Tim Tebow Media Coverage, Public Faith Greatest Hits Collection



Resistance is futile. Especially at this point, when ESPN devoted an entire SportsCenter to Tim Tebow; making a Tebow reference literally every 18 seconds. As poignant as song lyrics could ever be. Green Day “American Idiot”….”don’t want to be an American idiot, one nation controlled by the media.”

As a New England Patriots fan, well…I guess whatever gives Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker and company an extra edge. They’re certainly flying under the radar today, even though their a heavy favorite in the NFL playoffs!

So let’s get to the point and run down all the Tebow pieces we’ve been forced to do. (It’s like covering the Amy Winehouse death, you don’t want to do it, but as a business man you’re a complete schmuck if you don’t).

So let’s talk media-whoring and annoying displays of public faith! Greatest hits after the jump


Why this is all the fault of the media whoring him, and the defenses that have bailed Tebow out in Florida and Denver

43% of Americans believe Tebow is winning because of divine intervention. Which means 57% of Americans aren’t currently wearing tin foil hats

NFL Network Michael Irvin literally calls Tebow the son of Man on tv (what an objective journalist!)

Speaking of objective journalism, video of Skip Bayless slurping Tebow set to auto-tune

Charles Barkley speaks up about the insanity

Barkley speaks up for the first time on this Tebow mania!

A brief history of other NFL players who were just as vocal, if not more, in expressing their faith

Tebow’s pastor saying something about God actually caring who wins a football game, and acting on it

Video of Saturday Night Live in which Jesus himself appears to Tebow and asks Tim to stop relying on him to get things done

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