Redskins Start Off Black Monday With Jim Zorn Firing


By Alex Simon

After an eventful two seasons (unfortunately, not many eventful things happened on the field) the Redskins started off Black Monday early today by announcing the sacking of Jim Zorn.  Zorn met with the GM Bruce Allen at approximately 4am, when Zorn learned of his firing.

This news does not come to much surprise considering the past speculations and the actions the Skins took throughout this season.  Whether it was taking Zorn’s offensive play calling away and giving it to a Bingo player or interviewing an assistant coach in the middle of the season, the Redskins made it clear Zorn would not be the head football coach after this season.

The real story from the firing now is the Redskins pursuit of Mike Shanahan.  With questions at quarterback, no viable receivers, a banged up running back, and $41 million guaranteed to a defensive lineman, Shanahan would have his work cut out for him.

How this affects the Bears:

If the Chicago Bears are serious about Shanahan, and have gotten some sort of insight that he would want to coach in Chicago, they might want to show Lovie the door ASAP. For as many question marks as the Bears have and no draft early round draft picks, the Redskins job arguably is more of a mess.  Shanahan was in charge of football operations at Denver, meaning he was responsible for drafting Cutler out of college.  From everything I have heard, Cutler and Shanahan had/have a great player-coach relationship, so the Bears do have that working for them.  Hopefully Cutler will be not campaigning for Shanahan, given the fact he was asking for Devin Aromashodu since preseason, and we just recently saw him on the field.

FYI: Lovie and the rest of the coaching staff was not at Halas Hall this morning. My bet is Ron Turner will be gone very soon.  Cutler might have saved Lovie’s job after the last two weeks.

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