Five Former Arsenal Academy Players and where they are Now

Under Arsene Wenger’s management, Arsenal produced some quality youngsters in their academy. Several of these young men made their ways into the Arsenal senior team and a lot of expectations were placed on their shoulders. 

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10 Forgotten Players of the Premier League

premier league

The English Premier League gave us a huge number of prominent players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, and Luis Suarez. But, as is often the case, many have not been able to be remembered even in spite of a good game on the football field. In this article, we will remember the stars who deserved more during their careers.

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No Deposit Bonuses: Types, Claiming Conditions, Benefits 

Since there are many online casinos today, it is quite difficult to stand out and attract a wider gaming audience to join the “club.” It is no wonder that many online gambling operators take various measures as they fight for a client. The most popular way to catch the interest of the gambling community is to offer various gifts and chips. 

You always have to pay the piper; however, free bonuses and special offers are a reality of modern online casinos. They can help you boost your winning odds and play your favorite game as long as you wish. The only thing is to choose the right online casino that will offer you the most favorable terms of cooperation. Keep reading this post – and you will know what no deposit bonuses are, how they work, and what offer types exist today. 

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Best Practices for Migrating SharePoint to Office 365 

Microsoft Office 365 user population has recently hit 88 million users, as noted on the win beta news. As the user base continues to increase, we’ve seen a growing interest among the clients in moving their on-premises SharePoint to Office 365. The most important part of a SharePoint migration project is that it involves planning for the migration itself. With all the elements involved, such as the restrictions to migration options, this can confuse the project and introduce unwanted risks. It is important to sensibly plan a SharePoint migration and fully consider all things involved in the process. Once a decision is made to move your SharePoint sites to Office 365, you will need to decide what your business actually needs. Whether your new platform will be SharePoint Online or Hybrid, references below should be helpful. 

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How to Safely Store Your Golf Gear

Golf equipment is expensive, so you need to store it safely so that you can use it for a long time. Whether at home or you are traveling, you should avoid stashing your golf clubs in places that are not suitable since this can lead to physical damage. When choosing storage for your golf equipment, you should also consider aspects like temperature. Read on to learn some of the measures that you can take to safely store your golf gear.

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How Do You Evaluate a Great Sports Town?

chicago skyline cubs

Who doesn’t love a good bar debate? You know, the classic questions like:

  • Who’s better, Jordan or LeBron?
  • Who is the best James Bond?
  • Is a hot dog a sandwich?
  • If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, did it make a sound?

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How a wrongful death claim can help your financial future

A wrongful death being the outcome of an accident is incredibly tragic. Losing a loved one due to the recklessness or negligence of another is never an easy pill to swallow. As there’s (sadly) nothing that can bring the individual back, it is possible that a civil claim may repay one (and their family) for the funds lost on unexpected burial, funeral, and medical bills.

In addition to this, a civil claim may be a means to provide financial stability via inheritance or a means to recoup lost wages during the ordeal. However, it takes a skilled wrongful death attorney to make sure you (and your family) can recover gracefully from their tragedy and free of the financial burden that can come with such an unfortunate situation. 

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The secret of success in Canadian online casinos


It is no longer a secret for anyone that it is much easier to earn income from bets on the online casino playgrounds than in ordinary gambling establishments. Such virtual services have a lot of advantages and features that, of course, affect the players’ income. First of all, this is a huge saving of time. After all, you still need to get to a real casino somehow.

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5 Gifts Cricket Fans Wish You’d Buy Them

Just about anyone who follows cricket knows why it’s the most beautiful sport in the world. It’s not about just rooting for one team to prevail over the other, but about savouring every moment of the game. Such is the craze around cricket that it keeps fans glued to their seats and biting their nails until the last over.

You probably know someone crazy about cricket, but without deep insight on the game, choosing the right gift to wow then can be a daunting task. A good pair of binoculars, match tickets, fan books, and rare photographs may seem like great options. But sometimes all you need when you’re searching is a bit of inspiration. Well, here are some of the best gift ideas that your cricket-crazy loved one probably hopes you’ll buy.

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Famous People Making Money Betting on Sports

Sports betting has long become a pastime for thousands of individuals across the globe. While determined bettors prefer favorable odds and coefficients, casual betting enthusiasts stick to their favorite teams’ matches. But what if we say that dozens of celebrities, both from Hollywood and professional sports, are in favor of sports betting?  

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2020/21 Carabao Cup: Round of 16 Preview

The Carabao Cup takes centre stage in English football starting tonight and running until Thursday night, with the competition already down to the round of 16 stage. All of the Premier League big guns have made it through, setting up the prospect of some truly mouth-watering ties.

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The Secret Formula to Successful Online Dating

You would never be able to bake ideal pancakes if you put too much flour, sugar, or salt into the batter. The same goes for online dating. There are certain algorithms that most online dating sites utilize to hook you up with the candidates that are for you. So, you need to know how to use these algorithms to your benefit to quickly find your significant other in the fascinating yet very complicated world of online dating.  

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