Stereotypically Vanilla Sportswriter Twitter Accounts Totally Suck


John Oliver is completely correct when it comes to describing what a “social media expert” is. The British born American comedian and late night host called it a “meaningless title” “where the only qualifications are wanting it bad enough and not caring if people hate you.”

So as you traverse through the post ahead, in which I completely eviscerate the cliched sportswriter Twitter, know that I am not pretending to be an expert on these matters, not do I aspire to be. I’m just giving my opinion on the staleness of the status quo. And for a lot of you reading this…well, buckle up buttercup, because you might be in for a bit of a rough road if you’re easily offended.    [Read more…]

Revisiting the Worst of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics on the 23rd Anniversary

Happy 23rd anniversary of the start of the 1996 Summer Atlanta Olympics. To mark this occasion, we covered the most recent summer Olympiad staged in the United States on the latest episode of the “Let’s Get Weird, Sports” podcast on the SB Nation/Vox Media/Hammer and Rails Podcast Network.

The Atlanta Olympics are infamous for the bombing, how the media ruined the life of Richard Jewell, the hero from that deplorable bombing, crass commercialization and events being staged at arguably the most racist location on Earth, Stone Mountain. The Atlanta Olympics also highlights one of the city’s biggest shames- extremist disposability of stadiums. Have a listen below:

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Basic Items Every Cyclist Needs for Cross-Country Tours

The best year to go out on your first cross-country tour is the one you’ve got now. Don’t let anything hold you back, especially time.

What you don’t want to become is one of those people who are tied to the hip with the routines they’ve built up for themselves over the years. Suddenly the decade is gone, and soon enough, you’ll be giving out spiels like “How did I get here so fast and so old when just yesterday I was only 21?” You want to be the kind of person who has lived out his or her days in full and meaningful speed.

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Britt McHenry Received Sexually Harassing Texts from FOX Co-Host

britt mchenry

According to a report released today, FOX News talking head and far right (you could also say “Alt-right,” depending on your definition of the word) pundit Britt McHenry received lewd, disgusting, sexually harassing text messages from a former co-host.

That former co-host would be Tyrus, an ex-WWE wrestler, Fox News contributor and a host on the network’s subscription streaming service Fox Nation. In June, the Daily Beast reported that former WWE wrestler Tyrus had been removed from his position because he had sexually harassed co-host Britt McHenry. 

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Revisiting Disco Demolition Night on its 40th Anniversary (Podcast)

“Disco Stu does not advertise,” but I do. The Let’s Get Weird, Sports” podcast is back with episode number three, centering on Disco Demolition night. Part of the Hammer & Rails Podcast Network, which is under the SB Nation umbrella, the latest edition of LGWS is the most popular episode yet, with 4,150+ listens and counting!

And why not? It is a classic tale of a baseball promotion that worked “too well.” The Chicago White Sox drew too many people, and the event got too much “notoriety” as it was an absolutely cataclysmic night at the old ballpark back in 1979.

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Revisiting Two Baseball Prophecies made in 1990 Futuristic Films

If you’re doing classic Americana summer word association, then “movies” and “baseball” would probably be right at the top of anyone’s list.  So when these summer staples combine, sometimes the result can be sublime. Other times, the result is something on par with the 1985’s “The Slugger’s Wife” or 2001’s “Summer Catch.”

In 1990, two science fiction films were released that foretold a future World Series result, and today we look at how those prophecies panned out. If that seems like a lot of effort wasted on analyzing something trivial, well, this isn’t the first time we’ve done something specific to this wheelhouse.

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How to Play Video Games

In the 21st century, the debate on how socializing should be dealt with is at its peak. Meanwhile, many teenagers are argued to play video games instead of participating in Physical activities and sports, which is seen as unfavorable. However, some suggest that its best for enhancing cognitive skills as they come across challenges and complications and is really good for someone to start interactions, which are having difficulties in communicating with people outside.

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Most Memorable Merica and MAGA T-Shirts Seen at Indianapolis 500

american-flag-star spangled banner

As has been well documented, especially so on this site, the patriotism gets ramped up to jingoism and then some at the Indianapolis 500 every year. Actually take that jingoism and square it, no wait- take it to the tenth power.  On one hand, we get it- this site’s colors are red, white and blue for a reason.

It is the nation’s biggest Memorial Day weekend gathering, as it draws over 300,000 people each year. On the other hand, come on- spare us the native advertising for the armed services; sponsored by Chevrolet. People showed up for an auto race, not a recruiting pitch, and certainly not for more Chevy ads.

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The Author of The Sports Bank Has a New Book Out

The Owner/Writer/Editor/Webmaster of The Sports Bank and The Bank.News has authored a book

No, I Can’t Get You Free Tickets: Lessons Learned From a Life in the Sports Media Industry

You can get it on Amazon right here in paperback!

And in E-book format as well!

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Indy 500, Little 500, Broadripple: Bawdy Tales of Indianapolis Racing Weekend Hijinks

indianapolis motor speedway

A decade ago, I attended my first Indy 500, and it was in the infield.

My people watching that day became an essay which is among the site’s most popular posts of all time. A decade later, I returned to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, ready once again to regale you with tales of auto racing’s zaniest fans, on racing’s biggest weekend.

This time we added two more settings- the Little 500 in Anderson (about an hour from the speedway) and Broadripple, the neighborhood boasting the hippest nightlife in all of nap town.

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Indianapolis 500 Ramps Up Extreme Nationalism, Over the Top Jingoism

american military

Make no mistake about it, my favorite color is a three way tie between red, white and blue. Just look at the colors of this website. Take a look at the photo below to see how I dressed to attend the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500. See the American flag emoji in my Twitter profile too.

However, there is patriotism, and then there is nationalism, and then there is patriotism and nationalism combined, on steroids and multiplied to the 10th power, which we usually call jingoism. This is a very hot topic right now, as the NFL decided last week to take the Star Spangled Banner issue and go full on #MAGA #AmericaFirst with it. The National Football League decided to completely pander to the lowest common denominator.

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Indy 500 Podcast: The Best (Okay, Really the Worst) People Watching

indy 500

Sunday brings us the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500, and with that, our first ever podcast at the Indy 500. If you want to talk about the drivers and the race itself, well then you are in the wrong place right now. This Indy 500 podcast is about the worst of the worst (so, actually the best) in people watching.

It’s about the hijinks and weirdness, Broadripple and the Little 500. It’s about the kind of stuff that is featured in my new book “No, I Can’t Get You Free Tickets: Lessons Learned from a Life in the Sports Media Industry.”

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