Playing Basketball at Home Like A Pro



Do you love playing basketball? Have you stayed away from playing pickup basketball with friends or strangers for fear of contracting Covid-19? You are not alone. Many countries around the world suspended youth sports activities such as playing basketball in a bid to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

However, this does not mean that you should stop playing your favorite game completely. With a little creativity, you can still stay active and enjoy your basketball game in the comfort of your home. 

Here are three tips for playing basketball at home like a pro. 

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  1. Get the Perfect Hoop for Your Home

If you and your family love to play basketball, a basketball hoop can be one of the most cherished parts of your home. But before you go out to shop for a basketball hoop, you must take into account several factors such as the hoop location, height adjustment, and backboard material. 

You should also consider the frequency of use so that you choose the right quality from the beginning and avoid problems in the future. Check out this list of best driveway basketball hoops in the market today and see which one will perfectly match your budget. Remember, getting a high-quality basketball hoop for a little bit more can provide added benefits that you and your children will enjoy for a lifetime. 


  1. Get in Shape

Once you have installed the perfect basketball hoop for your home, the next thing you need to do is to get in shape. Basketball is physically challenging and therefore you should train your body to be in the best condition possible. 

When you are in good shape, your stamina will improve and this will reduce the chances of getting injured. You can start by running a few miles every morning to improve your cardiovascular fitness and before you know it, your flexibility and agility to play basketball will improve significantly. 

  1. Practice Practice Practice

If you want to become a basketball pro you must remember that there is no substitute for practice. You will only achieve success by working hard and honing your dribbling, shooting, and passing skills.

Create a daily practice schedule and strive to stick to it. If you are a beginner, start by mastering the basics of basketball. Check out websites that offer free training from professional coaches. 

Spend time dribbling the basketball. Push your limits by dribbling faster and harder until you gain mastery of the game. Practice dribbling with your weak hand as well and always keep your head up so that you can see everything that is going on around you. You should also practice how to dribble with your fingertips. with time and consistent practice, you will be dribbling like a professional basketball player. 


When it comes to shooting, only practice will make it perfect. Make sure that you never miss a shot that is undefended. Your body should be perfectly balanced before you make a shot. Secondly, keep your eyes on the basket as you release the ball. Your elbows should always be in towards your body when you are making the shoot. 

In the evening, when you are done playing, take time to watch other players, especially professional basketball players, and learn the finer skills of the game such as defensive and attacking tactics. 


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