Jurgen Klopp Compares Liverpool to Rocky, Manchester City to Ivan Drago

Rocky Balboa ended the Cold War

There are many fans of the Rocky movie franchise who believe that part IV was the best film in the series, as it most easily lends itself to the classic David vs. Goliath motif. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is only the latest sports figure to reference the classic tale from 1987 of the American Rocky Balboa (portrayed by Sylvester Stallone) upsetting the heavily favored Soviet Ivan Drago (played by Dolph Lundgren) in Moscow on Christmas Eve.

Rocky is more than a series of sports films, it’s a vital part of the tourist economy in the city of Philadelphia.
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UFC 229 and 230 Starting to take Shape


By Patrick Pearse

It looks like October and November will be stunning months for fans of the Mixed Martial Arts. UFC will be holding two events: UFC 229 in Las Vegas and the UFC 230 card at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Big shows need main events but as of yet nothing has been confirmed. However, the rumor mill is currently working overtime. UFC 229 seems to be heading towards the return to the Octagon of Conor McGregor and one heck of a grudge fight against current UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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Kendall Gill on the Chicago Bulls NBA Draft, Illini Hoops (EXCLUSIVE)


Fighting Illini legend and former Chicago Bull Kendall Gill just turned 50 a couple weeks ago, but he’s in as phenomenal physical shape as he’s ever been. Boxing is a big reason why, and Gill was going to box the day after we caught up to him- at the second annual Illini Athletics Hall of Fame gala. If you’re into boxing, and need a new heavy bag, see more about them at this product review site. Boxing is one of the best cardio activities that one can partake in. 

 “It’s one of my main workouts, it keeps me in good shape,” Gill told The Sports Bank during our exclusive interview, conducted at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

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A number of exciting boxing bouts are on the horizon


By Joe Plunkett

Boxing is going through a great period, after a stinker of a campaign last year. We saw a calendar that was dominated by a fight which was not even really boxing. Floyd Mayweather took on Conor McGregor and it was a total joke of an occasion. McGregor performed better than expected but putting an amateur up against a professional was never going to give us a real fight to enjoy, let alone a special occasion that showed just how great boxing could be. No, it was everything that is wrong with modern sport. Money over quality, spectacle over spectators and greed over a good time.

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Exciting upcoming events that you have to watch

anthony joshua

By Joe Plunkett

There is so much to choose from in sports viewing options nowadays that it can be very easy to miss something you would have loved to have watched. Just open up the paper and have a look in the sports section, and you will realize just how many sports we have access to now. If you have a package like Sky Sports or BT, then it’s even harder to keep up with what you should be watching.

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Tonya Harding Tries Censoring Media, Continues Mishandling Success


Tonya Harding is the absolute epitome of a classic sports motif, because she just can’t handle success at all. Harding, a sympathetic figure in some ways, is not a sympathetic figure in many other ways because she is simply her own worst enemy. Tonya has had a lot of bad luck, but her really poor decision making, and the most critical of times, is what always seems to do her in.

This month has seen the release of the must see film “I, Tonya” and with it a Hollywood hit that portrays her in a much sympathetic light than the media ever did. You also had the ABC primetime special “Truth and Lies: the Tonya Harding Story,” which gave her a gigantic megaphone with which to tell her own side of the story.

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Is Major League Sport Ready to Take Hold in Vegas?


By John O’Leary

Over the decades, Las Vegas has become famous for many things but major league sport hasn’t been one of them. However, the signs are that this is all about to change and, indeed, it has already started to with the arrival of the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team. Now ice hockey may seem like an unlikely sport for a city where the average October daytime temperature is over 80o F but the team has already started to make itself at home at the T-Mobile Stadium enjoying a record-breaking run of wins for an inaugural season.

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Anthony Joshua Favored to Win SPOTY as Well as Bout with Takam

anthony joshua

Undefeated heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua will take on challenger Carlos Takam tomorrow night in heavily anticipated fight being held in Cardiff City, Wales. Joshua is heavily favored to win the bout, but he’s also a strong odds-on favorite to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, or SPOTY.

This prestigious title is a position he has held ever since he vanquished the mighty Wladimir Klitschko in front of 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium this past April.

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Heavy Underdog Carlos Takam Looks to Challenge Anthony Joshua

carlos takam

Carlos Takam is the next challenger to take on undefeated heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. Takam brings a fresh challenge to Joshua, given his very extensive and extremely accomplished amateur pedigree. He has 35 wins against just three losses under his belt, in what has been a glorious career within the professional ranks.

Takam has held multiple boxing titles under separate organizations, and if he earns a world title, he will have pretty much then accomplished everything there is to achieve in the sport.

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Rocky and Rocky Steps in Philadelphia Are Very Aggressively Marketed


The most well known boxer in American history is probably a fictional one- Rocky Balboa. And among all the world famous historical sites in the city of Philadelphia, the Rocky Steps, originate from a movie; not real life.

Yes, they are truly called the Rocky Steps, and there are 77 of them from street level to the plain upon one enters the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Despite the 90 degree heat, I ran them twice this past Sunday.

Here’s the proof:

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