SNL Sketch: Jesus Tells Tim Tebow, Broncos he’s Reason for Winning Streak



Right now Tim Tebow is much more than a Denver Broncos quarterback, he’s a pop culture tour de force. Everyone has an opinion on him including the writers at “Saturday Night Live.”

Last night Taran Killam played the overanxious Tebow, Andy Samberg portrayed unsung place-kicking hero Matt Prater and Jason Sudekis played the Son of Man. Big J.C. claims credit for the Broncos’ winning streak and appears in their locker room post OT win over the Chicago Bears.

The reason? To tell the Broncos it’s time for them to start winning games on their own instead of relying on Him to have to show up and save them every fourth quarter.

He also says he might not be able to make it this week versus the New England Patriots; Jesus might not be able to help them versus Tom Brady and company.

Oh, and he says what the rest of the world is thinking regarding Tebow dropping his name- TONE IT DOWN A NOTCH.

For more on why Tebow is so polarizing go here.

Here are some of Jesus’ best lines in the sketch:

“Tim’s doing his best- Dad bless him”

“I got a big birthday coming up. And what do you get the man who’s sacrificed everything?”

“By the way, Mormonism- all true, every last word of it.”

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