1. josephts says

    Was not sure at first,but on second thought it is an excellent design.Makes one think of the RCAF of which my dad was a proud member.This logo will become just as famous as the original!Do not like the secondary designs at all!GO JETS!!

  2. davidkay says

    I like the logo… I love the Hitman reference

  3. bryanvickroy says

    i did the same thing, didn’t like any of it on first look, but the main RCAF inspired logo has really grown on me. Not to mention the round jersey crest is the new in style trend, started by the Wild and copied by St Louis, Florida, etc. I don’t see the secondary logo lasting long though… it seemed rushed.

  4. paulmbanks says

    I LOVED the RCAF logo at instant. the secondary logos are okay. but I might have to get a jersey of the main circular crest. It is pretty awesome. the cbj alternate with the circular crest on the cannon is pretty cool.

    and yeah the hitman ref was dope. He is Canadian

  5. bryanvickroy says

    he’s a flames man… actually he owns a junior team, the calgary hitmen as well…. i guess winnipeg had like a mile long line for merch from like 5 pm to 10 pm

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