Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald Believes His White Sox Will Win ALDS

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald hails from Orland Park, Illinois, a southwestern Chicago suburb that is hard core White Sox country. While he has donned a Cubs jersey in public (when he sang the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley Field), Fitzgerald makes no secret of his preference for black and white.

He has said in the past that he truly believes an all Chicago World Series is coming, and when it happens, he’ll be openly rooting for the Southside. His weekly Zoom presser today, ahead of the Homecoming game against Rutgers on Saturday, saw Q&A commence with White Sox playoff discussion.

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Chicago White Sox vs Houston Astros ALDS FYIs

Here we go Chicago White Sox fans, it’s the most anticipated postseason in a decade and a half. The White Sox, outright division champions for the first time since 2005, will open their 2021 MLB Playoffs campaign by taking on the same franchise that they faced to end that postseason.

That would be the Houston Astros, who they swept in the 2005 World Series, ending an 88 year championship drought. The Asterisks, sorry the Astros, are now in the American League, and the two clubs will open their American League Divisional Series on Thursday in Houston.

Let’s Preview!

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Modern Analytics Prove Dave Stieb Deserved to win CY Young Award

Major League Baseball (MLB) has progressed a long way since Dave Stieb was pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays. Stieb played an integral role for the Blue Jays during the 1980s and early 1990s, helping the club rise up the ranks to become, eventually World Series winners down the line.

He was a seven-time all-star and still holds Blue Jays records for wins, starts, innings pitched, shutouts, strikeouts and complete games. In the 1980s, Jack Morris is the only pitcher who won more games in the Major Leagues. 

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Larry Baer Built SF Giants into Surprise NL West Frontrunner

Although National League West watchers anticipated a season-long faceoff between Los Angeles and San Diego to determine the winner of the division, as it stands currently, with over four-fifths of the season complete, it’s actually the San Francisco Giants on top.

The Giants have taken the National League by surprise and currently boast the best record in baseball. In a division that has been focusing its attention mainly on its Southern California clubs, the Giants have unexpectedly emerged with a gleaming record and gaining momentum toward season’s end.

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Mickey Mantle Wrote Yankees About His Stadium Sex Act (Photos of Letter)

The following Mickey Mantle tawdry tale of a stadium sex act has been “out there” for some time. It is even mentioned on the Mickey Mantle Wikipedia page. That said, it’s somehow still very obscure, and it is not every day that a source sends you photos of the very letter in which Mantle himself engages in “locker room talk” with the organization that employed him.

The Mick was so shameless in retirement that in 1973, when the Yankees sent several of their most iconic players questionnaires, seeking their favorite moments at Yankee Stadium, he got very snarky and provided TMI.

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Nathan Lavender Discusses Transition from Illini to New York Mets

If University of Illinois sophomore LHP Nathan Lavender has a lot of blue and orange colored objects in his possession, that’s very convenient for him! Because surely he’ll be able to use them where he’s going- the New York Mets organization.

Selected in round 14, No. 412 overall in the 2021 MLB Draft, Lavender is now with the Port St. Lucie Mets. Nate Lavender was one of two Illinois Fighting Illini selected in the 2021 MLB Draft, both pitchers, as former teammate Andrew Hoffman went in the 12th round to the NL East division rival Atlanta Braves.

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Travelogue: Visiting the Field of Dreams Movie Site in Iowa


The moral of the 1988 Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams is that no matter what happens between a parent and child, the possibility of redemption always exists. The movie’s plot revolves around an ex-hippy turned farmer in Iowa who hears voices in his cornfield telling him to build a ball field on his property.

In doing so, the ghosts of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the other seven members of the banished 1919 Chicago White Sox or “Black Sox” will return. At the end of the movie, you learn that the true meaning of the voice telling Ray Kinsella: “if you build it, he will come.”

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Play and Earn With Weekly Fantasy Baseball

Weekly fantasy baseball is one of the hottest online games there is for every baseball aficionado or enthusiast, and more so for the hard-core fans of the game. At some point in our lives, maybe you have dreamed of getting your baseball team and then playing in the major leagues and winning it all, but of course, this will always remain a dream until fantasy baseball came along.

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VIDEO: Actual “Black Sox,” White Sox-Reds 1919 World Series Footage

Editor’s note: re-publishing this from May 2014 as the Field of Dreams game unveiled their special uniforms today.

The Black Sox are one of the most compelling stories in Chicago sports history. The eight members of the Chicago White Sox ex-communicated from baseball forever for throwing the Cincinnati Reds comprise as intriguing and multi-layered scandals as you’ll find anywhere in sports history.

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Shoeless Joe Jackson, 1919 Black Sox: “Let’s Get Weird, Sports” Podcast

shoeless joe jackson

Editor’s note: re-publishing this from 2018 as the Field of Dreams game unveiled their special uniforms today.

Shoeless Joe Jackson is a whole lot more than the man with the 3rd highest career batting average in Major League Baseball history and still NOT in the Hall of Fame. 

You’ve read about him in books and seen him portrayed in movies such as Eight Men Out (a thorough biography of the Black Sox scandal, written by Eliot Asinof and adapted for the screen by John Sayles, Jackson was played by D.B. Sweeney) and Field of Dreams (where he was played by Ray Liotta, a movie based on the novel Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella). 

However, the real life Shoeless Joe Jackson was plenty interesting enough and doesn’t actually need to be fictionalized.

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Time to Rethink Black Sox Legacy Amid Field of Dreams Game


Editor’s note: re-publishing this from 2019 as the Field of Dreams game unveiled their special uniforms today.

Shoeless Joe Jackson, and the rest of his teammates banned from baseball due to the Black Sox scandal, are not in the Hall of Fame, but they do have a strong presence in Cooperstown.

On the main level of the baseball hall of fame, you’ll see prominent photos of Shoeless Joe, the 1919 Chicago White Sox, and various artifacts relating to the team and the scandal. The hall has ace pitcher Eddie Cicotte’s pocket watch, manager Kid Gleason’s jersey and the very first ball thrown in the World Series on display.

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Charitable NFT Project by 1xBet and Arka Agency Captures the Most Iconic Moments of UEFA Euro

1xBet – together with the Arka NFT agency – has launched the Euro Charity Art Collection to commemorate Euro 2020. As part of this creative endeavour, the companies have taken a fresh look at some of the highlights of famous sporting events that have become embedded in the history of the European Football Championship.

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