NFL Increasing London Games, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to Host Two in 2019

tottenham hotspur nfl

The NFL is continuing to ramp up their presence in London by announcing today that four regular season games will be played in the British capital next year. Two will be in Wembley Stadium and two in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The National Football League announcement comes just two days after the Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles completed the third NFL contest in London in three straight weeks.

The NFL has been staging games in London for 11 seasons now and the increasing momentum points to the possibility of a London Super Bowl and/or London NFL franchise in the near future.  The three games this season, all at Wembley Stadium, had an average crowd of 85,031.

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New Jersey Sports Betting Grows Nearly 100% in September; More States to Legalize?

Last Friday, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement released its September sports betting numbers, and the results were astounding. Sports bettors wagered a whopping $184 million, good for a 96 percent increase from August’s total of $95.6 million. Considering that sports gambling has only been legal in the state since June 14th, these numbers beat even the most optimistic of expectations.

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Michigan Wolverines Boast Trio of 1st Round Draft Pick Prospects on D

rashan gary

The #14 Michigan Wolverines are loaded with individual talent, and most of it resides on the defensive side of the ball.  The Wolverines boast a trio of NFL first round draft pick prospects, The triad consists of DE Rashan Gary, LB Devin Bush and DE/OLB Chase Winovich. Go here to see where we have all three of these Michigan Wolverines in our latest NFL mock draft.

Gary, one of the highest rated recruits in the Jim Harbaugh era, was first-team All-Big Ten by the coaches last season as a sophomore.  He had 66 tackles, 12 tackles for loss and six sacks in 2017.  Through the first third of the season, Gary racked up 18 tackles (3.5 for loss), two sacks and three quarterback hurries.

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Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals Early Favorites to Be Picking #1 on Draft Night


With the Cleveland Browns markedly improved in 2018, and thus likely to vacate their traditional spot in the National Football League’s overall basement, who will supplant them as being first overall on the clock come NFL Draft night? There’s a reason that the one movie that was ever made about the NFL Draft centered around the Brownies, but in 2019, they will almost certainly not be picking first.

There are four early contenders to take the top pick, and all of them are franchises that have endured a lot of losing lately. Yes, the NFL is a league where revenue sharing and overall infrastructure invites parity and quick mobility up the standings, but the league has seen remarkable consistency at both ends of the spectrum.

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The Real Video Which Conveys what Colin Kaepernick is Truly About

colin kaepernick

It’s NFL kickoff weekend, and thus a new chance for more of America to finally “get it” regarding Colin Kaepernick. Because, right now, a lot of this country just does not understand what this struggle is really about, and what the actual issues being brought to the market place of ideas truly are.

Nike’s selection of Kaepernick as the face of the 30th anniversary “Just do it” campaign is a step in the right direction, but it the advertisement falls well short of addressing the issues. At we penned a piece that highlights the facts surrounding Colin Kaepernick and eradicates the misnomers. 

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Montre Hartage, Northwestern Secondary Have Off Day vs Duke Blue Devils

montre hartage vs duke

Senior cornerback Montre Hartage could have the highest NFL draft stock of anyone on this 2018 Northwestern football team, but even his skill set couldn’t save the Cats at home versus Duke today. On a day with autumn like conditions, winter has come to the Wildcats’ nine game winning streak (which had been the longest among all FBS teams), as they fell 21-7 at Ryan Field.

Hartage is a stud, but the NU pass defense, as a whole, stumbled today. You can’t really single anyone on the Cats out specifically, as it was a total team let down. The story of the game was the Duke passing attack, as quarterback Daniel Jones was clinical, efficient and precise.

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Aaron Rodgers’ return could be key as Green Bay face Minnesota


By Joseph Plunkett

The Green Bay Packers will host the Minnesota Vikings on September 16 aiming to prove that they are genuine contenders for an NFL play-off berth this season.

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Aaron Donald and the L.A. Rams Reach Record Breaking Deal


By Joseph Connolly

Earlier this week, the L.A. Rams announced that the team had reached a record breaking agreement with defensive tackle Aaron Donald. The deal means $137 million for Donald over the next six years and carries a minimum guarantee of no less than $87 million according to sources.

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NFL Handicapping 101 – Playing NFL Trends

nfl preseason

By Joe Connolly

Yes, NFL rosters can change from one year to the next. Injuries and trades can change a roster from one week to the next. Still, there’s value in respecting historical betting trends when betting on NFL games. It’s not really clear why one team always seems to struggle against one specific rival or opponent. As a sports handicapper, you are always looking for an advantage. Sometimes, the advantage could come from respecting a betting trend even in the face of all logic.

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Mauricio Pochettino Conveys Major Venue Issues for Scheduled Man City Game


On Monday, Tottenham Hotspur announced another delay in the opening of their new home stadium at White Hart Lane. The new venue, which was had been slated to open in early-mid September will now be delayed until mid-late October at the earliest. Thus, Spurs moved home games against Liverpool on Sept. 15 and Cardiff City on Oct. 6 to Wembley Stadium, the ground that has served as their temporary home until Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is ready.

On October 28, Spurs will host Manchester City, but where as of yet is still to be determined. They can’t play at Wembley, because a National Football League game is slated to the national stadium that day.

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Is the 2018 NFL Rookie Class of Quarterbacks the Best in a Decade?

nfl draft

By Patrick Pierce

The quarterback position is one of the most important in major professional sports. Without a top QB, NFL franchises feature a diminished chance of competing for a championship. Part of the miracle of the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win in 2017 was Nick Foles stepping up as one of the few backups to lead their team to victory. The last backup to pull this feat off was none other than Tom Brady.

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New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Increases Chances of a London Super Bowl

tottenham hotspur football club

It couldn’t happen until 2025 at the earliest, but the chances of the NFL potentially staging a Super Bowl in London someday increase with the coming advent of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The 62,062 capacity venue at White Hart Lane will open Sept 15, about a month or so after its target date, but its design includes facilities that directly support American football, in addition to English football (soccer).

According to Sports Illustrated, the National Football League put $13.3 million toward its approximate £350-£400 ($600) million construction costs. From the locker rooms to the retractable field (among the many other new bells and whistles), Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was constructed to support both English Premier League and National Football League action, even on the same day, according to their stated plans.

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