Brandon Lloyd Gives Blunt Take on Recent Illini Coaches (EXCLUSIVE)

Brandon Lloyd provided high praise of Illinois Fighting Illini Coach Bret Bielema, describing who he is and what he can do. During our exclusive conversation, Lloyd said Bielema is the first Illini football coach to bring these attributes to the table since Ron Turner, who was his coach at Illinois.

Which implicitly says that, well, Ron Zook, Tim Beckman, Bill Cubit and Lovie Smith simply didn’t have these attributes. We caught up to Brandon Lloyd at halftime of the Illini season opening win over Nebraska. The second leading receiver in Illinois football history was on hand as part of the 20th anniversary reunion and celebration of the 2001 Big Ten title team.

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Dak Prescott Health Concerns Make Cowboys Big Underdogs in Opener

When you go on the road, to play the defending Super Bowl champs, in the customary season opening game at their place, you will almost certainly be an underdog. When you’re entering that scenario with questions about the full fitness of your starting quarterback, well, then you’ll be a substantial dog.

Such is the case with Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys.

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Patriots Legend Julian Edelman Not Surprised By Mac Jones Decision

Earlier this week, when the New England Patriots cut Cam Newton and decided to go with rookie Mac Jones as the opening day starting quarterback, most of us were very surprised.

One man who was not is club legend and now CBS Sports/Paramount+ Analyst Julian Edelman. New England was very aggressive in free agency this off-season, and their big spending to improve the roster really has a lot of people bullish on the Patriots prospects this season.

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Limiting Kyler Murray is a Smart Move by the Arizona Cardinals

This NFL season is poised to be to be an exciting one in the Valley of the Sun. QB1 Kyler Murray is set to see his career become as elevated as the terrain in the Phoenix area. The 2019 #1 overall draft pick and NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year suffered no sophomore slump as he went to the Pro Bowl in 2020.

Expect him to keep developing even more this season; especially now that he’s also got the stellar A.J. Green to work with, supplementing the electric DeAndre Hopkins. It should be a really entertaining 2021 season, for reasons both on and off the field.

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States with the most NFL teams

A conclusive list of the states with the most NFL Teams 

The NFL is the most-watched sporting league in America. 

However, there are only 32 NFL and there are 50 states. 27 states around the country don’t have their own team. There are also 7 states that have 2+ teams. 

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Don’t Give Jay Cutler, Brett Favre Platforms on COVID Issues

Examples number 9,234,678 and 9,234,679 on why we shouldn’t look to professional athletes for guidance on serious social issues- Jay Cutler and Brett Favre. The former was in the news yesterday for his losing an endorsement over his anti-mask stance, and his potential run for a school board presidency in his home state of Tennessee.

The latter is a top trending term on the internet right now due to his appearing on CNN to talk about the risks of CTE in playing football, and how that puts weight on the decision to when kids should be allowed to play.

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Study Shows Which Football Fans Most Likely to Participate in Boycott NFL Movement

Controversy has plagued the NFL for several years now, following former quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the National Anthem in 2016 in protest of police brutality and racial injustice throughout the country. Kaepernick became a free agent after that season and was not re-signed, which many took as a reaction to his political protest. The kneeling incident sparked a lasting controversy that resulted in boycotts of the NFL on both sides of the issue.

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Top Tips For NFL Gameday


American football is one of the most exciting sports you’ll find anywhere. With so much fast-paced and hard-hitting action, there is rarely a dull moment. The National Football League is very good at keeping fans entertained throughout the game from start to finish. Below, you’ll learn how you can make your child’s first game-day experience a better one.

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Dan Campbell Jokes (We Think) About Adding a Pet Lion to Practice


Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell is known for his extremely off-the-cuff, candid sense of humor, so it was only a matter of time before he made the kind of remarks that made headlines today.

And with the current trend of Americans owning big cats as pets, ferocious animals that belong in the wild now being “domesticated,” well, it was entirely natural that an eccentric coach of a team with a big cat mascot would go this route.

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Why Notre Dame QB Ian Book Fits in with the New Orleans Saints

In his media opps with the Notre Dame media heading into the NFL Draft, quarterback Ian Book often spoke of his height, and how that was holding his draft stock down.

“Not many people thought he’d get picked in the fourth round,” said Book’s college coach, Brian Kelly, on media Zoom this morning. “Now he’s got a chance to compete for a starting position.” Book was drafted by the New Orleans Saints with the 28th pick of the fourth round (133rd overall).

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L.A. Chargers-Northwestern Connections Detailed by Pat Fitzgerald

On night one of the NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Chargers selected Rashawn Slater, OT, Northwestern with the 13th pick. He now joins DE Joe Gaziano and RB Justin Jackson as former Wildcats who are now Chargers.

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald knows Chargers GM Tom Tellesco and LAC head coach Brandon Staley well, and Cody Cejda, a former Northwestern director of football operations and strategy, left to serve in a special assistant to the head coach role in L.A. Analytics are part of the role that Cedja has with the organization.

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New Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields Excites Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald

The Chicago Bears did exactly what they had to this NFL Draft weekend- they went out and got a real quarterback. Andy Dalton and Nick Foles simply won’t cut it. Bears GM Ryan Pace and Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy know that, just as they know that this draft and this season is their final chance to get it right.

The draft board fall of Justin Fields is just like the purpose/advantage of cryptocurrency- there is no discernible explanation or reason. The reasons given for why Fields slid down the draft don’t come close to making any sense, but when he did, the Bears made their move to get him.

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