St Andrews: the Experience of Visiting Golf’s Origination


History is written by the victors, the saying goes, and upon visiting St Andrews, one learns that golfing history is no different. As far back as 1691, St Andrews, in the Fife region of Scotland, has been credited as the birthplace of golf. The origins of the game trace all the way back to the 1400s with the two types of golf being played in the very early days.

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Softer Golf Balls Increase the Positive Feel in Your Golf Game

Feel! It is the feel that every golfer wants in our very addictive game of golf. The golf balls role is not only to end up in that tiny hole at the end of every hole but also to provide a sense of feel. The golf ball manufacture “Wilson” know what buttons to press in order to create golf balls that provide a great feel.

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Four Great Gifts for Any Golfer

If you have a person in your life — whether it is a friend, family member, or a partner — that can’t go without hitting the golf course at least once a week, you are almost halfway done when it comes to getting them a present for their birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

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The Top 5 Greatest Golfers of All Time

Who’s the GOAT in golf? This tough question deserves a couple of names for an answer. In every field like golf, there will always emerge a crop of iron players who have made a mark, exceeded people’s expectations, and contributed to the popularity and development of the sport.

Legacy, ranking, number of championships won, and even name recall—these are some points that populate anyone’s list of golf’s most exceptional.

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Tiger Woods Fights Back After Injury and Sleeping Disorders

Eleven years after winning his last major, Tiger Woods bounced back from obscurity to win his fifth green jacket. After what can only be described as a taxing decade, the 43-year old Woods came from behind to win the Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club in April this year.

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The Story of Tiger Woods and His Cutting Edge Golf Ball in 2000

As the immortal “Caddyshack” character Ty Webb famously said “see the ball, be the ball Danny.” Actually, the full quote delivered by Chevy Chase in the timeless classic comedy is “Stop thinking…let things happen…and be…the ball.”

As any golfer will tell you, all of the accoutrements you bring onto the course matter; a lot! Today revisited a story of Tiger Woods and his ball that made all the difference at the U.S. Open nearly two decades ago.

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Five Summer Upgrades for your Golf Bag from TGW (Free Coupon Inside)

By Joseph Connolly

Summer is a season for many sports and fun activities. It is a time to go for long nature walks, camp, play tennis or invite everyone home for a garden party. Above all, it is time to pick your golf clubs and swing away all day with a bunch of your friends or just two of you. However, no golf game would be complete without the perfect golf bag. Thankfully, there is the free shipping TGW coupon which you can use to cut down on the overall costs of owning such a bag. As if that is not enough, the company has come up with amazing upgrades on their bags designed to make your summertime something to remember.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Golf Clubs


By Jason Verduzco

The game of golf is a relaxing, and fun sport for many. For beginners, it can be overwhelming as you get the basics down. As you become more versed in the rules of golf, you will realize that there are many options for golf clubs, as well as other equipment, and knowing which is best can be mind-boggling.

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How a Rangefinder can Make Your Golf Game Better


Before you hit the links this summer, you got to get out to the range and practice. Even the best of us, need to hit up the golfing range where we can work on both our drives and our putting. It’s time to hit the golf range.

Once there, be sure to interact with others that can help you augment your game. However, you don’t want to look like a novice while all the pros are conversing in insider jargon. Therefore, you might want to bone up on the terminology before hitting the range. That’s where we come in with this guide to terms frequently used in the world of golf.

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NBA Legend Deron Williams Golfs a Lot These Days (Exclusive)

deron williams

Illini legend and three time NBA All-Star Deron Williams walked up the orange carpet with his wife Amy Friday night at the second annual Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame Gala at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

D. Will was a part of the inaugural Hall of Fame class but was unable to attend last year’s gala as he was just coming off a NBA Finals appearance with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Williams couldn’t pass up this opportunity again, especially when you consider the manner in which he was invited.

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