Bend It Like Beckham – How To Curl Free Kicks Like A Pro

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Playing soccer is a fantastic way to keep yourself fit and healthy. Being a fast-paced aerobic workout, regular soccer players experience great cardiovascular health, stronger muscles, higher levels of agility, and improved coordination. There are a myriad of both physical and emotional health benefits to this team sport. If you’re looking to ‘bend it like Beckham’, here’s how you can become a soccer superstar!

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How Does Online Sport Betting Work?


Online sports betting is one of the simplest forms of gambling there is in the online platform. All you need to do is register with the desired sportsbook, deposit money, place a bet and if you’re lucky enough to win, cash out your winnings. But for any sportsbook to work effectively, it must have a proper deposit and withdrawal options. So how exactly do you make payments and how do you receive your winnings?

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Most Popular Startup Businesses in Dubai


The city of Dubai has always been alluring for its locals and visitors. It’s the land where creative ideas are fostered, endless opportunities are given, and businesses grow successfully. In the past few years, Dubai has been transformed into a hub for startups and entrepreneur activities, giving a chance for developers, whether tech related or not, to create creative businesses that will benefit many people. Below are some examples of the most popular startup businesses in Dubai.

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Chicago Cubs Ace Jon Lester Named to Forbes Top Earners List

Yesterday saw Forbes release their annual list of the world’s 100 highest paid athletes in the past year, and Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jon Lester made the cut. The Cubs ace checks in at #97, having earned $25.3 million in total ($25m in salary, $300k in endorsements) during the past year. Lester is one of the thirteen Major League Baseball players on the list, led by the Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout at #17 ($50.6 million). At #68 you’ll find a former Cubs pitcher, Jake Arrieta, who is now with Philadelphia and earned $28.8 million last season.

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Simple Ways to Save Money when Starting a Small Business

Saving money when starting your own business doesn’t have to be difficult or impossible. In fact, sometimes a few simple changes can go a long way and when you understand your company structure, you will soon find that you could save more than you’d think.

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4 Essential Lessons Your Business Can Learn From The Premier League

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UK football’s Premier League isn’t just a sports organization that brings the highest stakes game to viewers and supporters all over the world. It is also a business and a very successful one at that! Of course, that means there are some smart lessons we can learn by looking closely at how the Premier League run. A topic you can find out more about below.

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Slots: A Few Helpful Tips

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The fact that slot machine is the loudest and brightest one among others located in any casino doesn’t mean it’s easy to play it. Obviously, luck plays a huge role when it comes to casino games; nevertheless, you’re able to boost your chances of winning the game using certain strategies. What is an online slot machine?

The moment you start playing the game here, you are going to see a screen with reels each of which has diverse symbols. Classic online slot machines have three vertical reels, while modern ones have five reels. Each reel has 20-25 characters designed according to the slot theme; you need to spin the reels and get winning combinations when the reels stop.

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Latest Trend in Cycling: Why You Need an Electric Bike Too


Cycling is now the latest craze. Bikes are now quite in demand with changing requirements of the users. Though ebikes look quite like the normal two wheelers or any commuter bike, these usually have a built-in motor for the purpose of propulsion. There are some which need pedaling while others are available with an engine.

So, the bike is doing all the work – what about the exercise? To ensure your bike is a fitness tool, you need to use its motor just to keep it going. Keep cycling till you are just wiped out or till you climb a steep hill.

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Big events to Bet on over the Summer

There may not be a Summer Olympics or Men’s World Cup this year, but sports fans are guaranteed a glut of top events to follow over the coming months. All of this means there are a steady stream of betting opportunities on their way.

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How Supplements Help You Get in Total Shape

By Patrick Pierce

People, especially women, want to lose weight and stay in shape but many of them fail in their quest because they fail to adopt the three necessary strategies. For you to lose weight and stay in shape, it involves the right diet, regular workouts, and appropriate supplements. The three of them synergize to give you fast results. Removing any of them from the equation will add years to your efforts before you notice any considerable difference. However, this article focuses on only supplements.

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How To Choose A Local Gym

So you finally decided to get off the couch and start working out. Summer is coming up and it’s the best time to show off your body to the world. You have got to work hard for that dream body, and one of the best ways to do that is to join a gym and start pumping that iron! Choosing a gym that’s perfect for you can be a little difficult though; you’ve got to find one that’s good for your time, budget and location. Below you will find some of the important things to watch out for when you’re looking for a gym to join.

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Cricket tournaments scheduled for the remainder (second half) of 2019

With the ‘ICC Cricket World Cup 2019’ just around the corner, the cricket enthusiasts are all set to support their teams and win the virtual battle on online cricket betting sites. The third most-watched global event will be held in England’s eleven world-class venues for 46-day tournaments starting with a compelling match of England Vs South Africa on 30th May 2019. All the competitive teams will go head to head against each other to win the glorious trophy of the World Champions.

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