2021 NFL Mock Draft 2-16-21

trevor lawrence

Welcome to version 2.0 of our 2021 NFL mock draft. For the 202o edition go here. For our final 2020 MLB mock draft go here, the latest NBA mock is linked here and the NHL can be found at this link. Far as we know, we’re the only independently owned, mom and pop shop style website that makes a mock draft for all four major sports. Also, here is the link to a list of 70 of the worst NFL Draft cliches, buzzwords and other pointless word salad.

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Kyle Long Sees a Major Shift in Athletes Realizing, Utilizing their Platforms

Former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long made an easy, natural transition into broadcasting as his colorful, unique personality was already often on display during his playing days.

Long, an Analyst for CBS Sports, is very rare in this regard. Typically, we see and hear professional athletes being vanilla and corporate, whenever they speak to the media. Then, after retirement and a transition into broadcasting, all of a sudden this new human being, with a much more interesting persona, emerges.

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Kyle Long Sees Mitch Trubisky Leaving, Not Optimistic About Bears Signing Deshaun Watson

Chicago Bears legend Kyle Long, who now works as an analyst for CBS Sports Network, did a media opportunity today for Super Bowl LV, and during the session he gave his take on what he thinks his former team will do at the quarterback position. Once again he pointed out how the Bears didn’t even bother scouting Deshaun Watson at all ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Long didn’t sound optimistic about Watson finally landing with the Bears this offseason, and he thinks it will be Nick Foles’ team. The former OL also said he thinks Mitch Trubisky will be heading out, and he provided a potential destination for the much maligned signal caller.

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NFL Playoffs First Round: Three Main Storylines to Watch


The Philadelphia Eagles tanking it, in full view of a national audience on Sunday Night Football was the lead story in the National Football League this week. While this was a story that dominated all the sports news website homepages, it’s destined to fade by the end of the weekend.

Why? Well, the NFL Playoffs will be here before you know it, and with it the focus will now shift to the one-and-done tournament that is the football postseason. Here are five storylines to keep an eye on this weekend, the very first with an expanded postseason format.

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Lovie Smith Illini Era Over: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

lovie smith

At his very first Illini Football Media Day in 2016, Lovie Smith roasted me, in a playful fashion, in front of the entire room. He asked all the media present if I have any friends, as he responded to my question about his relationship with his good friend Charles “Peanut” Tillman and his recent visit with the team.

Tillman, like Lovie Smith, is a man of great integrity and he deserves to be the face of the Chicago Bears franchise, as he’s the best defensive back they’ve ever had. The short answer to Smith’s question is yes, on this planet, there are people who would in fact refer to me as their “friend.”

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Buccaneers at Bears Game Preview, Lines, Spread, Prediction

Gisele Bundchen tom brady

For anybody who thought Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady was washed, last Sunday saw an empahtic response. At age 43, he bcame the oldest QB to ever throw five touchdown passes in a single game.

The G.O.A.T. thrust himself into the 2020 MVP conversation by going 30-46 for 369 yards, in leading his Buccaneers to a thrilling come from behind victory over the L.A. Chargers. Up next is a prime time showdown of 3-1 teams as the Bucs visit the Chicago Bears on Thursday night football (FOX, 7:20 CST).

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Chicago Bears vs Indianapolis Colts Game Preview, Betting Info

The Nick Foles era has begun in Chicago. Mitch Trubisky had his chances, but he just isn’t that guy, and it looks like he never will be. Last week in Atlanta, Foles came on in relief of Trubisky and he accomplished three things.

He rallied the Bears from a deep deficit late, and led the visitors to victory. He also made sure the Atlanta Falcons stayed on brand, further strengthening their reputation as a team where no lead is EVER safe!

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Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons Game Keys, Betting Preview, Prediction

dan quinn atlanta-falcons

While it’s still a very unimpressive 2-0 for the Chicago Bears, it is still 2-0 and that’s much better than 1-1 or 0-2. Chicago had been anything but awe-inspiring, on both sides of the ball, in 2020 but at least they’re not a punchline like their opponent this Sunday.

The Atlanta Falcons, forever synonymous with blowing a 28-3 lead to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51, let a 20-0 advantage go to waste as they lost 40-39 to the Dallas Cowboys last weekend. NFL neutrals and fans of the Falcons’ rivals couldn’t stop trolling them over that.

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Chicago Bears vs NY Giants Preview: Storylines, Odds, Injury Report

mitchell trubisky

For the Chicago Bears, a proverbial step up in weight class comes in week two as they host the New York Giants. Chicago was extremely lucky in week one as the Detroit Lions let the game slip right through their finger tips, in true LOLions fashion, in the closing minutes.

For the Giants, they’ll have a much easier opponent this week, after getting pounded by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the season opener. Legendary former Steelers coach and now current CBS on NFL pundit Bill Cowher picked his former team to win it all this year.

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Brian Urlacher Moves Next Door to Mike Ditka in MAGA Town

At no point in our history was “stick to sports” an actual reality, but these days very few even try to pretend that this theoretical concept legitimately exists.

Sure, you have some holdouts, but quite often they’re guilty of expressing their own political beliefs at the same time that they are being involved with sport. “Stick to sports” actually means “stick to sports when you express political beliefs I disagree with, but if you’re espousing political beliefs I do agree with, then that’s fine, be an activist.”

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Why the NFL Must be Extremely Pragmatic Ahead of 2020 Season

The coronavirus pandemic has destroyed all essence of a potentially normal year. That statement could not be more true for the sporting world, which took a major hit with the announcements that all leagues would be suspended back in early-to-mid March of 2020. 

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Lovie Smith: “systemic racism exists in our world”

Illinois Football coach Lovie Smith and Chicago Bears legend Brian Urlacher are good friends, dating back to their days together with the Monsters of the Midway. A few days ago, Urlacher gave his take on the current state of affairs in this nation.

It was lacking to say the least, and it conveyed just how much #54 doesn’t get it. He needs to listen to his friend Lovie Smith, who appeared on NBC Sports Network’s Lunch Talk Live with Mike Tirico today, where discusssed racial injustice in America.

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