Free Agency hypes start of NBA season



After one of the most publicized off-seasons in NBA history, the league’s landscape seems to have gone through a bigger face lift than Joan Rivers.

The anticipation for the start of the season has been building since Lebron and CBTV reporter Blane Harrington lit up expectations in the sunshine state, seemingly anointing the Heat the most hated team in the NBA. With Bosh and Lebron departed, the season looks bleak for former contenders Cleveland and Toronto. Dan Gilbert has made statements claiming his new life goal is to ruin Lebron James, and the mere mention of the former king of Cleveland within the city has caused riots at Indians games.

Miami’s big three will open up the season against Boston’s big three on Tuesday in a game that will feature two of the most elite teams in the Eastern Conference.

After playing together on the US national team, Lebron,Wade and Bosh are out to prove that three superstars can actually co-exist on the same team. With one ball and three players who like it in their hands, all three players are going to have to adjust their respective games. James averaged just under 30 points a game last year, Wade 27 and Bosh 24. With three elite scorers, the question remains whose team is this?

But Lebron James and Chris Bosh aren’t the only high profile stars who have made some big changes. Amare Stoudamire had a busy summer reuniting with his former coach Mike D’Antoni in New York and finding his jewish roots in Israel.

The Utah Jazz decided that they were going to pick up and move to Chicago. Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer’s exodus from the Rockies to the Windy City gives Derrick Rose a legitimate post threat to team up with Joakim Noah and Luol Deng.

With the Nuggets (barring a Carmelo Anthony trade), Mavericks, Magic, Celtics, Hawks, Spurs, Thunder and the defending champion Lakers all expected to make a strong push to make the playoffs, the NBA championship, contrary to some people’s belief, is not Miami’s to lose. While an argument can be made that Miami has the most talent, it remains to be seen whether the chemistry of the three player’s styles will mesh.

One thing is for sure, David Stern has to love the landscape change of the NBA, because this season has to be one of the most anticipated starts in recent memory.

Ethan Asofsky is a beat reporter for the Daily Illini. His profile can be seen here. He can be reached at

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