2020 NFL Mock Draft 1-21-20

nfl draft

Welcome to 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.2! We had to basically start over because version 1, which you can see here, was absolutely shredded in the creation of this version.

Team needs were taken into account based on information at The Draft Network. We also did a feature on the wagering odds for what player will be the first pick, as it’s “the harrowing bye week, which no one enjoys” (h/t The Simpsons Super Bowl episode) we’ll just dive right in!

Have issues with the picks? Of course you do, let it be known in the comments section.

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Super Bowl Odds: The Four Remaining Playoff Teams This Season

In its 100th season, America’s favorite professional sporting event is about to hail its champion. Super Bowl 54 will take place on February 2, 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Garden, Florida. The stadium, home to both Miami Hurricanes and Miami Dolphins, is a new addition to the history of the Super Bowl.

As the judgment day draws nearer, fans have been eagerly waiting on the edge of their seats. Watchful eyes are monitoring odds and probabilities; each one considering carefully the team’s likelihood to win the championship.

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Seven Sports Stars Who Passed Away in 2019

Consistently, we tragically need to bid farewell to some donning symbols. Some made it mature age, while others were lamentably taken in their prime before the world could truly observe the full degree of their donning ability. 

Here we’re going to investigate a portion of the biggest sports star we lost for the current year, recollecting their accomplishments and respecting their legacy. Here are 7 sports stars who died in 2019:

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Khalil Mack Still Had a Solid Season, Despite Pedestrian Stats

As the Chicago Bears were getting absolutely thrashed, at home, on national television by the Kansas City Chiefs, NBC announcer Cris Collinsworth said it best: Khalil Mack has played a great game tonight and has almost nothing to show for it.”

That’s been the story of his season, actually. You could say that it’s the story of the Bears defense as a whole. Chicago heads into the final game of the season at the Minnesota Vikings, with an ugly 7-8 record, despite surrendering the fewest total points in the NFC. It’s a championship level D, being held back by a pathetic O.

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Cincinnati Bengals Closing in on #1 Overall NFL Draft Pick


Welcome to the Jungle Cincinnati Bengals fans! The 2019 season has been long for quite some time, but NFL Draft talking season will get here before you know it. First comes the matter of clinching that first overall pick in the draft and all they need to do is lose tomorrow at Miami to make that happen.

In the Dolphins, they’re taking on a team that had adopted the tanking strategy, or so it seems, but now they’re winning again, trying to give the club some rationale for retaining head coach Brian Flores.

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Art Schlichter: White Collar Crime Story of Buckeyes Icon (LGWS Pod)

Art Schlichter is a former Ohio State Buckeyes and Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts quarterback, best known for the four-decade long compulsive gambling habit he possessed, which ultimately destroyed him.

While in college a biography entitled “Straight Arrow” was penned about him, and the book proved to be the ultimate example of irony. Schlichter would go on to serve time in 40 different jails and prisons and he is currently serving ten years in federal prison for stealing millions of dollars in order to pay off his gambling debts. The story of Art Schlichter is one of a small town farm boy who had it all going for him, but became undone by the power of addiction.

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Saints Michael Thomas on Pace to Break Season Receiving Record

New Orleans Saints wide out Michael Thomas is every opposing defensive back’s nightmare. Last season, he compiled the fifth most single season receptions in NFL history (125). The 26-year-old has 121 catches right now, good for the 13th most in a single season with three games left to play.

He stands a great chance of breaking the record during the run in here, needing 23 more to surpass Marvin Harrison’s 143 grabs, which he achieved with the Indianapolis Colts in 2002.

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Suspension of Cardinals DB Josh Shaw Prompts a Bigger Discussion

The NFL suspension of Arizona Cardinals defensive back Josh Shaw prompts a really big discussion because sports gambling is mainstream now! Talk of spreads, money lines, over-unders, bad beats, and more is ubiquitous. If you want free expert NFL picks for each and every Sunday, you can place a bet legally now in 13 states. 42 of the 50 United States either have legal sports betting, or are currently in the process of working towards it.

Ever since May 14, 2018, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a law that had rendered sports wagering unconstitutional, it’s been a brave new world. 

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2020 NFL Draft #1 Pick: Bengals, Giants Lead Race to the Bottom


For some NFL teams, the season effectively ended a long time ago. For the worst of the worst, the likes of the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants and others down in the dregs with them, it’s time to look ahead to the offseason, and most specifically, the 2020 NFL Draft, which will be in Las Vegas from April 23rd-25th.

For these teams, losing on the field is actually winning in the long run, as December means tanking time. It’s something to consider when betting on NFL Games this time of year- who might be tanking? The ultimate prize here is the #1 overall pick and as it stands right now, the Bengals have the inside track with their record currently 1-11.

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Guide to Betting on the NFL Postseason in 2020

The NFL season is in its home stretch and interest in the league is stronger than ever. There is no denying that football is and always will be a popular sport. With all the hard-hitting action and strategic plays, how could the sport not be beloved by all? Football really does have something to offer for everyone. Whether you are just an avid sports fan or a dedicated punter, there is no getting around the fact that sports betting is having a major impact on sports. This is especially true with football. You cannot watch a game without seeing an ad for an online bookie or casino.

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LSU QB Joe Burrow Odds On Favorite to be #1 Overall NFL Draft Pick

Louisiana State quarterback Joe Burrow has the potential to join some elusive company. He’s the odds on favorite to win both the Heisman Trophy and become the #1 overall NFL Draft pick. Only six players, all QBs, have done it since the turn of the millennium.

The list consists of Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield, Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, Sam Bradford and Carson Palmer. For half of the players on this list, they claimed the big prize at the Downtown Athletic Club in December, and then got the big money the following April. The other half did one more year of college before entering the draft.

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As Mitch Trubisky Keeps Failing, Seat of Ryan Pace Keeps Warming

mitchell trubisky

The struggles of Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky are on more people than just him. While his continuously underwhelming play is due to the failures of his teammates, as well as himself, the repercussions will be felt far above and beyond just the individual signal caller.

The Monsters of the Midway rebuild was designed around having patience while Trubisky developed. The fruits of the labor came last season with a division title and a 12-4 record, but that’s all by the wayside now, given the utterly disastrous 4-6 season that has unfolded in Chicago.

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