Top Eight College Basketball Players for 2021-22

The 2022 Men’s NCAA Tournament will tip off with the First Four in Dayton, Ohio. March Madness. The next edition of March Madness begins on March 15, and will continue on to the Final Four, with the championship game set to be played on April 4 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Selection Sunday is March 13, 2022, so the time to make NCAA basketball picks again will be here before you know it. Here’s a ranking of the top 10 players who are coming back this season after considering the metrics, year-to-year growth, and overall performances.

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2021 NBA Mock Draft 7-29-21 Final Update

The NBA Draft is July 29, with the Draft Lottery set to be held on June 22. The Draft Combine will take place June 21-27. Welcome to our first 2021 NBA mock draft, team needs have not been taken into account at this time. Some player descriptions have been filled out, but the others will be completed at a later date.

You can find out which way BetQL’s model is picking for tonight’s NBA games by checking out their site. They have the latest in in-depth NBA prediction model analysis, and what is a mock draft, but predictive analytics.

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Kevin Durant, Devin Booker to Lead Team USA at Tokyo Olympics


Team USA men’s basketball has just announced their roster for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and it is pretty much what you expected. With Lebron James focusing on plugging Space Jam instead, the USA will be led by Kevin Durant instead. Without a doubt, the odds are with the red, white and blue to continue their dominance in this competition. America will be heavy favorites.

Although Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns is another stud who will be a part of the American all-star team. In addition to Devin Booker, the Stars and Stripes will include another former Kentucky Wildcat, Bam Adebayo of the Miami Heat. Full roster is below:

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How to Find Out How Much Your BGS Cards are Worth

Some people ventured into the hobby of collecting different sports cards. While some of these people know the value of the sports cards they collect, others simply don’t have a clear idea of how much their cards are worth. For this reason, several grading systems have emerged to standardize how sports cards are graded. This will pave the way for efficient and more credible trading between users.

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NBA Draft to Have Less Kentucky Wildcats Presence than Usual

john calipari nba draft

Typically, the NBA Draft is a commencement ceremony for Big Blue Nation, but this year’s edition will not be Kentucky Wildcats heavy. On opening night of the 2019-20 season, the University of Kentucky led the nation with 29 former players present on NBA rosters.

That same day, the University sent out a press release stating that players coached by John Calipari in Lexington have inked in total, more than $1.9 billion in NBA contracts. That’s more than the GDP of the nation of Belize, if you’re scoring at home, by the way. I guess Belize better start working on their jump shot.

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Life of Terrence Clarke Honored by Candlelight Vigil at Wildcat Lodge

Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

If 2020-21 has taught us anything, it’s that life is short and it is very precious. Living under a once-in-a-century plague, the news inundates us with daily death tolls. And this is on top of the countless other ways that tragedy can strike, at any moment.

Boston native and Kentucky Wildcats NBA Draft prospect Terrenence Clarke had everything going for him, and it was all still in front of him. “Taken too soon, or “way before his time” is an extreme understatement for this situation. It’s brutally beyond unfair that his time had to come while he was still so young.

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Lou Henson a Great Mentor to New DePaul Coach Tony Stubblefield

Yesterday brought the product launch/rollout of the Tony Stubblefield era of DePaul Blue Demons basketball. In his opening statement, Stubblefield provided his full CV, from his first opportunity, under Tim Carter at Texas-San Antonio, to his most recent stop, as a full-time assistant at Oregon.

Coach Stubbs went through the whole resume, which includes Texas-Arlington, New Mexico State and Cincinnati. At NMSU, he worked under the legendary Lou Henson, and even served as interim coach during the 2004–2005 season due to Henson’s illness.

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Prep School that Produced Isiah Thomas, Evan Turner Set to Close

St. Joseph (Westchester, IL) is one of the most iconic high school boy’s basketball programs in not just the state, but the country, but it will soon be no more. When this academic year comes to an end, so will the school.

Some of the many legendary names that were once St. Joseph Chargers include: Olympic Dream Teamer Isiah Thomas (considered the greatest Detroit Piston ever), 2010 national college player of the year Evan Turner (NBA veteran of 10 years, now an assistant with the Boston Celtics), William Gates (has seen in Hoop Dreams) and Gene Pingatore (considered one of the greatest high school coaches in history).

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Tony Stubblefield Boldly Aims to Make DePaul the Team of Chicago Again

Newly minted DePaul coach Tony Stubblefield kept it 100 this morning, when he said: “we may have lost you along the way, and talk may be cheap right now, but we will become Chicago’s team again.”

The product launch of the Stubblefield era of DePaul Blue Demons basketball concluded a few minutes ago, and it was a media session that certainly had a very local theme. Stubblefield, and the Athletic Director who hired him, Dewayne Peevy made it absolutely crystal clear- they want to recruit Chicago hard, first and foremost.

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Gonzaga vs. Baylor a Rare, True Championship Matchup of #1 vs #2

For the first time since 2005, when North Carolina defeated Illinois, we have a national championship game that actually features the two best teams in college basketball of that respective season.

Gonzaga was ranked #1 wire to wire this season, with Baylor #2 in the polls most of the time. The Bulldogs and Bears were pretty much on an elevated plain, above the rest of the field, for nearly the entire season. You could have made a case for Michigan and Illinois, who were ranked in the top five during the stretch run of the season, but both were exposed as frauds in the NCAA Tournament.

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Revisiting the Most Cutthroat, Ruthless One Shining Moment Clip Ever


At first I thought this portion of “One Shining Moment” was only an oversight. Then I hit rewind on DVR again to make sure I saw what I thought I did. Then I thought “well, it’s just an oversight, but I definitely understand, if you were rushed to get it out on deadline, how this could happen.”

When you replay this crucial sequence of the 2013 edition of One Shining Moment, notice the specific lyrics of Luther Vandross synced up to the image that appears at the 0:58 mark.

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Exclusive: How Jim Nantz and Pat Sullivan Saved One Shining Moment

(Editor’s note: in honor of the national championship game tonight, we are re-running this exclusive that originally ran in 2014.)

When you watch the iconic “One Shining Moment” video montage tonight after the national title game, take a minute or two to think about how it nearly disappeared. If it weren’t for the combined efforts of broadcaster Jim Nantz and former UNC Tar Heel Pat Sullivan, the March Madness staple would have been cut 29 years ago.

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