Chicago Cubs 1/5 Complete 2020 Season Evaluation: Pitching

Believe it or not, the 2020 Major League Baseball season is 1/5 complete already. Or at least it is for the Chicago Cubs, who sport the best record in the National League at 10-2. The only other team, in all of baseball, to match that winning percentage is the Minnesota Twins, who are also 10-2.

The Cubs have a 4.5 game atop the NL Central division, and the team closest to them, the Milwaukee Brewers, will be without one of their key pieces the rest of the way as outfielder Lorenzo Cain has opted out of the season. So the Cubs are in really great shape right now, especially given the expanded postseason format this year, in which even very mediocre and utterly blah or meh teams will qualify.

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Cody Bellinger Rookie Cards – 3 Best and Investment Outlook

Cody Bellinger is one of the best players in all of baseball and on top of that he plays in Los Angeles, one of the largest media markets in the entire world. Hence a Cody Bellinger rookie card has soared in value while he’s erupted into a superstar and has helped the Dodgers be one of the best teams in baseball during recent years.  

Bellinger had a verbal commitment to play college baseball at Oregon University but passed on it once he was drafted by the Dodgers in the fourth round of the 2013 MLB draft. Bellinger has smashed through the expectations that are typical for a fourth rounder.  

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Aaron Judge Encourages the ‘uncomfortable conversations’

aaron judge

Earlier this week #BoycottMLB was a top trending hash tag on Twitter, and for your sake, I hope you did not click on it. I’m still recovering from the brain damage that I suffered upon looking at it. Almost all of the content posted with that hash tag was provided by people who completely miss the point of taking a knee during the national anthem.

Just like we saw in the NFL, when Colin Kaepernick and company kneeled during the “Star Spangled Banner,” you had legions of people who simply couldn’t understand the true point of this exercise- protesting police brutality and racial inequality. One guy who really gets it, and always has, is New York Yankees rightfielder Aaron Judge. When the San Francisco Giants knelt before an exhibition game on Tuesday night, it was a hot topic nationally.

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Yankees-Nationals Season Opener Overflowing in Political Overtones

When Washington Nationals starting pitcher Max Scherzer through the first pitch tonight at Nationals Park, to New York Yankees Centerfielder Aaron Hicks, it marked the return of “big four” American sports for the first time in four months. No more preseason exhibition stuff, or just sports like substances, or competition only in the lesser known professional sports leagues.

Now we have real life 2020 regular season Major League Baseball (NYY currently leads 4-1, top of the sixth during a rain delay). And like everything else in America, this event is overflowing with political overtones. Every POTUS, with the exception of Jimmy Carter and the current one, has thrown out the first pitch on opening day since William Howard Taft.

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1919 Black Sox World Series Centennial Will Likely Go Overlooked


Sunday sees the ending of the Chicago White Sox season, with not much of note to show for it, except Tim Anderson winning the batting title. Tuesday marks the centennial of the beginning of the most intriguing and interesting thing the White Sox, or anyone else in sports for that matter, has ever done.

We are referring of course to the 1919 World Series, which will forever be defined by the Black Sox scandal, in which eight ballplayers were forever evicted from the game, due to their conspiring to intentionally suffer defeat. The Sox were heavily favored to beat the National League-champion Reds that fall classic, which began Oct. 1, 1919, but fell behind 4-1 in the best-of-nine, and lost in game eight (they were experimenting with the format that autumn). Eight Sox players, including one of the most mythical figures in baseball history, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, were charged in 1920 with conspiring to throw the Series, but were acquitted.

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Cubs Legend Carlos Zambrano Looking to get into Coaching


Chicago Cubs legend Carlos Zambrano is looking to make the move into coaching. That’s according to his most recent boss, Chicago Dogs Owner Shawn Hunter. Big Z could also likely be honored with his very own Dogs bobblehead next season, said the owner of the American Association ballclub.

Zambrano announced his retirement for the first time in September of 2014, but would later go on to pitch for Leones de Yucatán of the Mexican League in July of 2018. He went 2-1 with a 5.18 ERA, before getting released after about a month with the club.

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Chicago Dogs: What Professional Baseball with Fans Looks Like in 2020 America

The 2020 Major League Baseball season is on the cusp of commencing, and it will be one that is played, at least initially, behind closed doors. Perhaps we’ll have an opportunity to let in a limited number of fans down the line, but if you want to learn how that might work, look no further than the Chicago Dogs in the American Association.

The unaffiliated minor league ballclub is located in Rosemont, which is just outside the city limits of Chicago, and hence they can host a limited number of fans- 20% capacity, or 1,260 to be exact. So how does it all work and how are people feeling about it?

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NFL vs MLB: Detailed Look at Popularity Levels of Both Sports


When it comes to sports in America, Major League and NFL are sports that have developed into exciting events in the regions. Baseball is a very old sport in America and very dependable although slow but still decent. When you compare the two sports, there is a lot of difference even if you wish to be a fan of the two. In Major League history, Baseball is regarded as the best compared to football in many ways. 

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Cubs SP Jose Quintana Set for Significant Time on IL

In a 60 game season, the cliche “every game matters” takes on a new level of meaning. Every single start, from any SP, is ramped up in significance. Losing any of your starting rotation pitchers, no matter who they are, any given John Doe, hurts all that much more in this strangest of MLB seasons.

Chicago Cubs staritng LHP Jose Quintana suffered a laceration on his left thumb while washing dishes in his Miami, FL home over the weekend, and yes, this first cut was indeed among the deepest, as it required five stitches to repair.

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Aaron Boone Encourages Yankees Players Speaking Out on Social Issues

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone says his players have been “awesome” in the way they have “stimulated and “encouraged” conversation in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gleyber Torres, Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Giancarlo Stanton, James Paxton and Gary Sanchez are among the group of current Yankee players that have strongly spoken up in support of Black Lives Matter, and Boone applauds their efforts.

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Yankees Confident Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton Will be Ready for Opening Day

aaron judge

New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman gave his first media availability, via conference call, since Major League Baseball announced the start of the 2020 season this afternoon, and we had injury/fitness updates aplenty.

Cashman said he is “very optimistic” that outfielder Aaron Judge will be in the Opening Day lineup against the Washington Nationals on July 23.  The Yanks GM also expressed his belief that left-handed starter James Paxton and outfielder Aaron Hicks will be good to go for the curtain raiser as well.

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Seven Ways Teams Have Filled the Stands in Era of Social Distancing

Before 2020, sports fans couldn’t have imagined being stuck at home for so long, waiting on long season delays and rooting for their team in their living rooms instead of in the stands. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and these sports teams have found creative – and hilarious! – ways to fill their arenas with support. 

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