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The popularity of podcasts continues to reach new heights. Research suggests that the declining credibility of news broadcasters have given a sudden boost to podcasts all over the globe. In 2016, there were 287 million podcast listeners globally, and the number is expected to touch 1.87 billion by 2023.

Podcasts are similar to radio broadcasts. However, they are more genre-specific and can be downloaded for listening at any time. Although various genres of podcasts are popular, there is a mass appeal of the sports-based podcasts, especially football and NBA. Are you a keen observer of football or an enthusiast who loves to listen to games podcasts? Here is a list of a few of the popular ones to quench your thirst for Football.


Undisputed Podcast

Undisputed Podcast is a daily one with an average running time of an hour. The podcast, starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, discusses various sport events of the day. Their discussion revolves around the NBA and football. While you will hear Skip Bayless talking mostly about his closeness with professionals in the past, Shannon is a delight to listen to. Both the hosts are a bit nostalgic about NBA and football but seem to bind the past and present with a single thread. On Undisputed Podcast, you will get an unfiltered, incisive, and passionate opinion about the sport. The striking factor of Undisputed Podcast are:

  • Detailed and passionate debates.
  • Frequent guest visitors, including sporting legends.
  • Have more than 1.5M subscriber base on YouTube.
  • Engages actively with the community and takes questions from the fans.

Kirk Minihane Podcast

Similar to Undisputed Podcast, it is a daily running one where America’s one of the most talented on-air personalities, Kirk Minihane in his podcast, shares some uncensored commentary on sports and many other topics. Kirk Minihane has more than 87K followers on Twitter. He has earlier worked in the corporate sector and now unleashes his wrath on an unsuspecting world (obviously a joke).

The Kirk Minihane Podcast is as blatant as any talk show can be. Kirk Minihane has recently been stuck in controversy when Mayor of Somerville, Joe Curtatone, filed a lawsuit against him and alleged for conducting a fake interview. However, the charges have been levied by a judge of Middlesex superior court.

UK Fantasy Football Show

The popularity of fantasy games is on the upsurge. If you are someone contesting in any such games, the UK Fantasy Football podcast will assist you in picking the probable lineups in advance similar to the Kirk Minihane Podcast. The show is for both virtual managers and enthusiastic players. The UK Fantasy Football Show is available on Spotify for free.tune in and picks the best line-up for your team.

Men in Blazers Podcast

It is a podcast presented in collaboration with British and American presenter duo Roger Bennett and Michael Davies. They also run a website with a similar name. Unlike, Kirk Minihane Podcast and Undisputed Podcast, Men in Blazer air weekly podcast and television show on NBCSN, where they cover the Premier League and international football. Many noted celebrities and daily show hosts join their podcast regularly. For instance, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver joined the podcast last week.

ESPN FC Podcast

If you are someone looking for an in-depth analysis of English, European and world football, ESPN FC is the best-suited podcast for you. It has a frequent and consistent release schedule. The podcast has well-known names like James Horncastle, Paolo Bandini, and Mina Rzouki frequently contributing to it.

Similar to Undisputed podcast, they discuss nostalgic subjects like Cristiano Ronaldo’s impact in the national team, whether or not Gonzalo Higuain should feel media pressure and Paul Pogba’s form in their recent episodes.


Football Weekly Podcast

Backed by one of the largest broadcasters, the Guardian, it brings football fans semi-weekly doses of news in the sport. The broadcast encapsulates analysis and observations and serves it with puns and fan-made memes related to the Premier League and beyond.

It is mainly an English podcast but covers European football leagues like La Liga, Serie A, and the Bundesliga. It is one of the most insightful and well-presented podcasts as it entrusts thoughts and insights of various Guardian sports journalists.

Football Daily Podcast

It is BBC Radio 5 live team’s podcast. The Football Daily Podcast (FDP) brings the latest football analysis and news much similar to the Kirk Minihane Podcast. Some of the presenters, at present, on the podcast are Andy Cole and Darren Fletcher. Guests like Mark Chapman and Kelly Cates have also presented the show.

The podcast discusses serious issues such as deep-rooted racism in football that exists or not, lack of a superstar in teams, etc. Notably, FDP is one of the most-listened-to podcasts and is updated very frequently.


The Spanish Football Podcast

The Guardian backs this as well. The Spanish football correspondent of the Guardian, Sid Lowe, and Spanish football commentator Phil Kitromilides, in-depth, discuss everything related to football.

The discussion is most intimate and covers things like the players who impressed them the most, their La Liga favorites and a whole lot of other things. They also discuss a lot about what’s the future for Spanish football in the domestic arena and Europe. So, if you are someone who is a well-wisher of Spanish football, head to this podcast.


Besides all these big names like Kirk Minihane podcast and Undisputed podcast, there are several smaller ones like The Football Ramble and Quickly Kevin making their space in this highly competitive market. In the success of these newer ones, social media has its impact. As mentioned earlier, podcasts are becoming more popular as they can be listened to on the move adding a whole lot of convenience. Podcasts have a personal touch with a lot of substantial information at the same time and that what the USP of it.

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