The Author of The Sports Bank Has a New Book Out

The Owner/Writer/Editor/Webmaster of The Sports Bank and The Bank.News has authored a book

No, I Can’t Get You Free Tickets: Lessons Learned From a Life in the Sports Media Industry

You can get it on Amazon right here in paperback!

And in E-book format as well!

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Indianapolis 500 Ramps Up Extreme Nationalism, Over the Top Jingoism

american military

Make no mistake about it, my favorite color is a three way tie between red, white and blue. Just look at the colors of this website. Take a look at the photo below to see how I dressed to attend the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500. See the American flag emoji in my Twitter profile too.

However, there is patriotism, and then there is nationalism, and then there is patriotism and nationalism combined, on steroids and multiplied to the 10th power, which we usually call jingoism. This is a very hot topic right now, as the NFL decided last week to take the Star Spangled Banner issue and go full on #MAGA #AmericaFirst with it. The National Football League decided to completely pander to the lowest common denominator.

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Extreme Urban Sports: That Can Get You Arrested

Youngsters, particularly teens today live for the adrenaline rush and find out new ways to satisfy their cravings for some fun. For this, they will jump into any sport that will give them even the slightest vibe of fun and scary. Urban sports are the new trend; they are not the usual basketball or skateboarding in the urban areas; these are more towards extreme sporting. Some are in it for a meager amount of cash and others just for the adrenaline rush. But, what fun is it to get behind bars for a sport. Surprised… right!

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The Latest Sporting Events You Should Be Betting On

Are you the type of individual who absolutely loves taking a risk? If you’ve answered yes to this question, there is a really good chance that you love betting on sports. After all, this can give you a big adrenaline thrill. The only problem is that there is a risk involved. Nevertheless, you’re having a good time and there is a real possibility that you’re going to be making money in the future. So, which sports should you think about betting on in the near future? Within this guide, you’ll learn about the latest sporting events that you should be betting on.

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Tennis Betting – Everything You Need to Know

Tennis bets are quite popular among most bettors since this kind of sport is considered to be the most spectacular and intriguing. One of the main advantages of tennis betting is associated with the specs of game analysis. In the case of tennis, there are only two athletes on the field, and everyone is responsible for himself only. In the case of football or basketball, the game outcome is much more difficult to predict – it depends on a large number of players. With tennis, there are less risk factors, which means your winning odds are significantly higher. All you need to do is to carefully study sports data feeds.

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Cubs Broadcast Makes Monstrous Gaffe While Promoting Women’s Empowerment Night

addison russell

If you’re not familiar with the Twitter account @_youhadonejob1, then you really need to check it out and see what you’re missing. The phrase “you only had one job” certainly applies to the producer and/or cameraman of the Chicago Cubs broadcast last night in Cincinnati.

During their win over the Reds Wednesday night, the Cubs telecast ran an in game promotion for their upcoming Women’s Empowerment Night at the ballpark. Now of the nine players on the field and the 24 on the roster, who would you NOT want to spotlight as you transition to the promo?  Well, take a look:

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Owner Roman Abramovich Takes in First Chelsea FC Match of the Season

Persona non grata in the United Kingdom, Chelsea FC Owner Roman Abramovich has not seen his team play live and in person- until tonight.

Yes, it was just a friendly, and every competitive match for Chelsea this season except one (London derby Europa League Final versus Arsenal on the 29th) has been played, but hey, the Russian oligarch is finally in the house. Abramovich was on hand at Gillette Stadium for Chelsea’s charity match against the New England Revolution.

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Top 20 footballers and their earnings

The money earned by footballers has become a hot topic in recent times and with that, majority of football fans could name some of the top earners. However, how many of us know the top earners for sure, and how much do they actually earn? Here we countdown the top 20 in world football.

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Know Everything You Must Know About AFL and NRL Party Supplies

bill belichick

Why the meaning of party has changed in recent years

The meaning of party has changed in past few years. People plans a lot for all kinds of party they want to throw. However, an excellent party is possible only with right type of preparation. The first factor after deciding the date and location of the party is to determine the theme of the party. This you can do before delivering the invites cards. If you wish to have a dress code, you need to mention that in the invites cards. Make an observation of all you choose and discuss on a paper. It is simple to make changes when it is written in front of you.

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Chicago Fire GM Nelson Rodriguez on Reported Move, Potential Rebrand

nelson rodriguez chicago fire

Ahead of his roundtable with media this afternoon, Chicago Fire President and general manager Nelson Rodriguez issued a statement on the bombshell report that came out today.

The Des Plaines Valley News reported that the soccer club has agreed to pay the village of Bridgeview $60.5 million to break their lease at SeatGeek Stadium. Before the media roundtable began, Rodriguez issued the following statement:

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Martellus Bennett on How the NFL Discourages Individuality, Free-Thought (Exclusive)

During his NFL career, Martellus Bennett scored more than 30 touchdowns, accrued more than 4,500 receiving yards, won a Super Bowl with the 2016 New England Patriots and earned a Pro Bowl berth with the 2014 Chicago Bears.

Not bad for artist and writer. Bennett was in town last week to do a public reading of his new children’s book “Dear Black Boy,” at Open Books, a literacy non-profit in the west loop. A major point he emphatically made, over and over again, is that creating art and literature is more fun than sports. 

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Both Michigan and Michigan State on National Title Odds Boards

michigan vs michigan state

Both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University are riding high right now in both of the revenue sports. The Spartans and Wolverines traditional, and also recent, prowess in both football and men’s basketball has created quite a buzz in the state.

In the state of great lakes splendor, fans are very excited about college sports, and that interest should only rise as the state moves towards possibly legalizing sports gambling soon. A current package of state House bills would permit online sports wagering, poker and casino gambling as well as live in-person sports betting at state casinos.

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