As eSports Takes Off, eSports Media Coverage Also Booming



eSports are taking off like a rocket ship, and with it so are ancillary gaming industry businesses. These action packed eSports encounters have a high spectator value and drive a huge amount of curious fans and gamers from all around the world to watch the events unfold.

 We’re talking about millions of eSports interested fans. This activity is a gold mine for advertisers who are willing to buy prime estate for ads in order to get the right exposure to their brands. Thus, a whole lot of money is pouring into this field. 

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The current eSports gaming industry is closing in on $1.5 billion in global revenues and is experiencing a staggering 22% annual growth rate. Recent stats show Asia is the leading eSports market with over $320 million in revenue, while North America is at about $225 million, and Europe is close to $175 million.

The explosive multi-billion-dollar eSports industry is seeing a boom in both wagering and media coverage. With more eyeballs than ever on the gaming industry, more fans are showing up everywhere to both wager on it and consume news about it. Gamer World News Entertainment (GWNe) officially debuted April 25 as an ambitious new free and completely independent 24/7 multi-platform network featuring eSports and gamer news, information, entertainment and original programming exclusively dedicated to professional, competitive and casual gamers.

Said GWNe founder Gayle Dickie: “eSports is an undeniably explosive market that’s been underserved for far too long when it comes to quality news and original programming.”


“My profound gratitude to everyone on the GWNe team and our valued investors for bringing this launch about as we look forward to being the true global independent leading news source for eSports proscompetitive players, everyday gamers, fans and advertisers around the world for many, many years to come.”

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