Photos, Videos of Notre Dame Football at Juneteenth Rally #StaNDTogether

This is not the first time that the Notre Dame community and the Notre Dame football team fought against the ugly forces of hate and intolerance that exist in our society. The Fighting Irish nickname comes from a Saturday in 1924 which saw the ND student body beat down the Ku Klux Klan and drive them out of South Bend.

The KKK had chosen South Bend as their rally location due to the city’s high percentage of Catholics and the large Catholic University being located there. When the students fought back against the hate group, legend has it that ND starting quarterback Harry Stuhldreher, one of the acclaimed Four Horsemen, was instrumental in the incident. [Read more…]

2021 NFL Mock Draft Version 6-17-20

We don’t have any actual real team sports, anywhere, any time soon, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While playing games again, especially with fans present, is almost certainly many months away, the respective drafts can still go ahead as planned, albeit in a very modified version.

The NFL edition, in a scaled down and very different form, is this Thursday, so in that spirit, here is the link to our latest NFL mock draft. For the MLB mock draft go here, the NBA is linked here and the NHL can be found at this link. Also, here is the link to a list of 70 of the worst NFL Draft cliches, buzzwords and other pointless word salad. And with all that, comes 2021 NFL mock draft version 1.0!

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Mike Gundy is Just Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud Right Now

Mike Gundy has always been this guy- he’s been hiding in plain sight all along. He’s just saying the quiet part out loud right now. He’s a Trumper, a #MAGA and he showed you signs of that in his infamous rant in 2007, the moment with which he is most synonymous.

Gundy looks, acts and sounds like every bad stereotype for a far-right winger, and he’s been showing us that all along. For some reason, we didn’t acknowledge it. If you think today’s controversy is just about him wearing an OAN t-shirt, then you have no idea who Mike Gundy and/or One America News network truly are.

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Lovie Smith: “systemic racism exists in our world”

Illinois Football coach Lovie Smith and Chicago Bears legend Brian Urlacher are good friends, dating back to their days together with the Monsters of the Midway. A few days ago, Urlacher gave his take on the current state of affairs in this nation.

It was lacking to say the least, and it conveyed just how much #54 doesn’t get it. He needs to listen to his friend Lovie Smith, who appeared on NBC Sports Network’s Lunch Talk Live with Mike Tirico today, where discusssed racial injustice in America.

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See this is Why Star Athletes Don’t Usually Talk Politics

If you’ve ever wondered why college and pro sports teams employ media handlers to train their athletes on public speaking, well Wednesday gave you the answer; repeatedly. Below you’ll find four examples of why publicists and media relations departments want all their players to be like Tom Brady, Russell Wilson or Derek Jeter- talk, without every saying anything.

That said, we’re ecstatic that “stick to sports” is pretty much dead now. Thank you Colin Kaepernick for being the primary driving force is getting this to happen. While we’ll focus here on the athletes expressing sociopolitical views that we disagree with, we absolutely support their right to express those views. Better to lose some of your audience but retain all of your soul, no matter what side you’re on.

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Arch Manning Will be the Most Hyped College Freshman in History

This sounds like hyperbole, but given his bloodline and backstory, it’s definitely not. When Arch Manning begins his college football career in 2023, he will be the most hyped up freshman in college sports history.

Yes, when you play the most high profile position in sports, and you’re descended from the royal family of men that played the position, it’s a natural consequence. No one, not even the best betting sites, could have forecasted the success that we’ve seen from the Manning family. First off, let’s clear up the confusion, Arch Manning is not Archie Manning, and he is in fact the latter’s grandson.

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Revisiting Illini vs Northwestern 1 End Zone Only Game at Wrigley Field


“One way, or another, I’m gonna find you!” Blondie told us in the early 1980s. On one Saturday, late in November of 2010, these words applied to a Big Ten college football game. It was more than a Big Ten league game, it was branded the Wrigleyville Classic, and it hosted ESPN College Gameday.

It was an in-state rivalry game as Northwestern “hosted” their arch-rivals, Illinois. Oh, and there was only one end zone in use that day. Yes, both sides have to drive towards the west end zone. No one could head towards the east due to safety precautions. How did this happen? Why?


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Chelsea MF Mason Mount, Giants CB Xavier McKinney Bond Online

In the words of Eifel ’65: “I’m blue Da ba dee, da ba die x7.” Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount and New York Giants cornerback Xavier McKinney have formed a friendship in a classic example of football meets football, “blue if the colour” meets “big blue.”

The two young star athletes met via their membership in the same agency, and fondness for one specific video game. McKinney discussed with Sky Sports how the two young men connected on social media, and they’ve been DMing and quote tweeting each other ever since.

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Notre Dame A.D. Jack Swarbrick Outlines Issues Ahead for 2020 College Football Return

Notre Dame Athletic Director and Vice President Jack Swarbrick remains optimistic that his college football program will play a full schedule this fall. Even if we see college football move to a “conference only” model, which has been proposed, he still feels good about the independent Fighting Irish playing a full slate.

However, Swarbrick admits that it’s going to be a bigger challenge for college sports to restart all at the same time than it is for professional leagues. When betting at a casino online in 2020, the sports wagering options are going to be somewhat limited; at least for a few more months. The coronavirus pandemic has hit different cities, states and regions with differing severity, so there’s no one size fits all approach to re-opening.

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Detailing the Notre Dame to L.A. Chargers Pipeline

The Los Angeles (it’s still difficult to not call them San Diego) Chargers were a top trending term on social media last week due to their new uniform reveal and the extremely positive reception that it elicited. While powder blue and yellow are the colors they’re most strongly associated with, they do have a dark navy blue offering, which is somewhat reminiscent of Notre Dame. Just turn that yellow closer to gold and you’re there, and by there I mean “Notre Dame Southwest.”

Former Fighting Irish cornerback Donte Vaughn signed a free agent deal with the Chargers this past week, and he’ll now join former Notre Dame teammates Alohi Gilman, Asmar Bilal, Drue Tranquill, Isaac Rochell, and Jerry Tillery on the Chargers roster.

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Troy Pride, Julian Love: Similar Draft Positions, Also Similar NFL Careers?

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are the kings of the NFL Draft.  With six additional draft picks this past Friday and Saturday, their total is now up to 511 all time. No other college football program has totaled more than the Irish. Cole Kmet led the way, going to the Chicago Bears in the second round on Friday.

Day Three saw cornerback Troy Pride Jr. selected by his home region Carolina Panthers with the 113th overall pick, and it immediately invited comparisons to Julian Love, who went with the 108th overall selection to the New York Giants last year. Both spent their senior seasons at Notre Dame as the team’s CB1. Pride is the first Notre Dame selection by the Panthers since quarterback Jimmy Clausen in 2010.

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Notre Dame Sees Six Players Drafted; Assessing NFL Team Fits

It’s one of the most highly anticipated and viewed NFL Drafts in a very long time. Not due to this specific draft class being anything unique or special, it’s just that we’re all so starved for sports right now. No other draft has ever transpired during a period like this, where there is absolutely no sports to be consumed anywhere.

Hence we’re desperate to watch something, anything, and the NFL Draft fills that void nicely this weekend. While Notre Dame didn’t have anybody selected on the first night, they have strong representation on night two and day three. We’ll break it all down for ya, but we don’t do draft grades. That’s not legitimate in our eyes- you only grade draft picks down the line when you see how they pan out; or don’t pan out.

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