Atom and Humber, Alexis Sanchez’s Dogs, Have Lots of Man United Gear


atom and humber

The Alexis Sanchez and Henrikh Mkhitaryan swap deal between Manchester United and Arsenal was finalized over the weekend, and announced early this week. However, it wasn’t really complete until Atom and Humber, Sanchez’s pet dogs, had also completed the switch.

By what we’ve seen on social media the past couple days, the two excessively cute golden retrievers have also completed their transfer.

Atom and Humber have their own official Instagram page, and over the past two days Sanchez has posted photos of the two canines sporting Manchester United shirts, scarves and jackets.


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Atom and Humber really hit the doggy jackpot in terms of who they landed as an owner and caretaker. Alexis consistently showers love and attention on his two pets, who are now living as luxuriously as possible. Sanchez, and of course Atom and Humber, have temporarily moved into The Lowry, the five star hotel where United manager Jose Mourinho lives.

The Riverside suites where they live which typically cost guests an average of £816 a night.

In case you were wondering how Atom and Humber got their names, well the Gunners’ official page explains.

“Atom is one of the characters in a movie called Real Steel,” Sanchez told

“Atom the robot is very old and apparently useless but when he starts fighting he beats the best robots in the world. I like the movie so much that I thought I would call my first dog Atom. My other dog Humber reminds me of my brother Humberto. My brother is a very sweet guy, just like Humber is. I just had the idea of creating an Instagram account for them so people could follow what they do. The thing is both became famous in Chile after starring in Master Dog’s advert.”

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