Detroit Pistons Extend Dwane Casey, Despite Lack of Progress Under His Watch

The Detroit Pistons announced yesterday that head coach Dwane Casey signed a contract extension that will keep him at the club until 2023-24. While Casey was named the 2018 Coach of the Year by the National Basketball Coaches Association (NBCA), the 64-year-old has yet to win a playoff game in Detroit.

Thus far, the high water mark for the Casey era Pistons has been his first season (2018-19), when they went 41-41 and returned to the playoffs after a two-year hiatus. A mediocre .500 record, in a weaker Eastern Conference doesn’t sound too impressive, but bear in mind those 41 wins overall and 26 home victories are the second-most by the franchise in a decade.

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2021 NBA Mock Draft 5-13-21 Update

The NBA Draft is July 29, with the Draft Lottery set to be held on June 22. The Draft Combine will take place June 21-27. Welcome to our first 2021 NBA mock draft, team needs have not been taken into account at this time. Some player descriptions have been filled out, but the others will be completed at a later date.

You can find out which way BetQL’s model is picking for tonight’s NBA games by checking out their site. They have the latest in in-depth NBA prediction model analysis, and what is a mock draft, but predictive analytics.

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NBA Draft to Have Less Kentucky Wildcats Presence than Usual

john calipari nba draft

Typically, the NBA Draft is a commencement ceremony for Big Blue Nation, but this year’s edition will not be Kentucky Wildcats heavy. On opening night of the 2019-20 season, the University of Kentucky led the nation with 29 former players present on NBA rosters.

That same day, the University sent out a press release stating that players coached by John Calipari in Lexington have inked in total, more than $1.9 billion in NBA contracts. That’s more than the GDP of the nation of Belize, if you’re scoring at home, by the way. I guess Belize better start working on their jump shot.

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New York Knicks Worth $5 Billion, 3rd Most Valuable Sports Franchise


One of the main storylines this NBA season has been the revival of the New York Knicks. For the first time since 2013, the Knickerbockers will be heading to the National Basketball Association’s postseason. Nothing is officially sewn up yet, but currently they project as the 4th seed, which would be the final homecourt advantage slot.

With the expanded playoff format this season, where the ninth and tenth place teams will participate in a play-in mini tournament for the 7th and 8th seeds, the Knicks just cannot blow this. Much maligned they have been in recent years, and deservedly so, this is finally their year.

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Seven Best NBA Teams of All-Time 


With more than 70 years of history, NBA fans have certainly seen several teams enchant the world with their incredible plays and sensational victories. However,  how would we determine the seven best teams in the history of this competition? 

Despite it being such a difficult task, we asked the help of basketball expert Evelyn Balyton to select these 7 teams. Let’s take a look:

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Prep School that Produced Isiah Thomas, Evan Turner Set to Close

St. Joseph (Westchester, IL) is one of the most iconic high school boy’s basketball programs in not just the state, but the country, but it will soon be no more. When this academic year comes to an end, so will the school.

Some of the many legendary names that were once St. Joseph Chargers include: Olympic Dream Teamer Isiah Thomas (considered the greatest Detroit Piston ever), 2010 national college player of the year Evan Turner (NBA veteran of 10 years, now an assistant with the Boston Celtics), William Gates (has seen in Hoop Dreams) and Gene Pingatore (considered one of the greatest high school coaches in history).

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Three Pro Athletes That Had Horrible Gambling Addictions

Here, we take a look at three professional, very successful athletes who have struggled for some time with gambling addictions. Unfortunately, gambling addiction is not uncommon among professional athletes. While many athletes enjoy such activities from time to time, this hobby may turn into an issue before it becomes a full-blown gambling addiction. This leads to other issues primarily financial problems that stem from an urge to invest money in gambling activities despite being aware of the risks.

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Michigan vs Florida State Will Feature Plenty of Future NBA Talent

When top seeded Michigan takes on fourth seeded Florida State on Sunday, it will be a match-up that has a NBA “fun fact.” Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton once coached his counterpart in this one, Juwan Howard, for 54 games when they were with the Washington Wizards together during the 2000-01 NBA season.

Yes, that was during the very forgettable, and somewhat embarassing Michael Jordan on the Wizards era. Howard didn’t work under Hamilton for too long, he was malcontent with leadership and was traded to Dallas in the middle of the season.

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Listing Out the Highest-paid Coaches in the NBA



Gregg Popovich is currently number 1 out of the highest-paid NBA coaches. Being a head coach for the San Antonio Spurs hoops club earns the man $11 million per annum. Named as one of the greatest head coaches of all time, Gregg’s team has lived up to the expectation.

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What Are the Most Common Injuries in Basketball?

bulls derrick rose

Basketball is a well-known contact sport and there is no mandatory padding. As players get into position, the subtle collisions and bumps that happen can allow for injuries that affect just about every part of the body. This means that almost all bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints are at risk for injuries, just like with most other contact sports.

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Early NBA Playoff Predictions Too Hot to Pass Up


Alright basketball fans, here, there and everywhere, while it might be early on in the season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get the ball rolling in regards to looking at who might be best suited for a strong playoff push in the 2020-2021 NBA postseason.

Since the beginning of the season, the top online sports betting websites around have been busy getting to work on delivering the best odds for fans looking to put some money on their team’s chances in the playoffs this season. While it’s still early on in the campaign some trends are starting to emerge around the league, so let’s get to it.

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How the NBA’s High Scoring Games Benefits Online Sports Betting



Basketball is the highest scoring of the major sports and that’s a big reason for why it’s such an appealing game to watch. Offense sells tickets and gets ratings, as the cliche goes. With the NBA scoring points at a historical clip in 2020-21, it means that the most entertaining quality of the sport is now most prominent.

Points a plenty is also a big boost for the sports gambling world. Higher scoring games can provide numerous additional opportunities.

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