Popular Sports to Bet on in Canada in 2021


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If you are a sports fan, and you have an interest in betting on sports in Canada, we’ve got the perfect post for you right here. As you may already know, sports betting is becoming pretty popular in Canada, but to get the best taste of the action, you need to know what sports to bet on in the first place. That’s precisely what we’ve focused on through this quick article, and we will be guiding you on where to make your bets, what teams to focus on, and so much more! So with that said, let’s get started with the first sport that you should be looking to bet on.

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Ice-hockey (NHL)

You probably guessed this one already, but just to reiterate, ice-hockey is one of the very best sports you can wager on in Canada. Of course, there is plenty of ice-hockey action to be enjoyed each and every season, and since Canada has a lot of home interest in this sport, this just makes it that much better. With 7 professional teams involved in this league from Canada, and many Canadian individuals actually competing in the NHL, what’s not to love? On top of being able to make wagers on individual games throughout the season, you can also bet on who will win the Stanley Cup – which is pretty exciting we must say!

Pretty much all of the best Canadian sportsbooks cover ice hockey betting markets, so you don’t need to look too far to discover the open markets and the odds. Make sure you keep a close eye on teams like Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal this season too, for their line-ups are looking rather exciting!


Basketball (NBA)

While the NHL is the premier division for ice hockey in North America/Canada, the NBA is definitely the premier division for basketball in the entire world. This is always a fun sport to follow and wager on since teams are competing on almost a daily basis. This provides plenty of basketball for you to watch, and plenty of opportunities to get some wagers placed. And just like some of the other sports/leagues we’ve mentioned here, basketball has both a regular season and a postseason tournament for teams that have performed the best. The postseason event is where the heat really gets turned up, and you can even find online betting bonuses to use for this tournament too.

At the time of writing, some of the teams that are looking particularly dangerous include the LA Lakers (home of Lebron James) and the Houston Rockets.

American Football (NFL)

The games may not be as regular for the NFL compared with leagues such as the NBA and the NHL, but when they do get played, they are always a huge event. Watching top NFL teams compete throughout the week and on the weekend has become part of the culture in Canada, and it’s always more exciting to watch the game when you’ve made a wager. However, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t bet more than you can afford to! While many of you will be familiar with the pinnacle of the NFL season – The Superbowl, it’s important to note that games are played over several months in the build-up to this event.

And given the nature of how NFL games are played, there’s quite a number of bets you can make. Besides the regular moneyline market, you can bet on individual player points, the team spread, what plays will be made, and much more.

Soccer (MLS)

Arguably, soccer might not be as popular as sports like ice hockey, basketball, or American football, but it’s a sport that is gaining plenty of traction in Canada. This is seen by the national soccer team starting to get better and better, and the general standard of the MLS becoming quite competitive too. And to add to this, soccer is actually the number one sport for sports betting in the entire world, with the most markets and the most activity. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to join the action and start to discover different markets and teams for the MLS?

In recent years, we’ve seen some pretty high-profile players compete in the MLS too. Players such as David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, and even Thierry Henry have competed in the MLS during the twilight stages of their career. Of course, this means that the MLS is becoming much more exciting to watch, and the league itself is rather competitive too.



As you can see, these are the top 4 sports that you might want to consider betting on in 2021. And just as a friendly reminder, you must meet the online gambling regulations in Canada before you can set up an online account and start making bets. Finally, make sure you keep it fun and enjoyable – regardless of what sport you choose to wager on.


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