Skip Bayless Unprofessional Tim Tebow Worship Set to Music (Video)



I’ve always said that Skip Bayless is to sports what Ann Coulter is to politics- just a loud mouth, idiot who publicly adopts positions that no sane, rational person could ever take. All in the sake of fame whoring. If you’re masochistic enough to watch ESPN First Take (a dumbed down version of an already very dumb show, Cold Pizza) or follow Skip Bayless’ Twitter account these past few months, you’ll see that Bayless isn’t exactly out on an island on one issue. That would be Tim Tebow, the most polarizing figure in sports today.

Bayless is right in lockstep with the rest of the lamestream media that SLURP Tebow constantly. In fact he might be the worst offender of all. The whole DJ Khaled “All he does is win!” crap is really getting out of control, and extremely unprofessional.

Shout out to DJ Steve Porter and h/t to Awful Announcing

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