Which NFL Team Has the Smartest Fans? Tampa Bay Buccaneers?


For many NFL fans, this week’s games are meaningless, as their favorite team has been eliminated from playoff contention. But for many of the people who support those done-after-this-week teams,  they’re still alive in a postseason of a different sort.

They’ve been going head-to-head with rival fans in a trivia showdown known as The Season. Enabled by Buzztime, The Season reflected the NFL 2011 schedule every week, pitting the opposing fan-bases of each competing team. And as you might guess, Buzztime’s The Season has a very different looking playoff picture.

So who’s undefeated and the king of trivia thus far?

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How to Increase Preseason Attendance in the NFL

The Detroit Lions completed their preseason play with a victory over the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have had some issues selling tickets since their glory years of twenty years ago. If you were able to view any of that game, it was hard not to notice all of the vacant seats that outlined the playing field. I have some ideas on how team owners could fill these stadiums.

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