Mookie Betts on His Way to Second Career MVP Award

  • In the shortened season, standard and advanced stats make a case for the right fielder
  • Defensively, Betts has outperformed fellow MVP candidate Atlanta Brave’s Freddie Freeman
  • Despite long being the front runner, San Diego Padres’ Fernando Tatis Jr. faltered briefly in September

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Derek Jeter Rookie Cards: Top 3 Cards, Worth and Investment Advice

derek jeter

Derek Jeter was drafted straight out of high school to the prestigious New York Yankees organization during the 1992 MLB draft. It wasn’t until 1995 that he would make his MLB debut, but from there he would never look back as he helped the Yankees to five World Series victories.

Jeter was a fourteen time All-Star and was known for his strong defense, although newer findings using advanced stats and sabermetrics may refute that claim. Besides his defense, Jeter was a strong batter that consistently hit for high averages and made smart plays.

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Eamus Catuli: Sounds Very Sexual, but here’s the Actual Meaning


Eamus Catuli, the billboard on a Sheffield Avenue rooftop reads, along with the letters AC and then the numbers, well, in 2016, it got completely reset, for the first time ever, to all zeros. It had previously read 0871108.

To read that more clearly, it was 08-71-108, denoting eight years (at that point in time) since the last division title (2008), 71 since the most recent National League pennant (1945) and 108 since the most recent World Series title (108).  In 2016, it started all over, and this year, it’s just got an asterisk.

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How To Choose The Right Catcher’s Bags For Your Sports Gears

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Like other baseball players, the catcher needs a container to help them carry their equipment. But, herein lies the problem of choosing the right catcher’s bag for your sports equipment. Thus, it should be in your best interest to continue reading to know how to end up with the right catcher’s bag for your sports gear.

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VIDEO: Cubs fans excited about FAKE Cubs prospects


Some experts believe the Chicago Cubs now have the best farm system in all of baseball. So I decided to see how much those who bleed Cubbie blue really know about the blue chip prospects who might be headed to Wrigley Field one day. I anagrammed a view names and gave each fake name a faux biography as well. All we need now is a fake drivers license topfakeid to go with the made up backstory and you have a whole new just created persona!

Then I teamed up with the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye edition for a typical man on the street piece outside of Wrigley. The results were even better than I expected. One fan even claims to have seen the non-existent prospect play in person.

Here’s a sample of the reaction we got from a few Cubs fans:

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1906 “Hitless Wonders” White Sox vs 2020 “Very Little Offense” Cubs

There is a reason Marquee Network analysts talk all the time about Ian Happ, and very little about the other bats in the Chicago Cubs lineup. Yes, he is having a MVP level season, but beyond him, Jason Heyward and sometimes Kyle Schwarber, a little bit, there is nothing to get excited about with this 2020 Cubs offense.

And Marquee is owned by the Cubs, and therefore a propaganda network, so what else are they going to say? But honestly, it’s astounding when you think about it- the Cubs have only three, maybe three and a half guys doing anything at all this season in their lineup, just two good starting pitchers and biohazard for a bullpen, yet they’re sitting in first place.

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Cubs vs Cardinals Series to Make 2020 Slightly More Enjoyable

2020- the year in which we all experience a real life version of that Spongebob Squarepants episode where Squidward moved to a town where he performed the same three activities every single day.

Ok, so maybe that’s not an entirely fair; 202o isn’t just dull repetition, it’s patches of absolute terror interspersed with the excessive repetitiveness. But hey, it’s Labor Day weekend, and that means it’s pennant race time! And the long holiday weekend sees the St. Louis Cardinals visit the Chicago Cubs, for a five game series/rivalry grudge match that should decide the NL Central crown.

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Cubs Trade for Jose Martinez, Colorful Cubs Twitter Reactions

With the Chicago Cubs acquiring a new designated hitter today (technically referred to as an infielder/outfielder in Jose Martinez, Cubs Twitter came alive with varying opinions on the new pickup. 

The Tampa Bay Rays received a player to be named or cash consideration as well as a player to be named or cash consideration (whatever floats their boat I guess) in exchange for Martinez. This trade is being widely reported as for two PTBNLs, but it really that, or cash, whatever comes first.

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Chicago White Sox 2020 Midterm Report Card: B+

When the Chicago White Sox complete their next game, Tuesday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates, it will be their 30th game of the season, and thus they’ll be halfway through the campaign. Time flies, yes, in even in 2020, doesn’t it?

With an off day coming tomorrow, it’s time for a mid-term examination. At 17-12, and having just seen a seven game win streak come to an end, let’s take a look at where the White Sox currently stand. ESPN’s projection index gives them a 89.8% of making the playoffs.

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Yankees Dominating American League, Some Things Still Don’t Change

In this the strangest of Major League Baseball seasons, with several rule changes that are more befitting a sandlot or a kickball diamond, at least some things remain the same. At the top of that list is the New York Yankees dominating the American League.

While this #Sprintto60 MLB season transpires under unprecedented times, at least it has one thing in common with the baseball of your father’s, grandfather’s and great grandfather’s time- the Yankees are winning, and winning big.

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History of Soviet Union National Baseball Team Learns You

Believe it or not, the Soviet Union once had a national baseball team. They weren’t exceptional or anything, but they did try to go toe to toe with the United States. Yes, the East vs West, communist vs capitalist clash of civilizations battle carried over to the baseball diamond.

Much has been made of CCCP vs USA in ice hockey, to a lesser extent basketball and of course the Ivan Drago vs Rocky Balboa prize fight that effectively ended the Cold War.

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Montreal Expos: the Unfiltered and Brutally Honest History

The Montreal Expos, Sacre Bleu! Yes Les Expos, what other franchise, in Major League Baseball history, had a weirder existence. They existed from 1969-2004, and only had one division title, in a strike shortened season.

The postseason has only been cancelled once in our lifetimes, during the labor crisis of 1994, and yes, it was the Montreal Expos who held the best record in baseball when that season ended abruptly. Their history is strange, as is this current Major League Baseball season, and the times we currently live in.

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