We start with a story of prodigy/whiz kid/whichever term you want to use Angel Gomes shooting down the narratives that he wants to leave Old Trafford.

The Daily Mirror reports that United have re-opened talks with Gomes, who is out of contract this summer. The 19-year-old midfielder is reportedly looking to stay put, and thus snub interest from Chelsea.

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Liverpool FC News: Klopp, Mane, Salah, Henderson, UCL

Liverpool FC, along with the rest of global football, are off indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, but there are still plenty of Reds news items to discuss.

So let’s get started with where Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane ranked in the Who top 50 in Europe. The high scoring duo were ranked much lower than one would expect, as neither cracked the top 25. Salah was #30 and Mane #28, read the justification over at this link

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Man United News: Marcus Rashford, Brandon Williams, Harry Maguire

marcus rashford

The coronavirus pandemic has brought all of world football down for the foreseeable future. The Premier League announced suspension of play until April 30, and at that point they will re-evaluate again. That said, there is still plenty of interesting Manchester United related news and notes to go over.

Let’s take a look at some of the news items trending in cyberspace right now during these very strange days and extremely uncertain times. (For today’s MUFC transfer rumors round-up, go here) We start with leading scorer Marcus Rashford, who made a very young fan’s day by responding to his letter about missing football.

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Man United Transfer Talk: Thomas Meunier, Edinson Cavani

Manchester United, along with the rest of most global football, are off indefinitely, so let’s do some transfer talk instead. If there’s one thing that can survive a global pandemic, it’s transfer rumors. By the way, we have the MUFC news and notes round-up for today, at this link.

We start with a narrative on a defensive target, Thomas Meunier. The 28-year-old Belgian international and Paris Saint-Germain man is out of contract at the end of the season and available on a free.

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Germany Reportedly Want Jurgen Klopp as Next Manager

In the “next logical step” department, the German national team is interested in hiring Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp to be their next boss. That’s according to the Daily Mirror, who report “there is a growing ­enthusiasm within the corridors of football power in his homeland to line up Klopp as a successor to Joachim Low.”

That’s definitely no secret, as Klopp is an absolutely beloved figure in his native Deutchsland. The concept of having Klopp as national team manager is so popular that it has been discussed on German pet Instagram accounts for years.

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Are Manchester United Ready to Become a Force Again?


As there’s no football happening at the moment, and likely not again for some time, it’s an opportunity for everyone to step back, take a pause, and assess what we’ve seen in the English Premier League since the January transfer window closed.

Since February, we’ve seen a mini-revival of sorts at Manchester United. It’s too early to say that everything suddenly looks rosy again at Old Trafford; we’ve seen a false dawn at the club once before during Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s relatively brief regime; but things definitely look better than they did before the festive period.  

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Famous Faces among Bookmakers’ Ambassadors

Most bookmakers have decided to use great sports personalities as a way of marketing the gambling businesses. It is an effective means as most of the selected sports personalities usually have a huge crowd of followers which turns to be advantageous to the bookmaker. 

In such instances, the bookmakers make huge amounts of cash as gambling activities are usually set to be on the increase. This has applied to both forms of gambling both on-land gambling and online gambling. On online gambling, great followers usually have a chance to play with celebrities, get to chat with fans and associate with many gambling activities which automatically increases traffic and transactions on the site.

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Man United Still Keen on Jack Grealish, Despite His Breaking Quarantine

Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish has been linked to Manchester United for some time, so transfer narratives regarding his making a potential move to Old Trafford are nothing new. His name is often mentioned on sports news websites with regularity. However, today’s report is extremely unique and extraordinary, in light of global current events.

Grealish, who made a public service announcement this past weekend advising people to stay home admist the coronavirus pandemic, was caught the very next morning practicing the total opposite of what he preaches.

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Paul Pogba Does Amazing Trick Shot that Blends Two Sports (Video)

During the shelter in place orders that we’re all under, we do our best to stay entertained and keep our minds from spinning out of control. With no sports of any kind, for the foreseeable future, to consume we also have to find our sports fix wherever we can.

With that in mind, check out what Paul Pogba did here, a football trick that ends with a basketball flavor. The Frenchman, training from his at home Paul Pogba stadium posted some razzle dazzle on Instagram.

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Soccer Books to Pass the Time With

david beckham-david moyes

Living without soccer is hard for fans of the sport during this difficult time of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. Soccer provides entertainment for many, not only entertainment but it also provides so many jobs. 

Almost every soccer league in the world have been canceled due to the global coronavirus outbreak. There is so much that you can do to pass time including reading soccer books if you are a fan.  Here we have listed some of the best soccer books available for you to read. 

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Liverpool GK Alisson Achieves Amazing Throw in Quarantine (Video)

alisson becker

Liverpool FC goalkeeper Alisson Becker was the world’s most expensive shot-stopper, for a brief period, when he was acquired from AS Roma. His transfer fee record was quickly eclipsed when Chelsea acquired Kepa Arrizabalaga, but can Kepa do this?

Check out this amazing goalie throw from his backyard into his own house achieved by Alisson. Watch it and you’ll see why it’s going viral. Also, this is probably the time for us to phase out that phrase “going viral,” something I’ve never really liked anyway.

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Christian Pulisic Makes Lionel Messi’s Top 15 Youth Prospects Cut

Who will be the next big thing in world football? Who will replace Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo once they’ve retired? That day will get here sooner than you think, and for the answer look no further than Messi’s top 15 young prospects list, which the Argentine just named.

Making the cut was Chelsea and U.S. men’s national team star Christian Pulisic. The Messi “youth on the rise” list was part of Topps’ Champions League cards series, which were in fact designed by the 32-year-old FC Barcelona galactico. The “Youth on the Rise” list is pretty elite company, and it includes France/Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe, considered by many to indeed be that Messi/Ronaldo heir.

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