Extreme Urban Sports: How To Start And What You’ll Need


By Patrick Pearse

Who said that all you require is a gym to get fit and shed off some body fat? There are so many activities and sports that one can get involved in to get fit and maintain an active body such as the urban jungle sports. The jungle urban sports require one to utilize the resources available in the surrounding to create resistance when performing them. For example, you can climb a flight of stairs, skate on a bumpy road or ride a bike in hilly areas. But for your safety and to be able to excel in such sports without incurring any injuries, one needs to have the rights gears and be prepared as well.

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Sheikh Mansour Says Manchester City Still Has Much More to Win

sheikh mansour

On the tenth anniversary of his purchasing the club, Manchester City Owner Sheikh Mansour wrote a letter to the club’s supporter base. The letter was distributed as a press release to the media this morning, and appears in the match day program as City hosts Fulham on Saturday.

Mansour, who has a reported estimated net worth of $4.9 billion, is the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family. He has utilized his inherited family wealth to establish himself as an extremely successful business man, and completely transform Manchester City football club.

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Southern Charm Star Shep Rose Takes in Kathryn Hall Wine Event, Cubs Game

southern charm shep rose

It’s not every day you run into Shep Rose, star of Bravo reality series “Southern Charm,” but hey, life is random, isn’t it? Rose was at the Kathryn Hall wine event last night at the W Hotel Chicago City Center. The HALL Napa Valley event included a vertical tasting, celebrating the release of the highly anticipated 2015 Kathryn Hall Cabernet Sauvignon.

Hall also hosted events in St. Helena, California and Columbus, Ohio. Rose also attended the Chicago Cubs’ loss to their division rivals the Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field on Wednesday night, posting this colorful Tweet:

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Applying Premier League Club Spending on a Personal Finance Level

british pounds

“Splash the cash” has certainly been the motto of the English Premier League’s biggest clubs in recent years as every summer transfer window sees new spending records get smashed. Then those new records which were just set get broken again the next summer, as the monetary figures we see reported in the news all the time keep skyrocketing.

Television broadcast rights for the game keep increasing exponentially. The same holds true for kit manufacturing deals. Merchandising income keeps going up. As clubs are seeing their income rise, so too has their spending. The biggest clubs have a lot of financial clout to wield, and we see this on multiple fronts, but most glaringly so in the transfer market.

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Win Tickets to the Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin Fight

anthony joshua

By Patrick Pearse

Heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua is preparing to take on Alexander Povetkin in what promises to be his toughest challenge to date. And right now, the team from the online casino bgo.com are offering you the chance to win tickets to the fight, by playing across all their great jackpot, slot and live casino games!

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Remedies For Opiate Withdrawal That You Can Do At Home

opiate withdrawal

By Patrick Pierce

Many people have been using prescription drugs such as opioid for non-medical use. Most of the painkillers that people have been abusing include hydromorphone and hydrocodone. Individuals who abuse these drugs are physically and psychologically dependent on them, with some of them eventually moving on to other hard drugs like heroin.

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AVP Beach Volleyball Championships Bring California, Hawaii Culture to Chicago

avp gold series championships

The AVP Gold Series Championships of beach volleyball brought a Hawaii or perhaps California type feel to Chicago this Labor Day weekend. Hawaii and California are two states where the Pacific Ocean coastline, specifically the beach culture, has a tremendous impact on shaping the way of life.

The laid back Pacific beach zeitgeist, which celebrates everything that we (in every state, but especially here in Chicago where we have long and brutal winters) love about summer, came to Oak Street Beach for a four day beach volleyball tournament, capped by Alix Klineman and April Ross beating Sarah Hughes and Summer Ross 25-23 and 21-16 in the women’s final.

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Aaron Donald and the L.A. Rams Reach Record Breaking Deal


By Joseph Connolly

Earlier this week, the L.A. Rams announced that the team had reached a record breaking agreement with defensive tackle Aaron Donald. The deal means $137 million for Donald over the next six years and carries a minimum guarantee of no less than $87 million according to sources.

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NFL Handicapping 101 – Playing NFL Trends

nfl preseason

By Joe Connolly

Yes, NFL rosters can change from one year to the next. Injuries and trades can change a roster from one week to the next. Still, there’s value in respecting historical betting trends when betting on NFL games. It’s not really clear why one team always seems to struggle against one specific rival or opponent. As a sports handicapper, you are always looking for an advantage. Sometimes, the advantage could come from respecting a betting trend even in the face of all logic.

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ESPN College Gameday: How it Went From Transcendent to Unwatchable


Republishing from 9-16-17

To pinpoint what’s so wrong with ESPN College Gameday in 2017, there are a couple different places from which you can start. You can begin with ESPN’s horrible bungling of the Jemele Hill and Robert Lee situations, and go from there. The same principle, that of “let’s try to never hurt anyone’s feelings ever, no matter what the cost, because hurt feelings means upset sponsors” applies across the board.

ESPN should have never apologized for what Jemele Hill said about Donald Trump.

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Sacramento Kings Fund Tech Education Scholarships with Ethereum Mining

sacramento kings

By Sean McDiarmind

The crypto world has now expanded into yet another unexpected arena — it has touched the world of professional sports teams. The Sacramento Kings, have announced that they plan to begin mining cryptocurrency through a partnership with MiningStore.com, a leading provider of crypto mining hardware.

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Could CBD Oil Become a Wonder Drug for Athletes?

cbd oil

With all substances and products related to Cannabis, the cost-benefit analysis is complicated and Cannabidiol (commonly referred to as CBD oil) is no different. CBD oil is the non-psychoactive property found in cannabis plants, and the key ingredient for the medicinal properties of cannabis.

In nature, CBD can be found in flower or bud form, but the most practical and common use comes in tinctures and CBD oil capsules. CBD oil, which was just approved by the FDA in June, is being used by athletes as a way to relieve pain.
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