Was Christian Benteke Sold Because he broke Jurgen Klopp’s Glasses?



Last March, Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp was highly criticized, from a few different people, for how he handled Christian Benteke in full view of fans, media and television cameras during a match.

It just seemed like the German boss and the Belgian striker never really quite gelled together. Benteke, a Brendan Rodgers acquisition, fizzled at Anfield, and ended up one of the season’s top flops, contributing to Rodgers being terminated in early October of 2015.

In the summer, Benteke joined Rodgers in being sent out the Anfield exit door; as he was sold to Crystal Palace for £27 million.

Now we know what was the straw that broke the camel’s back. (Kind of) Klopp said Benteke broke his glasses.


Flash back to Liverpool’s 5-4 win over Norwich City on Jan. 23rd. When Adam Lallana bagged the game winner in extra time and the Reds went crazy in euphoria, Benteke apparently stepped on Klopp’s glasses and destroyed them.

“They were absolutely broken! In the picture, I have them in my hands,” Klopp said.

“It was Christian Benteke who did it. So don’t kill my glasses or otherwise you will be sold!”

Lesson learned, and take heed.

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  1. Sorry, But Divock Origi has just join Liverpool and has not yet played any official game due to his 1 year loan to Lille. You need to prepare your article better next time.

  2. Just sayin... says

    You also have to deduct the 9 mil to QPR and the 5 mil loyalty bonus Sterling will get for not lodging a transfer request

  3. Anonymous says

    seems you dnt know what you are talking about, origi flopped when?

  4. paulmbanks says

    Origi was typo, holdover from an early draft of the story. my bad. forgot to add in the QPR money. changes made!

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