Memphis Depay Admits He’s Got to Prove Himself at MUFC


memphis depay

Manchester United Manager at the time Louis van Gaal dropped his fellow countryman, Winger Memphis Depay the night before the FA Cup Final in London at the national stadium. This decision had a two fold result. On one hand, it was a last laugh for LVG, on a player that he often bench. Secondly, it might have served as a wake up call for Depay.

The leading scorer in the Dutch Eredivisie, Depay came to United with big expectations on a big money contract a year ago. He didn’t come remotely close to living up to the hype. He now recalls his first season at Old Trafford; in a slightly more rose colored manner than most people would describe it.

memphis depay

“It’s not been a bad year, but it’s not been a good year,” Depay told Unscriptd: “It’s been right there in the middle. I have more expectations from myself and the fans as well, that’s normal.”

“It’s been new for me, this season, to play in the Premier League. The experience that I get this season is important, also the things I have to deal with.”

Depay said earlier this week that he knows he must prove himself again under the new manager Jose Mourinho. However, he also said that he believes his place in the side is secure. 

One of the biggest flops of the season, if not the biggest flop, Depay was named to several publications worst XI teams.  He didn’t score much, and when he did it wasn’t often in the Premier League. An overwhelming majority of Memphis Depay goals came against much lesser opponents in other competitions.


“Sometimes I’ve made a mistake or I haven’t played good for a game and you get put on the bench. It’s new for me as well,” he said.

“Last season [with PSV] I was playing and I was scoring every game and this season it’s 50-50. I have some games on the bench for 90 minutes. That’s new and it’s hard. Of course it [upset me] to be honest, sometimes.

“But you need to keep going and keep believing in yourself because you are the first person who must believe in yourself. No matter what, you have to always keep your chest out. Sometimes it’s hard, it’s really hard.”


“But I’m still young, 22. If you believe in something that you can achieve, I think you will make it if you put everything into it. That’s my motto: dream, believe, achieve. I don’t want to give up on anything.”

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    allow ashley to play via left wing not as adefender.

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    with a lot of millions.depay is a future star time is what he need, Mr coach please give him time.

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