Cubs Owning Ricketts Family Drops Out of Chelsea FC Ownership Race

The Ricketts family, a Nebraska -based dynasty that owns the Chicago Cubs, have decided against making final bid to buy Chelsea Football Club stating that “certain issues could not be addressed given the unusual dynamics around the sales process.” The Ricketts family, part of a consortium that includes hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin (much more on him in a bit) and Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert, insist that their the decision to withdraw from the process is not related to the Chelsea supporter backlash against them.

That backlash stems mainly from Islamophobic emails written and sent out by family patriarch Joe Ricketts in 2009. The Ricketts family claim simply claim that they were unable to reach agreement, with all parties on a final offer that they felt comfortable submitting.

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Ricketts Family Makes Pledge to Chelsea FC Fans

New York-based merchant bank Raine Group are overseeing the derby to purchase Chelsea Football Club from Roman Abramovich, with a deadline for final proposals now set for April 11. We’re down to the final four, with a bid from the Ricketts family, owners of the Chicago Cubs, getting the most public attention (and not in a good way).

Last weekend’s home loss to Brentford saw a group of Chelsea fans protest, on site at Stamford Bridge, the potential Ricketts takeover. The Chelsea Supporters Trust stated last week that 77% of its members do not support the idea of the Ricketts family owning the club.

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Cubs Unveil Wrigley Field Statue Row Plan, Ahead of Opening Day


Happy Opening Day Eve, to all those who celebrate. As the Chicago Cubs begin their first season post Ricketts fire sale, optimism about their fortunes this season is in short supply. Honestly, if this team of no-names can finish third or higher in the NL Central, well that might be an accomplishment just in itself.

With an idea of the present being kind of bleak and the future, at least for now, not so bright, it’s a great time to look back to the past, at the legends of yesteryear. Also, we’re not kidding about being bearish on the Cubs prospects this season.

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Cubs, Dodgers Owners Make the Chelsea FC Bidding Final Four

Here we go! We’re down to the final four of a huge money, big stakes sports competition that the whole world is watching. No, we’re not talking about the NCAA Tournament culmination down in New Orleans this weekend, but the sale of Chelsea Football Club.

We’re down to the short list now, it’s contenders only, no pretenders at this point. When all is said and done, Roman Abramovich still doesn’t have to sell, if he doesn’t get an offer that he likes. However, given the current political climate, and how it affects him individually, it’s in best interests to do so.

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Chelsea Supporters Trust to Meet with Ricketts Family Amid Takeover Bid

When Roman Abramovich sells Chelsea FC to whomever wins the bidding process, it is widely expected to be the biggest club sale in the history of professional sports. We do know that we’re down to the short list now of potential owners, but we can’t confirm completely who is on that list. It would appear that the Ricketts family, who own the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball, are probably on that short list, as they are aligned with multi-billionaire hedge fund tycoon Ken Griffin.

Or maybe they’re not on the list, as the Ricketts family flew to London to try and better their chances of closing the deal. They have plenty of work to do, given how the club supporter backlash against them is so strong right now.

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Chelsea FC Supporters Protest Against Potential Ricketts Takeover

Tuesday brought news that the Ricketts family, who own the Chicago Cubs, are flying to London in an attempt to complete a purchase of Chelsea Football Club. It’s reportedly down to the short list now, only the serious candidates to takeover CFC are supposedly still in the mix.

Aligned with Ken Griffin, the CEO of hedge fund Citadel, the Ricketts family are certainly on that short list. That’s because Griffin with a net worth of $26.5 billion, has more wealth on paper than anyone else who has been linked with buying Chelsea from Roman Abramovich.

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Anthony Rizzo Re-Signs, Could Be Coming Around Regarding Covid Vaccine

anthony rizzo

The news broke two days ago that Anthony Rizzo would re-sign with the New York Yankees, and today the club officially announced the deal. Rizzo’s two year extension will keep him in the Bronx through the 2023 season, with a player opt-out following this upcoming 2022 season. This re-acquisition means that Luke Voit, once a home run champion, is now odd man out at first base. But the real news today, in regards to Anthony Rizzo, could be the fact that he might have actually gotten vaccinated!

Check out this tweet from earlier today, by the leading Yankees beat writer in New Jersey:

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Chicago Cubs Owners Confirm their Interest in Buying Chelsea FC

There is still a very long way to go until Chelsea actually gets sold, but the Ricketts family, who currently own the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball, have now put themselves in good position. We’re hesitant to say pole position, because no one knows for sure what will happen, and this club sale is shaping up to be possibly the most expensive and competitive in Premier League history, but the Cubs/Ricketts have the right ally now.

That ally is Ken Griffin, the CEO of hedge fund Citadel, with a net worth of $26.5 billion. Of all the groups who have been linked with potentially buying Chelsea, he’s the highest net worth of them all.

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Chicago Cubs Ownership Reportedly Interested in Buying Chelsea FC

Update: We discussed this topic during a guest appearance on WGN News Now

Chelsea FC are now on the trading block, with Owner Roman Abramovich hoping to get, according to reports, somewhere between $4-$7.5B. So you know, you might want to look into the cushions of your couch and see how much change might have fallen underneath/between them. The weekend brought news of a new potential bidder, the Ricketts family, which owns among other things, the Chicago Cubs. As the public face of the 8th richest and most powerful ownership group in Major League Baseball, Chairman Tom Ricketts has made a habit of crying poor in public.

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How the Baseball Hall of Fame Acknowledges the Steroids Era

(Editor’s Note: Re-posting from August 2019, in the wake of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens not getting in the Hall of Fame)

To me, the most interesting aspect of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown is what passes as “the steroids wing.” The entire steroids era, from approximately the mid 1990s to the early 2010s is covered by just one display case, which focuses on artifacts relating to PEDs or performance enhancing drugs.

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Cubs Convention Casualty of Covid Era, Perhaps Permanently?

The annual Cubs Convention is almost always held on the third weekend in January, but that won’t be the case, again, in 2022. Cancelled in back to back years, due to the club taking caution amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one has to wonder when the event will come back, if ever.

With omicron showing a lot of resistance to the vaccine (although presenting itself as not very lethal, and typically not too serious) it may be a few years until the Sheraton Grand Chicago sees itself filled up again with those who bleed Cubbie blue.

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Why Wrigley Has Added Meaning for Northwestern OL Coach Kurt Anderson

For Northwestern Offensive Line Coach Kurt Anderson, tomorrow’s Wildcats Classic is extra special on a couple different levels. Obviously, it’s a Big Ten West division game, being staged in the very novel and picturesque backdrop that is Wrigley Field, and that’s huge in and of itself.

However, Anderson has connections to the facility through both the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bears, and he discussed both today during a media opportunity to preview the field layout.

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