5 Indoor Motion Video Games That Help You Break A Sweat


Not all gamers would leave the couch for a few minutes of Just Dance. It has always been a good game for both hoofers and amateurs, but it does not appeal to the introverted and timid segment. Moreover, dance and fitness video games feel like exercising more than gaming, and most of us need a stronger motivation to push us into breaking a sweat.  

The gaming industry won’t survive without its gamers. It’s right for them to take part in keeping everyone on the move. With the COVID-19 forcing everyone to stay indoors, sedentary gaming and remote jobs took away the few minutes we allotted for brisk walks, grocery shopping, Pokémon Go, and running whenever we’re late for work. So how can tech companies who advocate for a healthier lifestyle steal us back from our idle sessions?

If you are in a quest to find these fun motion games that double as workouts, we compiled some of the best available simulations, VRs, and other games for you. With these, you burn calories without the feeling of doing a chore that is a workout!

Beat Saber For The Force Believer

The first entry is an intense VR motion game for anyone fond of lightsabers. Beat Saber sends its players dicing, slicing, and dodging through a series of rhythm-based blocks with the help of two laser swords. The beat and the pump force you (pun intended) to unwarily move at a pace equal to that of a high-intensity workout, so you’ll definitely sweat while training to become a galaxy warrior. Available in the Steam marketplace.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard For The Courageous Die-Hard

Fans of horror and the RE franchise, time to level-up the game and experience the thrill like a true S.T.A.R.S. member. This installment is not for the faint-hearted and not for someone who gets motion sickness easily when playing VR games. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the total package for an immersive gamer. You’ll surely sweat out from aiming a gun and the terrific, heart-pounding uproars of the gameplay.

Guitar Hero For The Rockstar Fellow

It only takes a few picks and songs before you realize that you’re sweating a lot. While it doesn’t make you a rockstar overnight, you’ll learn about the basic guitar fundamentals. If you have a vision of playing a cool guitar someday in front of an audience, maybe Guitar Hero triples as a fun, comprehensive, and hyperactive game for you.

Gorn For The Battleground Greenhorn

If you want lighter scenes than RE 7: Biohazard with a cartoony vibe and a bit of gore included, Gorn seems to be the perfect motion game for you. Players get thrown into an arena of gladiators to battle it out with an array of ranged and melee weapons. It’s so entertaining that you won’t notice the sweat and your muscles becoming sore from hours of flailing and bashing.

Mevo + For The Golf Enthusiast

An excellent simulator game facilitates a balance of player engagement and a higher level of realism. Mevo + allows every player to experience incredibly realistic gameplay with its highly accurate and extensively tested doppler radar-based systems. 

With Flightscope technology, the virtual golf experience is the most realistic ever. The system boasts a precise manner of measuring the launch and flight of balls and the club’s swing. This is the same tech used by other top-notch sports simulation game, though Mevo + is the most accurate and satisfying motion video game you can play indoors today. 

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