Backlash Against Marquee Network Story of 2020 Cubs Convention

During his session today at 2020 Cubs Convention, club President of Business Operations Crane Kenney said he feared no boos; not for Marquee Network, nor anything else. Kenney told the assembled crowd he’s been booed before, for several things, including the jumbotron and the team mascot Clark.

The latter reference is poignant as the pants-less but friendly and inviting cartoonish bear was pretty much the headline story of Cubs Convention 2014. Why? Because he was a new addition to the club in a winter when the team made no real new additions to the player roster. The team was coming off a bad season (66-96) and moving towards the next one in which they were projected to be bad (they were, 73-89) again.

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Tom Ricketts Doesn’t See How Disconnected He Really is from Cubs Fanbase


Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts, along with his sister Laura, were the first guests to come on stage for Ryan Dempster’s session at the 35th annual Cubs Convention Friday night, an endeavor that appears in the form of a late night talk show.

Ricketts’ intro and exit music was, wait for it, “Sly and the Family Stone’s “Everyday People.” You know this classic 1970s soul tune by its very familiar refrain: “Iiiiiiiiiiiiii am every-day people!” Yes, billionaires! So like us! We can relate to having a family business……..which Charles Schwab buys for $26 billion!

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Where can you Place Sports bets in NJ?

The state of New Jersey has, for many years, been at the heart of the gambling industry in the United States. A host of luxurious casinos in Atlantic City have provided important revenue for the NJ budget and they will continue to do so.

There is, however, a new development in the sector and New Jersey appears to be at the forefront once again. With sports betting now accessible to residents of certain states across America, it’s an exciting period for operators and bettors alike.

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Tips for Having an Effective Football Betting In Sbobet

Sbobet casino gives you a free hand for successful wagering. Freedom is required to place an adequate bet and increase the potential of winning. There are many websites that offer you free football betting tips, but you must be careful while choosing the advice. Sport betting tips need through and cautious analysis by sports analysts. Usually, the free betting tips offered free are slight modifications and twists from valid sites. Others are crafted by self-proclaimed sports analysts, which trivial experience and knowledge. Tips for having an effective football betting in Sbobet is the best option in this scenario in lieu of a small fee. These tips are helpful as it enhances your winning potential significantly.

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Sports Careers for those Who Can’t Play

Many sports fanatic dreams to be part of their favorite teams at some point in their lives. Football fans have probably tried playing football whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Basketball fans have probably played this sport when they were still in school or college.

Basically, a sports fanatic will always find a way to involve himself or herself in his or her favorite sport.

However, let’s face it, not everyone can participate in sports and still enjoy it. Not all sports fans are athletic and can play the sports that they love. They simply only follow tournaments and their favorite athletes on the internet.

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Tottenham Launch Their Own Craft Beer, Stadium Microbrewery

We’d have to double and triple check to make sure, but this feels like a first in the sporting world- a team with a microbrewery in their own stadium. Yes, Tottenham Hotspur football club, in conjunction with Beavertown Beer company, have launched their own craft beer.

One Of Our Own, which takes its name from a supporter chant about Tottenham talisman Harry Kane, will be brewed and sold exclusively in Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

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Andrew Bogut Points Out Sex Problem at Tokyo Olympic Athletes Village

Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut

It’s not a secret that the athletes’ villages at every Olympics games are a hot-bed of sexual activity. You have a lot of young people, from all over the world (and likely never to see one another again) in peak physical condition, having just completed a competition with the highest of stakes. It’s the culmination of an event they’ve been training their whole lives (often missing out on socializing) for, and once it’s done the time arrives to blow off some teams.

The Olympics organizers know this, they’re well aware of the sex games that take place every four years (well, now every two). They distributed about 450,000 condoms at the Rio summer Olympics in 2016. The International Olympic Committee has a stated position of encouraging the 10,500 athletes and staff to practice safe sex.

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Four Exclusive Services You Can Have at the South Point Hotel

South Point Hotel comprises facilities that you will not want to miss. Some exclusive attractions will appeal to every visitor.

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Liverpool FC, Nike Announce Deal Reportedly Worth £80m Annually

liverpool fc anfield

It has been reported on and widely discussed for quite some time already, so today’s “announcement” is a rather anti-climatic, but hey it’s still a record-breaking deal. Liverpool FC and American sportswear producer Nike made it official today- they will do business together, for the next few years.

After a bidding war that reportedly involved Adidas and Puma, not to mention a legal battle with current kit manufacturer New Balance (who have been with the Merseyside club since 2015), Liverpool’s new kit partner will be Nike, starting June 1.

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Tips For Improving Fitness And Finding Sports You Love

Image Source

Getting fitter is easier said than done. We can easily make excuses for ourselves when it comes to exercising because it does require a degree of effort, and it’s not always enjoyable when you’re wincing through the pain of another squat in the gym or a length in the pool. However, keeping fit is important to help maintain and live a long and healthy life. Without exercise, we can end up putting a lot of pressure on vital organs, and our body ends up aging quicker because of it. So if now is the time for you to change your lifestyle and improve your fitness, here are some tips for helping improving fitness and find sports you love.

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Chicago Cubs Following Tottenham Hotspur Business Story Arc


The date is July 25, 2014; Tottenham Hotspur FC are in Chicago to play the Fire in a friendly at Toyota Park the next night. On this evening, members of Tottenham’s side are doing a public appearance at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. Budding face of the franchise and English football Harry Kane throws out the ceremonial first pitch before the Cubs take on the San Diego Padres.

Kane, Michael Dawson and Anthony Rizzo do a shirt swap in this Cubs-Spurs international exchange program, but there’s a much bigger reason to revisit a photo-opp five and a half years later. The two franchises, an ocean apart, are set to progress along very similar paths over the next half-decade.

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Seven Tips to Become A Professional Lacrosse Player

The first step towards becoming a professional lacrosse player is to engage your coaches. Coaches aren’t just around to help you play. They can be an invaluable resource when it comes to letting you know what you’re doing right or wrong.

In addition to that, they might equip you with some useful skills you’ll need for your professional life years down the road. 

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