Northwestern Has No Answer for Stud MSU RB Kenneth Walker III

Northwestern All-American Safety Brandon Joseph said at the Monday Zoom media availability that his team was going to have to be ready to stop “number 9, the Wake Forest transfer” when they welcome in Michigan State on Friday night.

It’s a vast understatement to say that things didn’t go according to plan for the Wildcats tonight as Walker ran wild and the Spartans romped 38-21. Although there were some bright spots for the host Cats, overall it was pretty ugly as Sparty jumped on them early, and then cruised to a comfortable victory.

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Michigan State Spartans at Northwestern Wildcats Game Preview

The Northwestern Wildcats host the Michigan State Spartans on Friday night in the season opener for both teams. It’s also the latest installment in a series that’s spawned numerous wild and wacky games, as well as a few milestones and records.

The 2017 meeting took three overtimes to decide, as NU won at home 39-31. The Cats ruined State’s Homecoming in 2016, winning 54-40 in a game that broke numerous Spartan Stadium records, all of which were great for the visitors and bad for the hosts. In 2018, the Wildcats came to East Lansing as double digit underdogs and left as double digit victors.

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Michigan St. Coach Mel Tucker Takes “Blue Collar” Buzzwords Bit to Extreme Levels

Everyone knows that preseason football media days are an exercise in speaking for prolonged periods of time without actually saying anything. It’s a cliche convention for the gridiron set, and just in case you forgot the buzzword bingo, well we’ll cover that in a minute.

Michigan State coach Mel Tucker, commencing his second season in East Lansing and attending his first Big Ten Media Day, took to the stage yesterday. He gave a very long-winded opening statement, which used up a large portion of his time on dais. It left less time for reporter questions, and honestly, if I were a coach, I would do the same thing.

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Detailing the Big Ten National Title Game Losing Streak

indiana basketball

If Michigan beats UCLA tonight, and they are heavily favored to do so, it means the Wolverines would go back to the Final Four. UM would then be just one win away from appearing in their sixth national title game. Michigan, the only Big Ten team left standing in the NCAA Tournament, is 1-4 all-time in the March Madness grand finale.

If they were lose that contest it would mark the eighth straight defeat for the Midwestern league in the national title game. I think we’re all ready for this losing streak to end at this point; heavy fatigue for this narrative has already long set in. But hey, we have a job to do, so let’s go down this road one more time.

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Big Ten, ACC “Challenged” Considerably on First March Madness Weekend

In 1999, ESPN created the Big Ten/ACC Challenge as a made for television “event,” with the purpose of trying to drum up interest in preconference college basketball. Generally, interest in college hoops at this time of the year, during the NCAA Tournament, is on par with the Super Bowl.

The rest of the year, it’s probably about as popular as Major League Soccer. However, the B1G/ACC Challenge is kind of a thing, sort of, as it matches up what are usually the two best leagues, annually, in the nation. This March Madness, however, has been real rough so far for both conferences.

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Michigan State vs UCLA is Biggest Brand First Four Game Ever

michigan state basketball

Typically, the First Four, the play-in games of the NCAA Tournament, bring us match-ups of mid-majors and low-majors, but this year is quite different. Usually, the play-in games are staged on the Wednesday night before March Madness begins in earnest on Thursday.

This year, the tournament really begins on a Friday, with the First Four on a Thursday, and one really marquee matchup- Michigan State vs UCLA.  While both teams are the embodiment of middling mediocrity this season, when you look at the bigger picture, in historical context, it’s the blue blood bowl.

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Despite Upset Loss, #8 Northwestern Wildcats Still Legit this Year

pat fitzgerald

Don’t write off the #8 Northwestern Wildcats this season just because of what happened tonight. Saturday afternoon, at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, we saw Michigan State continue a trend that’s been a prevailing theme in the recent history of their football program.

MSU football is like that friend you have who is great in a serious crisis, but completely falls to pieces over problems that aren’t really anything much more than everyday minutia. Because they can win the big ones, and lose the small ones, sometimes even in back-to-back weeks.

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2020 NBA Mock Draft 11-18-20 Final

NBA-mock-Draft-sacramento kings

The NBA Draft is now scheduled for November 18. The order is almost set. If you’re into mock drafts, then you have come to the right place. If you’re into NBA betting, then this link is certainly the place for you. Here is the link to our final MLB mock draft, the NHL mock can be found at this link and the 2021 NFL mock draft is available at this link.

As far as we know, we’re the only mom and pop shop, independently owned media outlet that produces a mock draft for all four sports.

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College Football Players Literally Fighting for their Right to Survive

American football is as much a contact sport as his humanly possible. Whereas in other sports, contact is sometimes encouraged and/or advantageous in regards to the situation, football sees at least a dozen guys getting to know each other, up close and personal on every single play.

Contact sports and social distancing go together like a Trump press conference and the absence of embarassing, clueless stupidity. Football will have safe social distancing when Quentin Taratino makes a movie without anything extremely disturbing or bloody in it.

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Michigan State Football in Quarantine Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The Michigan State football program became the third of the Big Ten East division’s seven teams to suffer a coronavirus outbreak this summer. Just minutes ago, the school made an announcement that included the release of recent testing data. The school tested 122 athletes from July 20-24, and found 16 positive cases.

Are we going to have a college football season to bet on? Probably not, so you can click here for other outlets where you can do your recreational wagering. It just doesn’t seem feasible to play college football during a pandemic. MSU also had four athletic department staff members test positive, and that means the Spartans program summer workouts are now on pause.

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Schedule of Classic NCAA Tournament Games Airing this Week

For many of us, the NCAA Tournament, “March Madness,” is the greatest time of the year. Obviously we won’t have it this year. And while that’s absolutely awful for all involved, it’s completely neccessary and the right thing to do, for our civilization.

Hey, misery loves company, so we’re all going without the NCAA Tournament together. That’s where CBS Sports Network comes in as they will re-air 26 classic NCAA Tournament games, highlighting the first two rounds up until the Elite Eight.

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Five Leading Candidates to Replace Mark Dantonio at Michigan State

On some levels, the retirement announcement Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio made yesterday was surprising. After all, it’s a very strange time in the calendar to be stepping away from college football. On other levels though, this was totally expected.

In September, rumors that Dantonio was set to retire at the end of the year ran rampant. It was a poorly kept secret. In October, Coach D. lashed out at a reporter who asked him about his future with the program, and the exchange conveyed that something was really up, just behind the scenes.

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