New Hesburgh Doc Shows How Notre Dame Became Known for Much More than Football

What if I told you there was an actual, real life human being who rubbed shoulders with all the most important American historical figures of the late 20th century like Forest Gump?

Now what if I told you that person found himself helping write and rewrite history as it was happening because he was a savvy political operator with a penchant for bridging the divide between bitter enemies? You would probably want to learn more about who that person was, and that’s where “Hesburgh,” the new documentary opening at the Music Box Theatre on Saturday, comes in.  [Read more…]

Notre Dame DT Jerry Tillery: NFL Draft Stock Not Affected by Injury, Surgery

jerry tillery

All 32 NFL teams were represented at Notre Dame Pro Day yesterday with interior defensive lineman Jerry Tillery not able to physically participate in drills as he continued his recovery from surgery to repair the torn labrum he suffered early this season.

Once Notre Dame Pro Day activities were completed, Tillery met with the media where he made it clear that he’s “feeling amazing” two weeks after the procedure, and that his shoulder status is currently “outstanding.” During the week heading into the NFL Scouting Combine it was revealed that Tillery suffered the tear back in September, in a home win over Stanford.

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Dexter Williams: Notre Dame Running Back Seems Destined for Day 3 of NFL Draft

dexter williams

No matter what you think of Notre Dame running back Dexter Williams as a NFL Draft prospect, you have to admit he has a very strong work ethic.

At Notre Dame Pro Day on Wednesday, you could hear it in his loud grunting during the drills, and you could feel it in the way his grunts echoed throughout the Loftus Sports Complex. In front of 48 total NFL personnel, representing all 32 teams Williams put in a monumental effort.

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Notre Dame QB Brandon Wimbush on Why He’s Off Social Media

brandon wimbush notre dame fighting irish

Editor’s note: re-running this today, in the wake of the news that Brandon Wimbush has officially transferred to Central Florida, and will play his final season of college football at UCF.

The adverse effects of social media are being further studied everyday. As the alarming results of these findings continue to gain more publicity, social media usage has started to stagnate. Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter have stopped growing. Only Instagram is maintaining steady growth right now.

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2019 Notre Dame Football First Look Season Preview

The 2018 Notre Dame football season ended in a manner that no one affiliated with the program wanted- a very lopsided loss to #2 Clemson in the Cotton Bowl semifinal. The end result was a margin of defeat that was only one point better than the 2012 BCS National Championship game.

Naturally, lots of 2012/2018 analogies have been made, but that narrative has plenty of limitations, as Notre Dame football has changed so much since then.

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Four Clemson Football Players Who Could be First Round NFL Draft Picks

clemson football

Clemson football is the program that comes closest to matching Alabama’s dominance in recent years. At least in the College Football Playoff era. In this the fifth season of the CFP, the 20 berths so far break down like this: Alabama 5, Clemson 4, Oklahoma 3, Ohio State 2, Notre Dame, Oregon, Florida State, Georgia, Washington and Michigan State all have 1. 

So of the 20 berths, 60% have gone to just three teams, and Clemson football is one of them. Dabo Swinney’s program beat Alabama for the 2016 national title, but lost to them in the 2015 national championship and 2017 Sugar Bowl semifinal. The odds makers have both teams as double digit favorites to win their semifinal games and play for the national title again; which would make it the third time in five years.

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Six Potential Destinations for Former Notre Dame QB Brandon Wimbush

brandon wimbush notre dame fighting irish

Notre Dame QB2 Brandon Wimbush has now made it official that he’s going to transfer out, and find a place where can start next season. This development was expected, as news of a potential transfer emerged heading into the Cotton Bowl semifinal. Wimbush started four games this season, and 12 last season, becoming just the third quarterback in Notre Dame history with more than 1,000 yards passing and 500 yards rushing in the same season.

Sometimes, but not always, transfers pick a location close to home for their final season and thus we start the listicle with two destinations that aren’t far from Teaneck, New Jersey (home town of the Isley Brothers BTW!).

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Notre Dame Football: Three Players the Fighting Irish Really Need Back in 2019

julian love

The very one-sided loss to #2 Clemson in the Cotton Bowl Semifinal showed the country that Notre Dame football still has a major gap to close on the national elite programs While the end result and overall big picture mirrored what happened versus Alabama in 2012, the program is still very different from what it was six years ago.

While many have been analogizing 2012 and 2018 Notre Dame football, the comparisons have some limitations. Right now Clemson and Alabama are at a level that’s a tier above the rest of the nation and in 2019 we’ll see if anyone can traverse that chasm.

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Notre Dame QB2 Brandon Wimbush Considering Transfer at Season’s End

brandon wimbush

Notre Dame QB2 Brandon Wimbush is currently focused on preparing for the Cotton Bowl National Semifinal against Clemson tomorrow (full game preview and prediction at this link). He’s practicing with his teammates in Dallas, preparing for the possibility to be called upon should starter Ian Book go down with injury. At the same time, he’s also put out some feelers in the transfer market.

Having already graduated and received his degree, Wimbush would immediately be eligible to play at another school next season. With Book returning for his senior year in 2019, it makes sense for Wimbush to look elsewhere in order to optimize his final season of eligibility. At the very least, he should see what options are available to him.

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Analogies Between 2018 and 2012 Notre Dame Have Significant Limitations

#3 Notre Dame got routed by #2 Clemson 30-3 in the 83rd Cotton Bowl Classic today, dropping the Fighting Irish to 0-6 all time in BCS and New Year’s Six bowl games. In a battle of undefeated teams, only the Tigers looked like a 12-0 squad pulling away early in the second quarter of this national semifinal, and never looking back.

The final margin of victory, 27, was just one point less than the last time Notre Dame played in a game with national championship implications- the 2012 BCS Title Game. The Fighting Irish lost to Alabama by 28 (42-14) that night, and just like on this day, the final score doesn’t really reflect just how one-sided the affair truly was.

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Clark the Bald Eagle Won the Cotton Bowl Before the Game Even Kicked Off

clark the bald eagle

As we head towards halftime of the 83rd Cotton Bowl Classic, the #2 Clemson Tigers currently lead the #3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 9-3. Although the final outcome is still very much in question, we still have some definitive winners on the day. Clark the Bald Eagle (not to be confused with Clark the Cubs pantsless mascot) soared and circled through the interior of AT&T Stadium just before kickoff; landing on a couple of lucky fans.

Or perhaps not so lucky, depending on what your opinion of birds and animals are. We can’t think of any state that is more ‘Merica! than Texas, and there’s nothing more Merica! than a bald eagle. And no this was not scripted.

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Brian Kelly Favors Playoff Expansion, Rejects Criticism of Current CFP System

brian kelly notre dame

The College Football Playoff has only been around since 2014, but every single year that it has been in existence there have been plenty of gripes about who got in and who didn’t. Just like it was with the BCS system before it, and as it was in the pre-BCS days when the polls determined the national champion.

If and when they expand the system to eight, there will of course be complaints from the fans of team #9 and team #10. However, expanding to eight would almost certainly make sure that pretty much every team that is overwhelming deserving gets in. During the Notre Dame on-campus Playoff Media Day this past Saturday, Fighting Irish coach Brian Kelly said that he is in favor of expanding the college football playoff field to eight.

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