Top 10 Interesting Sports Facts

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Each of us is connected with sports in one way or another: someone is doing sports at home; someone is performing at a professional level. And there is also an army of those who follow the athletes and their achievements from the outside. Nevertheless, some moments still remain a mystery for many. Let’s check the most interesting facts about sports.

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The most-watched sports in the world right now 

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As an all-around entertainment package, watching sport is one of the biggest and best options for the world’s population. Fans regularly tune in to watch Champions League matches and attend live match-ups in the UFC, with sport arguably more accessible than ever before. In fact, people are able to follow the events as they unfold using more devices than previously, with some turning to sophisticated smart televisions to keep tabs on the rugby scores, while others use the powerful miniature mobile phones we all own to stream live basketball games. 

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Miro Heiskanen on his way to receive the Norris Trophy

It’s been almost a month into the NHL season, and we already see the Finnish player Miro Heiskanen as the future champion of the Norris Trophy (the best defenseman). The defender has always shown that since joining the Dallas Stars at age 19 in 2018. 

The 22-year-old who recently extended his contract with the Dallas Stars for the 2028-2029 season is showing he can be ready to accept that trophy this season. Now, with his long-term extended contract in place, he has managed to focus solely on his time and play at a high level for the Dallas team.

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Blackhawks Dynasty Still Legit, Despite Being Forever Tainted


The Chicago Blackhawks, during the 2010s, became America’s Team for hockey; there is no denying it. Toiling in obscurity until 2008, when former owner Bill Wirtz died, and his son Rocky took over, they became a classic “started from the bottom now we here” kind of story.

Perennial losers, going nowhere for decades, they then built a dynasty, culminating with Stanley Cup titles in 2010, 2013 and 2015. However, this month we learned that all of this glory came at a tremendous cost- completely selling their soul, and covering up whatever heinous acts took place within their organ-I-zation.

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2021 NHL Mock Draft Update 7-22-21 Final

The National Hockey League Draft is July 23. Welcome to our first 2021 NHL mock draft, team needs have not been taken into account at this time. Some player descriptions have been filled out, but the others will be completed at a later date.

Far as we know, we’re the only mom and pop shop, small business style site on the whole world wide web that does a mock draft for all four major American sports. Here’s the links to the latest mocks for the NBA, MLB and NFL.

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Betway named an official online sports betting partner of NHL in U.S.

2015 nhl mock draft

Americans are anxiously waiting for the moment when online sports betting will once again be legal nationwide. In anticipation of that glorious moment, online bookmakers are applying for licenses that will grant them access to the local market. Betway is a leading bookmaker with an impeccable track record on the international stage. When you make a bid to become the Official Sports Betting Partner of the NHL, the National Hockey League was happy to accept.

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New York Islanders Legends Reflect on Lessons Learned from Dynasty Days

Between 1980 and 1984, the New York Islanders achieved 19 consecutive playoff series victories. Imagine the prospect of a franchise achieving that these days in the NHL or NBA. If it sounds unfathomable that’s because this feat is unparalleled, as the Islanders are the last team in any major professional North American sport to win four consecutive championships.

There are numerous club legends established during the dynasty era, and it includes the likes Clark Gillies and Bobby Nystrom. Gillies, a Hockey Hall of Famer and Nystrom, one of the most clutch players of all time, provided a deep dive on details of the dynasty days in an exclusive interview wth Betway Insider.

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What Is The History Of Field Hockey & Ice Hockey & Using Gloves?


The main goal of both the game of field hockey and ice hockey is to shoot a physical object into their adversary’s net. The objective of the game of field hockey and ice hockey may be the same but there is a huge difference in how each game is played. The physical conditions of each game are different as well as the object used, number of players, the net, and the total time each game is played. A similarity is that both games require players to wear gloves, that can be purchased at

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Late Bloomer Jeff Petry Develops into NHL Star

“Jeff Petry” by NHL is licensed under CC BY 3.0 

Jeff Petry is living proof that you don’t need to specialize in a sport at a young age, or even be playing for a travel team in that sport from your early years of competition in order to become an elite-level athlete in that sport. 

Well into his teens, Petry was still playing high school hockey in his native Michigan. Due to his background – his father Dan Petry was a major league pitcher who won a World Series with the 1984 Detroit Tigers – Jeff was as much involved in baseball as he was in hockey. 

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7 Most Famous Canadian Sports Team Owners

Team Canada Hockey

Canada is home to some of the most prolific and influential sports team owners contributing significantly to the country’s success in sporting activities. They own teams in the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Most Canadian sports team owners are the country’s top billionaires. These individuals have invested millions of dollars in their teams in the form of paying the players. They also have the mandate to build stadiums and training centers for their teams.

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Canada defeats Russia 5-0 in the semifinals of the 2021 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships

Team Canada Hockey

Russia vs Canada is a match that is eagerly awaited at any international tournament. At the 2021 World Junior Championships, fate brought together two principal rivals at the semi-final stage, and this was the sixth time in the history of the tournament when the Russians and the Canadians among themselves determined the participant of the meeting for gold.  [Read more…]

Popular Sports to Bet on in Canada in 2021

Team Canada Hockey

If you are a sports fan, and you have an interest in betting on sports in Canada, we’ve got the perfect post for you right here. As you may already know, sports betting is becoming pretty popular in Canada, but to get the best taste of the action, you need to know what sports to bet on in the first place. That’s precisely what we’ve focused on through this quick article, and we will be guiding you on where to make your bets, what teams to focus on, and so much more! So with that said, let’s get started with the first sport that you should be looking to bet on.

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