How to Increase Preseason Attendance in the NFL


The Detroit Lions completed their preseason play with a victory over the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have had some issues selling tickets since their glory years of twenty years ago. If you were able to view any of that game, it was hard not to notice all of the vacant seats that outlined the playing field. I have some ideas on how team owners could fill these stadiums.

The teams could have postgame concerts. The Anaheim Angels have utilized this effectively by bringing in top recording artists such as Ne-Yo and Dierks Bentley. Music could bring in some new fans who could be convinced to make return visits if they enjoy their experience. It is no secret that alcohol is free flowing at most concerts. Ownership could take home a sizable chunk of change at around eight dollars a beer and even more for mixed drinks.

As every parent knows when he checks his credit card bill, it is back to school time for students all over the country. It would be possible to relate the sales of jerseys and other team apparel with preseason tickets. This would increase sales of the clothing and merchandise because of the chance to attend a game. Why not throw in two upper deck end zone tickets for every jersey that is sold? It wouldn’t work for every team because of previous sales, but for teams like the Jaguars it is a creative option.

Speaking of school starting up, the teams could offer an honor roll program. Dropout rates all over the country are a cause for concern. The team could foster academic achievement by giving a free ticket to any student who shows that he was on the “A” or “B” honor roll last school year. It would assist in sales as well because they are going to bring their friends or parents with them.

Minor League Baseball does a tremendous job with marketing. Their giveaways and promotions provide some tremendous ideas for other leagues to borrow. Teams could provide eighty memorable giveaways of extreme value to the fans, but of no cost to the team. Postgame meet and greet opportunities would be an incentive for fans to attend preseason games and it would only take a few minutes of the players’ time. The seat locations could simply be picked at random and placed on the big screen.

Police and firefighters should be provided a free ticket with their identification. It could provide some extra security in the facility at no additional cost. These gentlemen are often sports fans and could use a pat on the back after many of them have taken salary hits in recent years in their municipalities. The female fans might enjoy seeing some of the proud men who serve in these professions as well. Any time that more people attend the facility, there is a chance that ancillary revenue will increase. They are likely to buy souvenirs after they pay for parking because they have extra money from the free ticket.


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