Zach Randolph tops 10 best interviews of 2015


zach randolph

As we continue our 2015 “best of” series, The Sports Bank counts down the ten best interviews we did this past year. As I’ve said repeatedly, 99% of media interviews and press conferences are utterly worthless and completely pointless.

However, I probably did well over a thousand or two thousand media opps this past year because everything that follows is pure gold.


We based this ranking on the overall experience. We didn’t factor in page views or social media impact. We just looked at how noteworthy, memorable or original the process was. Yes, the news-worthiness played a factor sometimes, but ultimately, it was about who was a breath of fresh from the “take it one game at a time,” “it is what it is,” “gave 110% to overcome adversity” crapola.

Click their name where highlighted to reach the piece. Enjoy!

zach randolph

1. Zach Randolph

I’m a full-fledged Spartan Dawg now thanks to this nice man. That’s good, as I really needed to get my Spartan Dawg credential request formally approved in time for the Cotton Bowl. Thank you Zach Randolph. #GoGreen #V4MSU #Spartans

Brandon Marshall kyle long

2. Brandon Marshall

The closest thing I’ve ever had to a “Frost/Nixon” type experience in an exclusive. B Marsh got his voice heard, and we learned a lot about his by reading in between the lines.


3. Christian Laettner Conference Call

These media conference calls are sometimes quite dry, but Laettner used the words “pussies” and “bitches” a few times. That equals best. media. conference call. ever.


4. Jimmy Chamberlin

Any time you can talk to a member of your FAVORITE band as a teenager (Smashing Pumpkins) and you discuss his appearing on your all-time FAVORITE television show (The Simpsons) it’s win-win-win-win-win.


5. Charles Barkley on Conference Call

“My critics can kiss my ass, and that’s okay because I’ve got plenty of it, in case there’s a lot of them.”

“Your name’s Diamond? Your the first person I’ve ever met named Diamond who didn’t work in a strip club.”

There were so many more gems like these. The only reason Chuckles isn’t #1 is because this wasn’t an exclusive. It was just a conference call, but oh what a call it was!


6. Frank Kaminsky

Having a phone exclusive with a top ten pick on the even of the NBA Draft was sweet. Having one with a smart, witty interesting guy made the experience sweeter. What made it extra special is that Frank the Tank hails from a town of which I have family- Naperville



7. Adnan Virk

Just like Virk said to me, meeting/interviewing broadcasters is more exciting and entertaining than meeting/interviewing athletes. Virk, like myself, is fluent in many different leagues and sports, and we covered a whole host of topics. Each one was a joy!

He nailed it by the way when he said the Cubs would be in the wild card mix!


8. Bart Scott

When I told Scott that I had family in Naperville, he made some assumptions about my personal socioeconomic status and background. Then the fun really started!


9. KeiVarae Russell 

I asked KR a very open-ended, general question about Clemson QB Deshaun Watson, and the result was potential bulletin board material. The audio file got several thousand views for a reason! By the way, Russell is always a joy to talk to no matter what the occasion.

10. Joakim Noah

Honorable Mention: Len Kasper

Cover story in RedEye for the crosstown series, exclusive with the Cubs co-lead announcer, can’t beat that!

Honorable mention: Curtis Conway

An exclusive at Geno’s East with the man who helped usher the Chicago Bears into the modern era of the passing happy NFL, can’t help it.

Worst: Tie between Anthony Rizzo and Bo Jackson

Yeah, Rizzo was just no fun at all while Jackson was openly surly. Who cares though as long at it makes for great copy. And since both stories yielded a ton of page views for me, I’ll take it.

anthony-rizzo cubs convention


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