Bulls Kyle Korver Saves Life of Snapping Turtle

“I like turtles.”

the famous YouTube sensation kid who was given a “web redemption” on Tosh.0 this past season. Here’s the remix of the turtles kid.

Who says there’s no new Chicago Bulls and NBA news. We have media sensations like the heart-warming tale of Bulls two-guard Kyle Korver and his saving of a snapping turtle’s life

via A turtle, a DJ, an ex-76er, and a second chance – Philly.com.

It was Kyle Korver, an ex-76er who plays for the Chicago Bulls. Korver, a friend of Robert’s who still spends time in the area, coincidentally was driving by.

“There was blood everywhere,” Korver said in an interview. “I didn’t think [the turtle] was going to make it.”

Korver fetched a shopping bag from his SUV. Robert picked up the snapping turtle – a dangerous maneuver, Schubert later told him – and put it in the bag.

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Ohio State Buckeyes’ Jon Diebler: The Next Kyle Korver?


Say the name threebler in Ohio and just about anyone would point you to Jon Diebler.  The former Ohio State guard holds a plethora of Buckeyes’ 3-pt scoring records including the all-time OSU record for 3-pointers made and the single season record for baskets from behind the arc.

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Chicago Bulls Need More Scoring from Wings, Higher Shooting Percentage

kyle korver

Whenever you shoot 34% from the field, and 15% from behind the arc in the NBA, (as Chicago did in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals) you’re not very likely to win. And for the Chicago Bulls, it’s even harder to win when you’re taking on a team that’s more athletic and less reliant on jump shooting in the Miami Heat.

Maybe the Bulls have gotten their “bad shooting game” out of the way, and now things will get easier.

Or maybe not, in their 96-85 Game 3 loss, the Bulls shot 41% across the board, and their league leading defense allowed the Heat to go 51% from the field.

Perhaps Erik Spoelstra (who is a very underrated coach) has made proper adjustments in defending them? Lebron James and Dwyane Wade are so quick and athletic they can eliminate spacing in an instant.

“You don’t ever know if you’re all the way open. They could be seven, eight feet away and still contest your shot or block it. It does make it difficult,” said Bulls wing Kyle Korver.

“But that’s okay. It’s fun.”

By Paul M. Banks

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Chicago Bulls Looking for Game 2 Vengeance on Atlanta Hawks

luvabulls dancers

Yay. Derrick Rose won the MVP. Let’s celebrate. Yay.

Okay, time to get back to things that are actually, you know, important. Saying the Bulls laid an egg in Game one is an insult to laying eggs.

The Bulls absolutely dominated the Hawks in the regular season winning two out of three games with a margin of victory of 25.5 points. In the game they lost, the Bulls blew a double-digit lead.

The Bulls are better than the Hawks. But No one would believe that if they watched the game Monday night. So what do the Bulls need to do to rebound from their horrid performance in the series-opening game? Let’s discuss.

By: Brian McCabe

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Bulls 88, Pacers 84: Game 3 Rapid Reaction, Bulls Up 3-0


Hey look at that! A Luol Deng sighting!

The Chicago Bulls finally got a legitimate second scoring option in their 88-84 win over the Indiana Pacers, as Deng contributed 21 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. Derrick Rose FINALLY got some scoring help.

-He sure didn’t get any offense from Carlos Boozer, who scored a whopping four, on 2-10 shooting.

-We also saw tonight what happens in the playoffs when Rose has a terribly off night shooting; he was only 3-17 before making the game winning drive. The Bulls still won, despite Rose not being Rose. And the MVP-to-be still wanted the ball in crunch time to make the big play.

-Winning a game or two like this at home could be considered “stealing a win,” but all three, including one at their building- this is just the trend. You can’t really call it winning ugly any more. But you can say “breakout the brooms” on Saturday.

By Paul M. Banks

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For Chicago Bulls, what a Difference a Thibodeau Makes


People like Chicago Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau are a rare breed. Have you ever met anyone who literally made their trade their ENTIRE life? Without exaggeration, their life is actually 100% all vocation; and they choose to have zero personal life.

Thibodeau is one of the people. Basketball is his work/life, he has no distractions of a family, dating etc. (Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is the only other celebrity I can think of also fitting this bill, but I’m sure there are plenty of others).

Bulls players talk about how Coach Thibs doesn’t even go out and have social meals with people on the road. He’s all business, all the time, and last night (and in the series overall) that dedication made all the difference. Just like in game one, also with a narrow margin of victory, the added time in game prep has paid off.

By Paul M. Banks

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Bulls Show up Late; But Finally Clip Pacers in the End

Bulls Keys to Success: Chemistry, Defense, Rebounding, Depth

derrick rose bulls

Derrick Rose put on another MVP like performance. He scored 26 to lead the Chicago Bulls over the Miami Heat 93-89 Thursday night in a showdown between two of the Eastern Conference’s three top teams.

Chicago beat Miami by three at the United Center last month, and this one, with possible seeding and therefore postseason home court on the line, was just as exciting. The Heat didn’t have Lebron the first time, but his presence wasn’t enough this time either.

The Bulls bench outscored Miami 22-2 and the Heat got outrebounded 53-39 while losing for only the second time in 13 games. Both losses have come against the teams right at the top of the conference with them. Boston beat them on Feb. 13, and the Bulls now own the head-to-head tiebreaker.

By Paul M. Banks

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Kyle Korver Lights Up Bobcats; Stephen Jackson Still Trashes his Game

kyle korver

Last season the Chicago Bulls finished dead last in the NBA in three point field goal percentage. In the summer they went out and got Kyle Korver from Utah. All he did was lead the league in three point shooting percentage. Actually he broke the NBA season record for three point percentage, with a .536 eclipsing that of former Bull Steve Kerr and his .524 in 1994-95.

This year Korver’s in the top 20 in 3 pt% and the Bulls have a team have improved all the up to 12th in the league. In their 106-94 win over the Charlotte Bobcats Tuesday night, Korver went 5-5 from the field, 3-3 from distance.

But it didn’t stop Bobcats star Stephen Jackson from giving Korver’s abilities an extremely back-handed compliment that came off like a blatant insult:

By Paul M. Banks

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Bobcats Can’t Win one for MJ, Keep Positive Momentum Going

Michael Jordan

Say this for the Charlotte Bobcats, they know how to get it done against the best in the NBA. It’s the rest of the league they often find themselves struggling with. Prior to last night’s loss to the Chicago Bulls, the Bobcats had won three of five; with those three being over the Eastern Conference leading Boston Celtics, the currently fourth seeded Atlanta Hawks and the defending champion LA Lakers.

Actually, they gave the Lake Show it’s worst loss of the year, 109-89.

But in Chicago, they just couldn’t keep it going against the team with the third best record in the East; a team they had beaten twice already.

By Paul M. Banks

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Chicago Bulls Finally Get Best of Charlotte Bobcats 106-94


Tonight, the Chicago Bulls were a lot like the priests who restored Linda Blair because they were exorcising demons all over the place.

Third time the charm for beating the Charlotte Bobcats? Roger that.

Winning the first home game after a long road trip instead of falling flat in the homestand opener? Done.

Beating an inferior team that for some reason matches up really well? Check.

Defeating the team owned by His Airness at Chicago homecoming? Check mate.

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Chicago Bulls Major Player in the Eastern Conference Again

kobe bryant-derrick rose

So the Chicago Bulls didn’t get LeBron James. Or Dwyane Wade. Or later, Carmelo Anthony.

It doesn’t seem to matter.

Sitting pretty atop the NBA’s Central division at 12-8 heading into Friday’s huge 8 p.m. match-up with the Los Angeles Lakers at United Center, the Bulls should be right in the thick of things for the Eastern Conference championship despite not landing one of the biggest names in basketball in the off-season or via trade.

Let’s take a look at some things to like about Chicago:

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