Poll: 43% of Americans Believe Tim Tebow Success Comes From Divine Intervention



As coverage of Tim Tebow threatens to take over all television networks and overload all web servers, a company called Poll Position wanted to know how many Americans believe divine intervention is at least partly responsible for the success of the controversial Denver Broncos quarterback.

After Tebow led the Broncos to an OT playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh attributed the victory to divine intervention in favor of Tebow, triggering a discussion about whether God took sides in the game. (And you know if Rush says it….because talking about Tebow isn’t polarizing enough, we had to throw Limbaugh in this as well)


The poll asked Americans if they are aware of the success of Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow and (Among those aware of Tebow’s success) if they believe that any of Tim Tebow’s success can be attributed to divine intervention.

Seventy percent of respondents said they knew of Tebow’s success, 15% said they hadn’t and 16% expressed no opinion on the question. Only 70% have heard of his success? Really? So 30% literally live under a rock and in a cave? Seriously?

Among those aware of the Tebow phenomenon, 43% said they believed divine intervention was at least partly responsible for his success. Forty-two percent disagreed, and 14% expressed no opinion.

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