Hack Wilson: a Chicago Cubs Story of RBIs, Booze and Brawling

There is a brick outside Wrigley Field that honors Hack Wilson; accompanying the flag that flies atop the roof, also glorifying the Great Depression era slugger. Wilson is also enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, largely on the strength of his 56 home run, 191 RBI season of 1930.

His National League single season home run record didn’t fall until the steroid era, and his Major League Baseball single season RBIs record still stands to this day, having made it through the PEDs craziness of the 1990s and 2000s. For a few years, Hack Wilson was legitimately standing eye-to-eye with Babe Ruth. Yet his career end before his mid 30s, with under 250 homers to his name.

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Five Things to Know About Playing Baseball

softball baseball

Playing baseball involves throwing, hitting, and catching the ball. If you have the skills, and the right playing equipment you can enhance your performance with regular practice. Reviews from Bat Sleeves on basketball player’s accessories and equipment show that, if you do not get high-quality gear and equipment, it becomes harder to train, and achieve excellence. If you know the rules of the game, and you are passionate about playing it, then you can excel in it. [Read more…]

How the Baseball Hall of Fame Acknowledges the Steroids Era

To me, the most interesting aspect of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown is what passes as “the steroids wing.” The entire steroids era, from approximately the mid 1990s to the early 2010s is covered by just one display case, which focuses on artifacts relating to PEDs or performance enhancing drugs.

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How to Store and Protect Your Cubs Throwback Jerseys 

cubs jerseys

Baseball is definitely a memorabilia sport; from baseball uniforms to collectible sports cards, what could be a passion purchase today may become a valued treasure in the future. While most Chicago baseball fans love to collect Cubs Throwback Jerseys to wear at home and away games, some people will choose to store their authentics and replicas that honor players from years gone by.

To honor your favorite baseball players by wearing one of many styles of Cubs throwback jerseys that are now available, you will want store, clean, and protect these clothing items so that they stay in pristine condition and the colors don’t fade. 

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Chicago Cubs Fan Guide to Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown

Sometimes for better, often for worse, the Chicago Cubs have a very prominent place in baseball history. This is undeniable, as they are one of the sport’s biggest brands, and their imprint at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York  is expectedly massive.

Let’s take a look at what Cubs fans need to see and experience when they visit the Hall of Fame. First though a little history about why the museum is located where it is.

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Baseball Rules Explained – What You Need to  Know

Just like any other sports Baseball is a thrilling game that dates as far as 1744. The game has its own culture and rules that make it more popular and phenomenal. What is unique about this game is that It is only dominated in America and particularly in North America.

The game is also played in other countries such as Japan and Canada. And the good part is that the rules of the game are all the same in all the said countries.

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Recapping the Chicago Cubs Minor Moves on Trade Deadline Day

carl edwards jr

Happy Major League Baseball trade deadline day Chicago Cubs fans! The team was extremely busy today, but it wasn’t really earth-shattering in terms of consequence. They added a decent bat for an ailing offense, and imprved a bullpen that is nothing short of a dumpster fire right now. There were a few minor moves made on trade deadline day and the overall net result is….??

…nothing to drop your jaw about, but the net result could be decent. There was some decent business done, but there was also some garbage for garbage dealing. Have the Cubs done enough now to win the NL Central? Well, no one really seems all that interested in claiming the division, so perhaps yes.

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Cubs Strong Showing on Forbes List Undermines Ricketts Claims

Hey, can you help a billionaire out and spare some change? Times are just so tough right now, especially for members of the family that founded the TD Ameritrade empire. As you will recall from this past winter, Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts consistently cried and wailed about how his club had no money to spend on Bryce Harper, or any other prominent free agents this offseason.

Ricketts even backed out of his annual panel at the Cubs Convention in January, so as to not face the music from Cubs fans for their winter of discontent with the direction of the club.

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Baseball History Podcast: Moses “Fleetwood” Walker vs Cap Anson

“Let’s Get Weird, Sports” is back and the latest episode features the story of the very first African-American player in Major League Baseball history- Moses Fleetwood Walker, commonly known as Fleet Walker. He’s the hero of our story, while Cap Anson is the villain.

Anson, the 1800s “Mr. Cub” so to speak, was a vehement white supremacist, and his actions, as well as those of many others who held sway in baseball at the time (then known as Base Ball) led to the banning of black players for many decades to come. I know what you’re saying: “wasn’t Jackie Robinson the first black player in MLB history?”

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Cubs Legend Lee Smith Sees a Lot of Himself in Dodgers Kenley Jansen

Lee Smith heads into the Hall of Fame this weekend as a man who pitched for all four teams involved in the two biggest rivalries in all of baseball: Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals (his grandfather’s favorite team), Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

He also pitched for four more teams on top of that quartet, during a Major League career that saw him strike out 1,251 batters in 1,022 innings and make seven All-Star appearances. For what Lee Smith means to the history of baseball, it’s less about what team he played for and more about what position he held. The group that he’s a member of, which matters more right now, is the fraternity of closers.

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Cubs Badly Need Kyle Hendricks, Cole Hamels to Fully Heal

If the Chicago Cubs are going to actually pull away from the Milwaukee Brewers and the rest of the NL Central, they’ll need their pitching staff to come correct. Here at the MLB All-Star break, the only true assessment of the Cubs is to label them as meh so far, and that fits in perfectly with the rest of the extremely mediocre division.

What’s the key to the Cubs snapping out of it and claiming the division crown?

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Chicago Cubs Midterm Report Card Grade: Meh, M-E-H Meh

It’s still 11 days to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, but the actual numerical midpoint arrived yesterday, when Cookie Monster led the Chicago Cubs a thrilling coming from behind victory over the Atlanta Braves. The high scoring victory gave the Cubs a series (2-2) and home stand (5-5) split, perfectly befitting how the first half of the season has transpired.

The Chicago Cubs are 81 games in, 44 up, 37 down, 29-16 at home, 15-21 on the road and one game over arch-rival Milwaukee for first place in the National League Central. At this point, the Cubs are right where you thought they would be once all the MLB off-season transactions were completed: on pace to win about 86-89 games.

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