Jurgen Klopp Compares Liverpool to Rocky, Manchester City to Ivan Drago


Rocky Balboa ended the Cold War

There are many fans of the Rocky movie franchise who believe that part IV was the best film in the series, as it most easily lends itself to the classic David vs. Goliath motif. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is only the latest sports figure to reference the classic tale from 1987 of the American Rocky Balboa (portrayed by Sylvester Stallone) upsetting the heavily favored Soviet Ivan Drago (played by Dolph Lundgren) in Moscow on Christmas Eve.

Rocky is more than a series of sports films, it’s a vital part of the tourist economy in the city of Philadelphia.

And Rocky IV was more than just an ’80s action film, it was a surface level, simplified attempt to explain the Cold War. Klopp, in looking at the 25 point gap that his side needs to close on the reigning champions Manchester City, analogized his club to Rocky and City to Drago.

“I know a lot of people because we were that active in the transfer window. That’s all part of the business, but it doesn’t decide anything,” Klopp said about his club’s blockbuster summer transfer window, which has drawn widespread praise.

“We want to — that’s clear for ages — be the champion of England or winning the league, but how could we say that, what about the other clubs? The champions are Manchester City,” Jurgen Klopp continued.

“They didn’t lose any player. They brought in [Riyad] Mahrez, so that doesn’t make them weaker. So they are top quality. We are still Rocky Balboa and not Ivan Drago. We cannot be. How? We are the ones that have to do more, to fight more, to do all these things. That must be our attitude.”


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“We didn’t reach anything so far. We were in finals. Do we go to finals again? Yes, we should try to win it this time.”

“In the league it’s exactly the same.”

“In the moment, it’s nothing. It’s like scientists without trying if it really works. We have to be like ‘Rocky’.”

While the book makers still have City as extremely heavy favorites to repeat as league title champions, Liverpool have the second most favorable championship odds, and by a pretty wide margin.

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