Where to Begin when Creating a Sports Website

If you love playing or watching sports, then you often have the urge to share your knowledge of statistics, players, and events to your friends and family. Sometimes, you feel that your passion for sports would be more appreciated if you can share the information with a larger group of audience. This is where you may find yourself asking “why not create a sports website?” A lot of people would say that creating a website is very challenging, when in fact, it’s both an easy and fun adventure.

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Pat Fitzgerald Has Strong Takes on Instagram Likes, Influencers, Smartphone Addiction


Northwestern did not stage a spring game this year and head coach Pat Fitzgerald absolutely, positively made the right call there. As someone who militantly believes there is actually no such thing as a “spring game,” I’m one million percent in support of that decision.

A game requires an actual external opponent, so what went on at myriad other schools all across the country today weren’t anything more than intra-squad scrimmages with branded titles. Not having a so-called spring game meant that Pat Fitzgerald wasn’t asked to analyze meaningless statistics in a faux game. Instead, the conversation with reporters covered a vast array of topics, and many of them went above and beyond football.

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Illinois Could Have Legal Sports Gambling by Next Super Bowl, Says State Rep

sports gambling

If everything goes as smoothly as possible, and there are no unexpected hiccups along the way, legal sports gambling will be in the state of Illinois by the next Super Bowl. That’s according to Illinois House Revenue and Finance Committee Chairman Mike Zalewksi, who late last month filed four separate amendments to House Bill 3308 to jumpstart the Land of Lincoln’s movement on sports betting.

“Enacted and up and running, I’ve set an ambitious goal for the Super Bowl, but I can’t say for sure that will happen,” Rep. Zalewski told The Sports Bank in an exclusive interview on Monday.

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Four Ways Technology Is Changing Transportation

By Bill Burke

In recent years, technological advancements have given the transportation industry a whole new look. It is little wonder that traveling is becoming more enjoyable than ever before. Price 4 Limo & Bus Rental makes the whole process of renting the perfect vehicle for any event easier than you would imagine.

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RefRatings is a New Sports App that’s Both Timely and Timeless

nfl referee

As a University of Illinois alumna, I can say from experience that no fan base is as paranoid about the officials as Illini fans are.

The one exception being, oh, every other zealous sports fan base on the planet. Remember “fan” is short for “fanatic,” and one thing that every member of all zealous fan bases has in common is a serious belief that the refs are all out to get their team. Which makes RefRatings, a new app that just launched in 2019 and is available for free in the App Store, timeless.

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How To Keep Your Game Intact With A Busy Lifestyle

By Bill Burke

Like many people, you may not have much time left over in your day due to family responsibilities, social engagements, and work obligations. Therefore, squeezing in play time is difficult. Like any other extra-curricular activity or hobby, playing games takes time, and you have to plan for it. However, there are things you can do to find time to play games even if you are busy building your business, advancing your career or taking care of other responsibilities.

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CCNA Routing and Switching Certification: 6 Reasons to Get Certified

By Gary Scott

Cisco is undoubtedly one of the leading providers of networking hardware in the world. Apart from selling high-technology products and services, the company also offers a certification program which covers different Cisco technologies and has five proficiency levels – from entry to architect.

Associate-level CCNA Video Training Course Online – 200-125 is one of the most sought-after credentials that IT professionals can have. This is because the routing and switching skills are highly demanded in the industry. Cisco certifications are recognized all over the world, therefore, CCNA R&S will open up many job opportunities for you.

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Why Football Teams are so Keen to Get Involved with Esports


By Joseph Connolly

Ever since competitive gaming came on the scene, it has been widely treated with suspicion by the traditional sporting world. Many commentators stated that it was little more than a sedentary activity, and had little to do with sporting excellence. Despite these reservations, it seems that a growing number of football clubs and players are keen to get involved with the esports phenomenon.

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Notre Dame QB Brandon Wimbush on Why He’s Off Social Media

brandon wimbush notre dame fighting irish

Editor’s note: re-running this today, in the wake of the news that Brandon Wimbush has officially transferred to Central Florida, and will play his final season of college football at UCF.

The adverse effects of social media are being further studied everyday. As the alarming results of these findings continue to gain more publicity, social media usage has started to stagnate. Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter have stopped growing. Only Instagram is maintaining steady growth right now.

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Top Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Football/Soccer Fans


Whether you call it football, soccer, futbol or even footy, you’re probably aware of the beautiful game’s status as the world’s most popular sport. No matter where in the world you’re reading this post, you’re most likely excited about the coming yuletide after this weekend passes.

Christmas is, as the timeless standard says, “the most wonderful time of the year.” But what do you get the football fan in your life so that you can ensure that “this Christmas, will be a very special Christmas?”

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Best Cyber Monday VPN deals 2018

cyber monday

By Osama Khan

Cyber Monday is the first Monday that comes after Thanksgiving. In 2018, Cyber Monday is going to be observed on November 28. In 2005, Cyber Monday was launched by Shop.org and it’s basically just a marketing term devised to grasp the attention of the shoppers and encourage them to make purchases online.

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Northwestern PK Drew Luckenbaugh Raising the Bar By Developing New App

drew luckenbaugh

Northwestern’s back-up placekicker Drew Luckenbaugh was thrust into duty this week when first-stringer, Charlie Kuhbander went down with an injury. Luckenbaugh’s first career field-goal attempt Saturday went about as poorly as possible.

He anticipated his initial attempt, a 42 yard effort, with so much gusto that he actually kicked it before it was fully placed, and the result was an unsightly line drive that barely left the ground — and ended up nowhere near the goalposts.

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