World Series of Poker Celebrates Golden Anniversary in 2019


The World Series of Poker, which commences on May 29th and runs until July 16th, turns 50 this year. Yes, the ultimate pinnacle and pantheon for poker players everywhere on Earth celebrates its golden anniversary at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas; where it’s been staged every year since 2005.

It’s all capped off by the 2019 World Series of Poker main event- the poker’s world championship, which runs from July 3rd until the final day on July 16th. For those who can’t make it to Vegas, the ESPN family of networks will televise portions of it, every single night of the event’s duration.

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Chelsea FC News: Transfer Ban Appeal, “Final Whistle on Hate” Match

chelsea fc

It’s a big news day for Chelsea FC, with the club making a couple of major announcements within the past 24 hours. Yesterday, we learned the date and the official marketing title of the friendly that Chelsea will stage at the New England Revolution with the purposes of combating Anti-Semitism.

Today, we saw Chelsea formally announce their appeal of the transfer ban FIFA imposed on them late last month.

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Six Popular Online Themed Casino Games

casino slots

By Corey Bradford

You do it, your friends do it, and most likely everyone else in your circles does it from time to time. Gambling is one of life’s greatest joys. It’s pure untamed fun, and it doesn’t hurt that you can get some cash when you got at it, too. Still, while money is one of the most important reasons people gamble for, for others it’s not really about the money. Many are in it for the excitement, and gambling is exciting.

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How to Encourage a Reluctant Child to Like Sports

sports betting

By Jason Verduzco

You’re not sure how it happened. Despite having the football game on every Sunday and offering to take them outside to play catch when they were little, you find yourself raising a child who absolutely hates sports. When other children fake a stomach ache to get out of a test, your kid fakes it to get out of gym class.

They read at recess instead of playing on the playground. You have to shoo them out of the house to get them fresh air. And while you love your kid, you also worry about their health when they’re not getting exercise and about their social life when they don’t understand the basics of sports.

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Free £5 Casino Bonus

By Bill Burke

When a player registers in an online casino and wishes to play for the first time, he sometimes has the opportunity to benefit from a promotion put forward by a rare number of operators: a free £5 no deposit bonus.

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Casino Apps Are Both the Present and the Future of Sports Wagering


Mobile gaming numbers are ramping up all across the world, conveying just how much players prefer the convenience of gambling on the go versus being tethered to their desktop and/or laptop. Sports betting content is is also driving traffic growth for websites in the tech, sports and business spaces.

With this new landscape in place, the number of casino apps in the marketplace is expected to grow at an extreme multiple.

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What Makes the Cheltenham Gold Cup Special

By Joe Plunkett

With the Cheltenham Gold Cup just over a fortnight away, excitement continues to build within the National Hunt racing community and there’s no little sense of relief either after the recent outbreak of equine flu had threatened to badly affect the world’s best chase race.

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Help Free the New York Knicks: The Declaration of Knickdependence


By Nick Coker

Occasionally turning points occur in human history that will permanently alter the course of the future. Whether these occurrences are improbable weather events, technological advancements, conflict or diseases that incur untold casualties  – things that once were considered impossible or non-existent occur or come to life and have such an impact that our very understanding of the way the world works and what is possible, changes forever.

Nicholas Taleb coined these moments ‘Black Swans’ for the black swans discovered on the west coast of Australia. Prior to their discovery the prevailing thought was that only white swans existed.

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Jose Mourinho Talks Job-Hunting, Eden Hazard’s Future and Kepa’s Fuss


By Gary Scott

Jose Mourinho, who was sacked by Manchester United last December, firmly believes his football coaching career isn’t over yet. The controversial tactician recently had an opportunity to address his managerial future while working as a studio analyst for DAZN España during their coverage of the Carabao Cup.    

Mourinho, 56, is currently a free agent after he parted ways with the Red Devils. Under his tutelage, Man United won the EFL and Europa League Cup titles in his first season but the club dramatically underperformed during the 2018-19 season, leading to his dismissal.

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Things To Do When Bored And With Some Money To Spend

dinner party

By Corey Bradford

Boredom can be really frustrating especially when you are used to a hectic schedule. But while it’s okay to feel this way sometimes, you might eventually detest free time if this becomes a habit. So why not make use of this free yet boring time to do something exciting?

It gets even better if you’re willing to spend some cash. Does this sound like a good idea to you? If yes, then today’s article is for you.

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UK Teaching Visas: What You Need to Know

By John O’Leary

Choosing to teach abroad is a fantastic way to support yourself while living abroad for a short period of time. You get to interface with local students and teach them a marketable skill while also learning and living in a foreign country. In the end, many people walk away from their overseas teaching positions happier and more well-rounded people because of it.

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LGWS #9 Podcast: 1994-95 Northwestern Basketball Point Shaving Scandal

The 1994-95 Northwestern basketball team went 5-22, and yes, they were just as bad as their record indicates. That’s not why we’re talking about them today though, a quarter-century later. Two of their players ended up doing prison time for fraud after their point shaving activities were uncovered.

Yes, two members of that Northwestern Wildcats team were purposefully trying to lose by even more, in an effort to make money by helping NU lose by more points than the gambling spread in three Big Ten games that season. Let’s Get Weird, Sports episode 9 is a short podcast, we filled it out with an extra Northwestern story towards the end that you’ll want to hear.

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