Why Baseball Stadiums are Switching to LED Lights


When you’re at a ballpark enjoying a baseball game, you want to see every stolen base, line-drive, and homerun. If proper, high-efficiency LED sports lighting is being utilized, it creates a more enjoyable game for both players and spectators.

If your eyes are being strained by improper color rendering that creates glare, or there is a poorly lit spot on the field where you’re losing track of play, it can ruin a night out at the ballpark. Let’s find out how switching to LED can save you money and brighten the baseball experience for everyone.

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Quinn Priester: Local Product Likely Best Prep Pitching Prospect in 2019 MLB Draft

quinn priester

Typically, we do not cover preps at this site, nor do we get uber hyper mega local in our coverage, but Quinn Priester is a special case. He’s a lot more than just the biggest star athlete at Cary-Grove High School in Cary, Illinois.

Priester attends the same prep school as my nephews and nieces, an institution that will one day be attended by a new more nieces and nephews of mine. So I have known all about Quinn Priester for quite some time.

Take a look at this photo below:

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2019 Chicago White Sox MLB Draft Mocksourcing


The Major League Baseball draft is basically a lot like stamp collecting, and just as exciting, but it is still very important. Look no further than the late ‘80s-early ‘90s Chicago White Sox, who built a winning ball club around a core of four absolute slam dunk picks (Jack McDowell, Robin Ventura, Frank Thomas and Alex Fernandez)…and then Scott Ruffcorn happened.

Anywho, the Rick Hahn rebuild is moving along at a glacial pace, and it remains to be seen when his grand master plan will convey real progress, if ever.

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2019 Chicago Cubs MLB Draft Mocksourcing

The Major League Baseball draft is basically a lot like stamp collecting, and just as exciting, but it is still very important. The Chicago Cubs won a World Series and went to three straight National League Championship Series this decade largely due to a core of stars that was partially built through the draft.

Currently in first place in the NL Central as of this writing, their championship window is still open, but in order to keep it open in the long term they will need to keep stocking the farm system with top tier talent. Coming off a season in which they posted a very strong record, but massively disappointed in the post-season, the Chicago Cubs will be selecting 27th overall when the first round commences on June 3rd.

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Cubs Broadcast Makes Monstrous Gaffe While Promoting Women’s Empowerment Night

addison russell

If you’re not familiar with the Twitter account @_youhadonejob1, then you really need to check it out and see what you’re missing. The phrase “you only had one job” certainly applies to the producer and/or cameraman of the Chicago Cubs broadcast last night in Cincinnati.

During their win over the Reds Wednesday night, the Cubs telecast ran an in game promotion for their upcoming Women’s Empowerment Night at the ballpark. Now of the nine players on the field and the 24 on the roster, who would you NOT want to spotlight as you transition to the promo?  Well, take a look:

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Addison Russell or GarPax: Who Would You Send Packing First?

addison russell

It’s a really tough question, and essentially it all boils down to a contest of what can arguably be classified as corporate crime/white collar crime versus allegedly criminally violent and utterly immoral acts. Chicago sports fans, who would jettison first- Chicago Cubs middle infielder Addison Russell or Chicago Bulls front office men, V.P. John Paxson and G.M. Gar Forman.

And you can vote below on Twitter, up until 8pm tonight. As of now, the voting is tightly contested, and it’s way too close to call who will be the “winner” (i.e. loser) when the polls closes.

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Cubs Activate Addison Russell: Some of the More Appropriate Reaction Tweets

addison russell

It’s been a rather strange and upsetting day here in the Chicago Cubs community. It began with the club trying to draw as much publicity as possible to the fact that they were aggressively investigating the fan who flashed the white power sign at a broadcaster.

They did find him and they indeed follow through on their promise to ban him from the park for life. Why did they come down so Draconian on one anonymous racist idiot? Why did they want to bring so much public attention to their hard line response against one random white supremacist piece of trash?

Two words- Addison Russell.

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Cubs Fan Faces Lifetime Ban for Flashing White Supremacy Sign On-Air

Last night’s thrilling 5-2 win by the Chicago Cubs over the Miami Marlins ended with a Kris Bryant walk home run. It was a powerful moment to be sure, but it’s another moment, memorable for all kinds of very different reasons that is being talked about today.

A Cubs fan, well aware that he was in the midst of broadcaster Doug Glanville’s live shot, flashed the upside “OK” sign. This gesture, here being flashed at a black man by a white guy, is a symbol for white supremacy. It’s also a part of the exceedingly stupid “circle game,” which consists of an individual flashing a hand sign at another person, and if that person looks, they get punch. Yes, DUMB.

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Pat Fitzgerald Will Back the White Sox When the All-Chicago World Series Happens (Exclusive)

pat fitzgerald

Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald believes we will see a red line World Series in our life times, and when we do he’ll be sporting the silver and black of the South Side. Fitzgerald, who grew up in suburban Orland Park, held court with the media at the end of NU spring football practice, and then, after other reporters dispersed, we hung around a bit longer to talk Chicago baseball.

The Chicago Cubs brought Fitzgerald in this offseason to talk to the coaching staff, due to his expertise in communicating with college and soon-to-be college players. Northwestern is very intertwined with the Cubs as they share some corporate partners, and until recent years, broadcast partners.

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Liverpool FC News and Notes: Klopp, Summer Preseason Tour, Huddersfield Preview


There is a whole lot going on with Liverpool FC this week! The Reds are getting ready for the run in and the chase for the Premier League title. Liverpool also announced the three preseason friendlies that they will stage in the United States this summer, and the trio of matches will all take place in massive, iconic cathedrals of sport.

First off though, here are your Liverpool FC vs Huddersfield Town A.F.C. FYIs for the match tomorrow night.

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Liverpool FC to Face Sporting CP at Yankee Stadium in July


When Liverpool FC begin preparations for next season they could be doing so as holders of a major trophy; perhaps two. The Reds are currently on top of the Premier League table and through to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

There is nothing the club would like better than to enter the summer off-season with the first piece of silverware won during the Jurgen Klopp era. When the summer preseason does get going, it will include a stop in the Bronx’s Yankee Stadium. On Tuesday the New York Yankees announced that Liverpool will face Sporting CP in a July 24th friendly at Yankee Stadium.

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Pat Fitzgerald on His Chicago Cubs Consulting Gig this Past Offseason

Although Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald would never actually use any of these following terms himself: gen-Xer, millenial, gen Z, the Chicago Cubs deemed him an expert in bridging the generation gap. 

The Cubs brought Fitzgerald in this offseason to talk to the coaching staff, due to his expertise in communicating with college and soon-to-be college players. “We all learned a little something from that talk,” Cubs GM Theo Epstein told the Chicago Tribune a week after the consultation.

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