Schedule of Classic NCAA Tournament Games Airing this Week

For many of us, the NCAA Tournament, “March Madness,” is the greatest time of the year. Obviously we won’t have it this year. And while that’s absolutely awful for all involved, it’s completely neccessary and the right thing to do, for our civilization.

Hey, misery loves company, so we’re all going without the NCAA Tournament together. That’s where CBS Sports Network comes in as they will re-air 26 classic NCAA Tournament games, highlighting the first two rounds up until the Elite Eight.

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Liverpool Superfan John Oliver Vents Reds Supporter Angst (Video)

john oliver liverpool transfer rumors

As you know, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver is a Liverpool FC supporter extraordinaire. The Englishman transplanted to America comedian/talk show host does not shy away from his scouser supportership, and the same holds true in the video below.

The Premier League has suspended play until April 4 over coronavirus fears. With Liverpool FC 25 points up with only nine games left, and second place Manchester City (who have ten matches remaining) only able to collect a maximum 30 points the rest of the way, Liverpool are champions-elect. There is an emergency meeting, of all 20 PL clubs, called for Thursday, and reportedly, there is little opposition to rewarding the Merseyside club the silverware.

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William Hill & CBS: Why US Bookmakers Partner Up with Broadcasting Companies 

Sports betting has been one of the most profitable parts of the entertainment industry worldwide for decades, but in the USA it was banned for the most part. Recently, a Supreme Court decision made sports betting possible across the country and states have been legalizing it and implementing regulations to make it possible both live and online.  

Today, sports betting is finally becoming a reality in numerous American states and companies like William Hill are pushing to penetrate the market and also get as much marketing space as possible. To make this happen, deals such as the one made between William Hill and the popular TV network CBS have been happening in increasing numbers.  

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Life on the NBA All-Star Party D List, and Other Silliness (Podcast)

The NBA All-Star Game, for the first time since 1988, roared through the Windy City, my hometown of Chicago, a couple weeks ago. And I was heavily involved…covering some of the periphery events, red carpets and D List celebrity events. It was a whirlwind few days, a crazy weekend of ridiculous over-scheduling. And we chronicled it all for “Let’s Get Weird, Sports” #16, which is embedded for your listening pleasure below.

There were numerous celebrities and celebrity handlers, all of which took themselves way too seriously…to laughable proportions. Even more laughable was all the corporatespeak and buzzwords, from all those handlers and PR people. So let’s get transformative and empowering, as we meet up at the brand house for the activation, a place where your brand comes alive with deliverables that embody the core competencies! Synergy!

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Podcasts that Football Enthusiasts Would Love To Listen To

football soccer

The popularity of podcasts continues to reach new heights. Research suggests that the declining credibility of news broadcasters have given a sudden boost to podcasts all over the globe. In 2016, there were 287 million podcast listeners globally, and the number is expected to touch 1.87 billion by 2023.

Podcasts are similar to radio broadcasts. However, they are more genre-specific and can be downloaded for listening at any time. Although various genres of podcasts are popular, there is a mass appeal of the sports-based podcasts, especially football and NBA. Are you a keen observer of football or an enthusiast who loves to listen to games podcasts? Here is a list of a few of the popular ones to quench your thirst for Football.

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Mike Bolsinger Sues Houston Astros, Receives Porn Site Job Offer

It’s a very interesting time to be former Major League Baseball pitcher Mike Bolsinger. He’s filed a civil suit against the Houston Astros, asking them to concede $31 million of their ill-gotten gains. At the same time, a porn website is offering him the chance to make up to $100,000 as a nude model.

Yes, the Astros sign-stealing scandal is sending reverberations all across multiple segments of American culture. It’s something that greatly transcends Major League Baseball, and CamSoda, an adult entertainment webcam platform is inserting themselves into the conversation.

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Roulette Strategies: Know How to Play the Game

Craps and roulette are two types of casino games that come with the longest history. Games of luck have not lost their charm even today, and there are many roulette free games available on the web for everyone to try.

Roulette was the first real casino game, and it had been established in the middle ages. People during those times made an attempt to beat the game using various roulette systems. The habits haven’t changed, and people still apply different strategies to outwit the game.

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Boring, Dull, Homogenized Super Bowl Logo: NFL Made Huge Mistake

super bowl lii

“Corporate culture” is one of the worst business buzzwords you’ll ever hear. It’s right up there with “paradigm shift,” “synergy,” “core competencies” and “best practices” in the corporatespeak pantheon of meaningless gobbledy gook.

That’s because corporate culture values homogeneity and predictability above all else, and the National Football League is more than happy to conform. The NFL is a hyper-protected brand, on levels both great and small that would blow your mind. The NFL also protects their brand, even on levels of minutia, with the ferocity of a mafia hit man. It’s this “brand value” and “deliverable” that explanations the horrifying degeneration of the Super Bowl logo.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry “Financial Independence” an Impossible Myth

It’s certainly very commendable and admirable that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are leaving the British royal family. The concept of a monarchy (even though they have long had no actual political power in Great Britain) is a remnant of the Feudalistic era.

It’s kind of silly that the charade of royalty continues today, but that’s another topic for another time and space. The Duchess and Duke of Sussex are doing the right thing by leaving this anachronistic non-sense behind, but the idea of doing it for “financial independence?” Please. Their heart is in the right place, but c’mon, don’t insult our intelligence. The very concept is legitimately impossible right now, and we’ll delve into why.

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Jeremy Roenick Says He Wants a Threesome with Kathryn Tappen, Gets Suspended


NBC Sports Analyst and Chicago Blackhawks club legend Jeremy Roenick has been suspended indefinitely, without pay, for sexual comments made about his co-workers, NHL Analyst and Notre Dame sideline host Kathryn Tappen and Patrick Sharp. Roenick appeared on a Barstool Sports podcast (so obviously he was well aware of what directions the conversations might go), and he ended up making some remarks that have gotten him in major trouble.

Roenick has not officially commented on the suspension, but a NBC spokesperson said the 49-year-old NHL veteran of 20 years has been disciplined “for making inappropriate comments about his co-workers.”

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17 Egregious National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Plot Holes

The tradition continues! Last year at Christmas time we vivisected the Christmas Eve bowl game being played by USC and Notre Dame in “Die Hard.” At Thanksgiving we covered a lot of, if not all, the transportation, commuter and geographical gaffes in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.”

Now we take on the yuletide cinema classic from 1990, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” a film set in Chicagoland over the course of about two weeks in December.

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In Die Hard, What Christmas Eve Bowl Game has Notre Dame vs USC?

die hard christmas movie

(Editor’s note: re-publishing this holiday season article in advance of Christmas Eve)

This weekend begins the bowl season, and with it the crappy bowl games that very few of us care about. Saturday brings us a cadre of bowl games that are just as awful as whatever bowl game hosted Notre Dame and USC in the classic Christmas film “Die Hard.”

The total number of bowl games has multiplied at an absurd rate these past few decades, but one truth still remains- real bowl games don’t start until after Christmas, and for the most part well after Christmas. Genuinely desirable bowl games still adhere to tradition, and take place on New Year’s. (For a preview of #14 Notre Dame vs #17 LSU go to this link)

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