Notre Dame Increases Playoff Odds with Another Survive and Advance Victory

In mid-October 2015, then Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer described the mantra of that Fighting Irish team. After beating Navy to go to 5-1, he said his team was “sort of in March Madness mode.” 

That team would go on to win five in a row, before dropping their last two and falling out of college football playoff contention. The current team survived-and-advanced today by beating Vanderbilt 22-17, squeaking by a team that took them down to the final minute. Survive-and-advance is how you reach the playoff, and every week that Notre Dame does, their odds get better.

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#8 Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Vanderbilt Commodores Game Preview, Prediction

The #8 Notre Dame Fighting Irish host the Vanderbilt Commodores on Saturday looking to sail on through to a stretch of the schedule that will become significantly tougher. They beat MAC foe Ball State 24-16 last week but it wasn’t easy, easy like Sunday morning. Now they go up against the Commodores’ brick house of a defensive line, led by Dare and Dayo Odeyingbo.

And with that, we’ve officially hit saturation point in references to Lionel Ritchie’s old R&B group when discussing the Vanderbilt Commodores.

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ESPN College Gameday: How it Went From Transcendent to Unwatchable


Republishing from 9-16-17

To pinpoint what’s so wrong with ESPN College Gameday in 2017, there are a couple different places from which you can start. You can begin with ESPN’s horrible bungling of the Jemele Hill and Robert Lee situations, and go from there. The same principle, that of “let’s try to never hurt anyone’s feelings ever, no matter what the cost, because hurt feelings means upset sponsors” applies across the board.

ESPN should have never apologized for what Jemele Hill said about Donald Trump.

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#12 Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs #14 Michigan Wolverines Game Preview, Prediction

For both the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Michigan Wolverines, there is no dipping your toe into the cold water of the 2018 college football season pool and then slowly getting your whole body used to the temperature difference. Both of these traditional upper Midwestern powers have to dive right in and deal with the shock.

Under the lights in South Bend Saturday night, it’s one of the weekend’s most highly anticipated match-ups, if not THE biggest game of kickoff weekend.

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College Sports Fans Beware the Nefarious Influence of the Recruiting-Industrial Complex

It’s really astounding when you think about it- in an era when almost no one is willing to pay for news content, recruiting services can survive and thrive off a subscription-based business model.

The year-round extensive coverage of college recruiting, at every step in the process, has destroyed media coverage of college sports. It’s not just the rise of the recruiting-industrial complex itself that ruined it. Recruiting sites flourished at the same time social media exploded and these two phenomena fed off of each other to concoct a toxic cocktail.

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#12 Notre Dame Football Season Preview, Predictions, Prospectus

Last season, Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly showed that he can handle the hot seat just fine. Kelly rebounded from a 4-8 season in 2016 to go 10-3 in 2017, and get the program’s first New Year’s Day bowl game win since 1994; breaking an eight game skid. The resurgence was based on many factors, but two facets certainly stood out above the rest last campaign- a vastly improved defense, and a running game that was as prolific and as physical as any in the country.

There have been some very significant changes in both of those areas, so we’ll cover those in detail as we do 2018 Notre Dame football season preview. Let’s go!

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Notre Dame QB Brandon Wimbush on Why He’s Off Social Media

brandon wimbush notre dame fighting irish

The adverse effects of social media are being further studied everyday. As the alarming results of these findings continue to gain more publicity, social media usage has started to stagnate. Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter have stopped growing. Only Instagram is maintaining steady growth right now.

(As an aside, it’s worth noting that pet account Instagram is much greater than all of forms of social media combined).

Brandon Wimbush plays one of the highest profile and thus, most scrutinized positions in all of sports, quarterback at Notre Dame. He’s currently off of social media, and at Notre Dame Media Day on Wednesday he explained why. 

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2018 NFL Mock Draft 4-26-18 FINAL EDITION

cowboys stadium

Welcome to the 2018 NFL mock draft. The big night, at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas is now upon us. What will happen at Jerry’s World/The DeathStar? Our best projections follow below.

With only 32 picks to go around, yes, there will be a guy or two that you feel very strongly should be a first rounder, but got left out. Sorry, but it’s inevitable. Also, many of you will strongly disagree with the projections here, and with the write-ups, but try to be respectful about it in the comments section.

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Notre Dame 2018 NFL Draft: Former Teammate Describes Irish Pro Prospects

It’s going to be a very exciting and extremely interesting 2018 NFL Draft for Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans. Offensive Guard Quenton Nelson could be a top five overall pick. Offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey could go in the top 10-15. Then you’ll see some skill position players picked in the mid rounds. Wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown is looking like a round 2-4 pick, while running back Josh Adams projects round 3-4ish. 

Additional former members of the Fighting Irish should be selected on day three. We did a “mocksourcing,” showing where all the blue chip prospects are projected, and you can view that over at this link. Also, here’s the link to our latest mock draft, and you can see where we slotted Nelson and McGlinchey.

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Notre Dame Football: Major Takeaways from Blue-Gold Game

notre dame blue gold

Heading into this edition of the Notre Dame football Blue-Gold game, we analyzed several KEY storylines and dissected a few pressing questions. Today, we saw if not some answers, at least some relevant information and evidence that could bring us towards some answers; eventually.

The Blue (offense) beat the Gold (defense) 47-44, but it’s a spring game, so don’t read too much into the final score (the same goes, actually it goes double for the individual statistical numbers. The offense scored points in the same traditional way they do in a real game, the defense, by making important and key plays (stops, turnovers, sacks etc.) The most important thing, as Notre Dame football Coach Brian Kelly said: “we got out of it injury free.”

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Notre Dame Football: Five Biggest Storylines to Watch in Blue-Gold Game

brandon wimbush

The Notre Dame football program concludes their spring session of 15 practices on Saturday with the 2018 Blue-Gold intrasquad game. One thing’s for sure this weekend, the Notre Dame football team will pick up another “win.”

But seriously folks…this spring session is one that’s been filled with optimism, as the Fighting Irish have a lot of positive momentum to build upon. The program broke their New Year’s Day bowl game drought, a losing streak that had reached seven games, and extended all the way back to the 1994 Cotton Bowl. That’s history now, as the Irish handled a very good LSU team, with back-up quarterback Ian Book becoming one of the game’s heroes.

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Notre Dame NFL Draft Mocksourcing: Nelson, McGlinchey, St. Brown

quenton nelson

In 2017, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly finally went against his pass happy ways and committed to the run game. Why? Because he had two future NFL studs on the left side of his offensive line, and he set up not just the rushing attack, but the offense itself to play to the strengths of the Fighting Irish.

Tackle Mike McGlinchey and Guard Quenton Nelson paved the way for what was certainly a top ten, maybe top five run game in the nation. In just a week from tomorrow night, we’ll find out where both of these big boys will be balling professionally. With Nelson, there seems to be a very positive consensus- he won’t last beyond the top ten, and looks very likely to be selected top five.

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