Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich Constructing Manhattan Megamansion

roman abramovich

Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich can no longer legally enter the country where his football club is located, but he became an Israeli citizen in May under the nation’s Law of Return. The Russian oligarch and crony of ruling despot Vladimir Putin is also expanding his property holdings in overseas.

Abramovich got the go ahead to construct a mega-mansion on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a building that will consist of several adjoining townhouses. This according to the New York Post, who also provide an update on the ultra-secretive billionaire’s personal life.

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Northwestern Football Winning Facilities Arms Race: New Fitz Mahal Photos, Videos

northwestern football ryan fieldhouse

Some call the Ryan Fieldhouse and adjacent Walter Athletic Center “The house that Pat and Pat built.” (referencing Northwestern football megadonor of all mega-donors Pat Ryan and the greatest Northwestern football coach in history Pat Fitzgerald).

Others refer to it as the “Fitz Mahal,” “Taj Fitz,” or perhaps most cleverly, the “Fitz-Carlton.” Wildcat Report summed it up perfectly with their headline “Welcome to Paradise.” However you choose to describe the new Northwestern football headquarters, you’ll inevitably do so in the manner of a person who is extremely impressed.

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University of Michigan Makes Cheap Man United vs. Liverpool Tickets Available


It appears that the third International Champions Cup match at Michigan Stadium will not draw as well as the first two. Given an offer made by the University of Michigan, the institution that is hosting Saturday’s preseason friendly between Manchester United and Liverpool, ticket sales are not going near as well as they did for the first two matches in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

An e-mail obtained by The Sports Bank shows that the U of M is making a last minute ticket offer to current students.

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Ex-United Star Zlatan Ibrahimovic Pokes Fun at Lebron James Owning Liverpool

lebron james

Internationally well known athletic superstars Lebron James and Zlatan Ibrahimovic both currently ply their trade in the city of Los Angeles. So while they’re both as Hollywood as it gets, they will still be on opposite sides in the big International Champions Cup match on Saturday in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Manchester United and Liverpool will bring their bitter rivalry (sort or kind of, this is just a friendly, which will feature squads with most obscure players and few stars) to The Big House this weekend, and it’s possible the match could break the USA record for single soccer game attendance.

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Sports Betting a Very Hot Topic During B1G Media Days


In May, the Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling that opened the door for the legalization of sports betting in the United States. The highest court in the land ruled that a ban on sport betting was unconstitutional, and thus opened the door for the states to legalize gaming on sporting events.

Some states have legalizing sports gambling now, and others will do in so in the near term future. It’s an exciting time to be involved in the sports betting industry, as it is inevitably set to explode. July brings the unofficial start of the college football season, when leagues and teams hold their annual media days, and at B1G Media Days, sports betting was a very hot topic.

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Tips on Choosing a Perfect MCT Oils and Powders

mct oil

By Joseph Plunkett

MCT oils and powders help you lose excess body fat, and they help your body’s immune system to ward-off some diseases. Furthermore, the supplements contain loads of antioxidants, minerals, and essential fatty acids that would improve your overall health.

Despite these benefits, buying the best MCT supplement from the array of brands out there can be a real hassle, more especially if you are buying for the first time. For that reason, we have proposed some expert-vetted buying tips to help you purchase the right MCT oils and powders.

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Jurgen Klopp Admits His Opinion of Paul Pogba Transfer Fee Has Evolved

jurgen klopp

You may have heard a famous quote attributed to legendary economist John Maynard Keynes: “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” On Saturday, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp embodied this epigram, as he admitted that his opinion on exorbitant transfer spending has “evolved.”

Back in 2016, when Manchester United broke the world’s transfer fee record in re-acquiring Paul Pogba from Juventus for £89.3 million, Klopp harshly criticized the deal. In the two years since however, Klopp’s Liverpool have become massive big spenders themselves; and he does not care one iota if you call him a hypocrite over this.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Golf Clubs


By Jason Verduzco

The game of golf is a relaxing, and fun sport for many. For beginners, it can be overwhelming as you get the basics down. As you become more versed in the rules of golf, you will realize that there are many options for golf clubs, as well as other equipment, and knowing which is best can be mind-boggling.

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Yankees Slam Papa John’s Founder, Suspend Partnership in Response to N-Word Scandal


The massive fallout for pizza company Papa John’s and their founder John Schnatter continued Friday as the New York Yankees joined the list of businesses distancing themselves from the currently radioactive brand.

The Yankees suspended their current partnership with the pizza chain and blasted Schnatter’s remarks which recently came to light as “reprehensible.” Schnatter resigned as chairman of the Papa John’s board on Wednesday, after Forbes reported the pizza magnate’s having used the N-word during a media training exercise in May.

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Sporting the Right Price

baseball memorabilia

By Steve Conway

Valuation can be a tricky concept, especially in a thriving market like sports memorabilia. The common variables affecting all products will always exist, including the condition and authenticness of the memorabilia as well as the rarity of these pieces.

But what about the nuances in value? Furthermore, what are the intangibles that drive people’s interest? When it’s time to price sports memorabilia, navigating a vast marketplace can be daunting.

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College Sports Fans Beware the Nefarious Influence of the Recruiting-Industrial Complex

It’s really astounding when you think about it- in an era when almost no one is willing to pay for news content, recruiting services can survive and thrive off a subscription-based business model.

The year-round extensive coverage of college recruiting, at every step in the process, has destroyed media coverage of college sports. It’s not just the rise of the recruiting-industrial complex itself that ruined it. Recruiting sites flourished at the same time social media exploded and these two phenomena fed off of each other to concoct a toxic cocktail.

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Five Tips for Learning How to Play Tennis for the First Time


As Wimbledon enters its final week, many people across the world have tennis fever right now. Mid summer is a chance for more people to hit the tennis courts, whether they be seasoned, novice or anywhere else in between.

If you’re a club pro, or as experienced as one, then this article is not for you. What follows is for the beginner who is just learning the ropes of tennis. Here are five things you need to know as you first become familiar with the game.

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