Improve Your Baseball Skills By Getting The Right Equipment

Do you want to improve your baseball skills? If so, then you must get the right equipment. The right equipment will help you have a better shot at success because it will make things easier for you. For example, if you are using a glove that is too big or small, batting with an old bat from your uncle’s basement, or wearing shoes that don’t fit well, then all of these factors can work against what could otherwise be an excellent swing. 

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Yankee Stadium Cat is Athletic, Sign Him Up (Videos)


There is no doubt about who was the MVP for the New York Yankees on Monday night- the cat that got loose on the Yankee Stadium field. He (we don’t know yet if it’s a he or a she, but we’ll just go with he for the time being for brevity and clarity sake) delayed the game for over four minutes as the stadium stuff just couldn’t corral the kitty.

Down 7-1 to the hapless Baltimore Orioles, the Yankees fans on hand took to chanting “Let’s Go Cat” and “M-V-P!” while the feline was out on the prowl through left field.

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Evaluating the Prospects Chicago Cubs Received in Fire Sale Trades

After the San Diego Padres sold off everyone who was good on their 1992-93 teams, they had to do SOMETHING to market the 1994 squad. So they ran ticket sales campaigns that showed two dudes talking about the current team, and basically asking “who are these players we’ve never heard of?”

It was like a family friendly version of the scene in Major League, where the construction workers look at the Cleveland Indians roster as say “heyo, who are dese fucking guys!?” The Padres ad concludes with the sales slogan “hey, it’s baseball.” It was such a refreshingly honest promo that even though I can’t find it anywhere online today, I still remember it nearly three decades later.

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Backlash Against Ricketts Stronger Than Ever as Cubs Totally Gut Team

It was Cubs Convention 2020, about a couple months before the world shut down due to the covid-19 pandemic. Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts took to the stage, where he was cascaded by a chorus of boos. It was directed at him, sure, but the general vitriol was aimed at the then soon to be launched Marquee Network.

“You won’t be booing in a year,” Ricketts boldly proclaimed. Well, now it’s trade deadline day 2021, and we’re doing a whole lot more than just booing. The MLB Trade Deadline is like the market for a sports guest post, there is a ton of wheeling and dealing going on. And the Cubs were the biggest sellers of all.

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Anthony Rizzo to the Yankees: Trade Analysis, Best Twitter Reactions

anthony-rizzo cubs convention

You knew this day was coming, for a very long time, Chicago Cubs fans. However, it still really hurts, maybe more than we thought it even would, to see an era come to an end. Team Captain, first baseman and forever club legend Anthony Rizzo is gone. And that means Bryzzo is no more.

Aside from his vaccine ignorance and the dangerous recklessness that stance inspires, it’s almost impossible to say anything bad about #44, a man who represented himself and the organization very well.

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National Provides Great Investment Opportunities for Baseball Card Collectors

griffey jr.

Right now the baseball world is focused on wheeling and dealing, as Major League Baseball’s trade deadline is fast approaching. The Chicago Cubs are the focal point of this silly season as they are the selling club with the most and best available talent.

Chicago is also the epicenter for another kind of baseball trading extravaganza this week as the 41st annual National Sports Card Convention comes to town (suburban Rosemont to be specific). The national provides a tremendous opportunity for sports card related investing.

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Braves Draft Pick Andrew Hoffman Talks ’90s Dominance, Greg Maddux

Illini baseball’s Friday night guy, right handed pitcher Andrew Hoffman, was selected on day three of the Major League Baseball Draft, going in the 12th round, 367th overall, to the Atlanta Braves. But he came dangerously close to not seeing his name scroll across the MLB Draft ticker.

“I actually almost missed it,” Hoffman said on a media Zoom with Illini reporters. “I was getting out of the shower.”  On a vacation with his family and girlfriend, he was notified in time to witness the life changing moment in real time.

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Two Illini Pitchers Selected on Last Day of 2021 MLB Draft

The 2021 MLB Draft has concluded and it flew even further below the radar than usual, given that it coincided with Major League Baseball All-Star Game week. However, the Illinois Fighting Illini saw two of their own get selected, both pitchers, which is ironic, given how this past season transpired.

The Illini were a strong hitting team that struggled with pitching, generally, this past season, so it would stand to reason that position players would get drafted. However, the opposite is true, so let’s take a look at who got picked and where they went.

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How Baseball Became Japan’s Most Popular Sport

Baseball is a game of skill and fast-paced action that many people would struggle with just hitting the ball. Baseball is very popular in a few countries such as the US, but more popular in Japan. The Japanese love baseball and this is why it’s Japan’s most loved sport. Not only that, but it’s one of the only sports that has an active popularity in both playing and viewing professionally. Let’s take a look at how baseball became Japan’s most popular sport.

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Top Six MLB Draft Prospects on the 2021 Illinois Fighting Illini

Last night saw Illini baseball even their season record at 16-16 with a 2-0 win over Maryland at Illinois Field. As that score would indicate, it was indeed a pitcher’s duel, with redshirt sophomore Andrew Hoffmann getting the victory.

Hoffmann (7.2 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 12 SO) struck out a career-high 12 opposing hitters, showcasing just how much he really has the stuff to possibly one day pitch in the show. Hoffman exited to a well-deserved standing ovation, as he had just completed a very dominant performance over a really good Maryland Terrapins team.

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Michigan LHP Steven Hajjar: MLB Draft Prospect Profile

There is a lot of varying opinion about where Michigan Wolverines left-handed pitcher Steven Hajjar might go in this summer’s Major League Baseball draft. There is consensus though that he’s the most blue chip prospect in the Big Ten.

His MLB Draft stock is actually much higher than anyone else in the league, and his status as a lefty no doubt as something to do with that, as there is always a premium placed on southaw prospects. All drafts are just a roll of the dice, you never know what you’re going to get, and the baseball draft is no different.

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MLB Draft Prospect Profile: Illinois RHP Andrew Hoffman

The 2021 MLB Draft will take place on July 11-13, and it will be televised on MLB Network. If you’ll be watching it from Big Ten country, then one prospect you probably might be familar with is Andrew Hoffman, RHP, Illinois. The Plainfield East high school graduate transferred to Illinois from Oakland and he has three years of eligibility remaining.

The winner of the most outstanding pitcher award, from Illinois fall ball season entered the campaign as the No. 5 incoming draft prospect in the Big Ten, according to Baseball America.

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