Best Sporting Activities For Dogs With Hip Dysplasia


Hip dysplasia is a common joint problem in a dog wherein their ball-and-socket joints do not fit in properly or might not get fully developed. This condition results in a grinding problem between the ball and the socket which prevents them from sliding smoothly. Over time, this condition deteriorates and joint eventually loses its functionality.   [Read more…]

Ex-Liverpool Striker Daniel Sturridge Offers Big Reward for Stolen Dog

daniel sturridge

Former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is still without a team for the upcoming season, and now he’s also without his dog, Lucci. Sturridge, who has been linked with a move to Aston Villa, has confirmed that his adorable pet Pomeranian puppy was stolen after his West Hollywood home was burglarized late last night.

Sturridge said his dog, as well as a number of bags, were taken from his home while he was out for a couple hours just before midnight. The former England international posted photos of Lucci on his social media, where he made an urgent, emotional plea for help in his quest to get his best friend back.

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Animal Instagram Accounts: Better than All Other Social Media Combined

horst the hero

Every time I say this to people I expect them to look at me like I’m a complete nut bar and totally disagree, but instead they verify my thesis: Animal Instagram accounts are by far the best types of social media accounts going these days. I would take it a step farther, and say that animal Instagram accounts are better than all types of social media profiles combined!

How did we get here? Well, you can read up the rest of our series on the ills of social media video post at the following links- Facebook, Twitter, smart phone addiction, social media’s adverse affects on Generation X at a disproportionate scale.

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Clark the Bald Eagle Won the Cotton Bowl Before the Game Even Kicked Off

clark the bald eagle

As we head towards halftime of the 83rd Cotton Bowl Classic, the #2 Clemson Tigers currently lead the #3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 9-3. Although the final outcome is still very much in question, we still have some definitive winners on the day. Clark the Bald Eagle (not to be confused with Clark the Cubs pantsless mascot) soared and circled through the interior of AT&T Stadium just before kickoff; landing on a couple of lucky fans.

Or perhaps not so lucky, depending on what your opinion of birds and animals are. We can’t think of any state that is more ‘Merica! than Texas, and there’s nothing more Merica! than a bald eagle. And no this was not scripted.

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United Midfielder Paul Pogba Races Tortoise in Dubai (Video)

paul pogba

Happy international break everyone! Manchester United and France star Paul Pogba was released from national team duty at the beginning of last week due to a minor injury. He’s expected to be fit for action when United resume their season this weekend, but in the meantime he’s on holiday in Dubai.

Part of that vacation has included his race against a tortoise, which pokes fun at his infamous penalty walk-up. He posted the video with the giant turtle on his official Instagram account and caption the clip with “Pogba penalty run vs turtle…I’m not THAT slow  #winner #race #dubai

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Jose Canseco Has Been Killing in on Twitter Lately

Back in late February, where we scheduled to have a phone interview with legendary former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco, but the publicist who was working to promote his Renegades show, with Jim McMahon and Terrell Owens, in Las Vegas totally dropped the ball.

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Alex Morgan Unveils Adorable New Rescue Dog (Video, Photo)

alex morgan

“You’re my boy Blue!” is a catch-phrase you know very well from the 2003 comedy Old School. It’s also a sentiment echoed by Alex Morgan, who unveiled her adorable adopted dog Blue in a PETA public service announcement published today.

The face of the USWNT is spreading the message that rescuing animals from a shelter, instead of shopping for a pet, is the best and most benevolent option. The World Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist’s People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals spot is embedded below:

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USC, Lions Legend Rodney Peete Talks Kitten Bowl, New Reality Show (Exclusive)

rodney peete

USC Trojans and Detroit Lions legend Rodney Peete (@RodneyPeete9 on Twitter) is one of three celebrities doing color commentary for Kitten Bowl V tomorrow. The co-host of Roggin and Rodney (@rogginandrodney) on AM 570 Los Angeles (@AM570LASports), M-F noon-2, once played for the Philadephia Eagles, and his wife, actress Holly Robinson Peete, is from Philly, so the Peetes will be pulling for Eagles in Super Bowl 52.

Rodney Peete was gracious enough to grant us an exclusive interview ahead of the Kitten Bowl, and in addition to that event, we talked several other topics including his new reality show premiering on Hallmark Channel, his Chicago Bears family connections, the battles against the Michigan State Spartans and UCLA Bruins during his USC days and much much more.

kitten bowl v

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Kitten Bowl V Preview: Rodney Peete, Dean Cain to Do Color Commentary

kitten bowl

You’ve already seen a zillion Super Bowl LII preview stories, and you’ll see a zillion more between now and Sunday. How many Kitten Bowl preview articles have you come across though? Well, I hope there will eventually will be a lot of them because Kitten Bowl is about a cause that is as noble as it gets- adopting shelter pets.

Kitten Bowl V is part of Hallmark Channel’s Adoption Ever After pet initiative, spotlighting the plight of homeless animals and the joy that the adopted pets bring into the forever homes.

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Atom and Humber, Alexis Sanchez’s Dogs, Have Lots of Man United Gear

atom and humber

The Alexis Sanchez and Henrikh Mkhitaryan swap deal between Manchester United and Arsenal was finalized over the weekend, and announced early this week. However, it wasn’t really complete until Atom and Humber, Sanchez’s pet dogs, had also completed the switch.

By what we’ve seen on social media the past couple days, the two excessively cute golden retrievers have also completed their transfer.

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Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard Feed White Tiger Cub in Dubai (Video)

paul pogba tiger cub

Manchester United stars Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard had quite an amazing experience as they said goodbye to Dubai. Few visitors to the capital city of the United Arab Emirates get to do something like this. United came to Dubai this week for three days of training in the warm weather. They returned to England on Friday, with their next game coming Monday night against Stoke City in Premier League action.

Before jetting home, Pogba and Lingard met a white tiger cub and fed him from his bottle. Lingard posted an Instagram story with the baby big cat, as they gave the adorable little predator his milk.

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PetPlan Puppies Picked NFL Winners at 70% Clip Last Year

petplan puppies

Another NFL season kicks off tonight and, just like in most recent seasons, the news cycle surrounding the league has been very dark and gloomy. If you need some more light hearted NFL news, then I suggest you take a look at the PetPlan pup-nosticators.

Yes, what’s better to deliver you from gloom and doom news, then puppies! Puppies that also actually do better at picking NFL winners than the so-called “experts.”

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