Chelsea FC Transfer Talk: Philippe Coutinho, Angel Gomes


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Chelsea FC, along with the rest of most global football, are off indefinitely, so let’s do some transfer talk instead. If there’s one thing that can survive a global pandemic, it’s transfer rumors.

We commence with a story on prodigy/whiz kid/starlet/whatever term you would apply Angel Gomes shooting down the narratives that clam he wants out of Old Trafford. The Daily Mirror reports that United have re-opened contract extension talks with Gomes, who will see his deal expire this summer. The 19-year-old midfielder is reportedly looking to stay put, and thus snub interest from Chelsea.

angel gomes

While Gomes would be a tremendous get for Chelsea, or any team for that matter, the Blues are really strong in the midfield right now, so it would be the kind of transaction that might serve as cover, or for future needs.

Elsewhere, Phillipe Coutinho made a move from Liverpool to FC Barcelona in January 18 that made him, his agent and LFC very rich, but that’s about it.

Well it also provided this brilliant YouTube parody song, of Camila Cabelo’s inescapable in late 2017 pop song “Havana.”

Watch below:

The 27-year-old, who cost the Catalan club €160 million, never lived up to the “CMS” (Coutinho-Messi-Suarez) hype and now he’s on loan at Bayern Munich for the rest of this season (if there ever is one) and the Bavarian juggernauts can reportedly have him for good, if they choose to exercise the €120m option in his contract.

Spoiler alert: they are not interested. There is another way Barca can cut their losses though. A claim in Sport says that they’ll be willing to take closer to 80 million Euro for him, with Chelsea potentially the biggest front-runner. A move like this would most likely spell the end of Willian’s stay at Chelsea, and perhaps Pedro as well.

Coutinho has been linked with several clubs in recent years, including Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur as well. Of course, big money deals like these always have a lot of moving parts, so sometimes it can be a challenge to make them happen.

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