FC Barcelona May Have Accidentally Leaked New Manchester United Kit



It remains to be seen whether or not this is the new Manchester United kit for 2020-21, but in all likelihood, it probably is. Typically, when new strips get out there, they ultimately prove to be the new forthcoming shirt, once the official brand reveals are staged by the club and their sportswear partner.

The fact that this kit got revealed by FC Barcelona, on their official YouTube channel, gives it more creedence. Then you have the fact that Barca deleted the video quickly, thus inviting more suspicion. However, images of the new jersey are circulating on social media, so you can take a look:

And then here you can have another look at the new strip, which employs a checkerboard style background. The design pattern harkens back to the early ’90s, and that kind of retro look is trendy right now. 1990s nostalgia, across various entertainment and pop culture products, is extremely popular right now.

In terms of reaction to this shirt, opinions seem to be a bit mixed. On Twitter, some like hate it, some hate it, and overall that may point to the new kit being pretty well received. Typically, it’s the angry and discontent who make more noise on social media, while the content so-called silent majority refrains from posting comments on the internet.

More importantly, what do you think?

It’s unique to be sure, but it’s certainly a bold look that has a lot of character, and it’s easy to see fans approving of this pretty quickly.

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