NASCAR Returns: How it Will All Work Behind the Scenes


As Aaron Burr said to Alexander Hamilton right before they realized a duel was inevitable: “alright, so we’re doing this.”

Well, it’s what he said in the musical, so you can gauge how historically accurate that statement is on your own. Also, Burr said it in Act I as the two were preparing to serve as seconds in a duel between two other men, not their own, but you get the idea. NASCAR is indeed doing this, getting back to real live racing, this Sunday at Darlington Raceway.

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How E-Learning Can Help Your Business And Staff

Photo: Pixabay

E-Learning lacks face-to-face communication but it has a whole other range of benefits that will truly give you an advantage in every way, including the freedom to learn. In business, we hire people who are qualified for the job but when times change and technology advances, they may need to learn a new skill set.  This is going to be vital to help your business grow. E- learning can help combat this. With companies such as Coassemble, you can create a course and have people learn your course and there are many Coassemble reviews

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Is Sports Betting Losing the Race to Gambling Online?

For a long time, Nevada was the single US state where conventional sports betting was permissible. Since the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of New Jersey’s battle to introduce sports betting in 2018, however, the industry has been in the ascendancy. The number of states offering legalized sports betting now stands at 21, with more expected to join the fold. 

The positive effects on the industry are already being felt, and they’re expected to skyrocket in the coming years. According to Gambling Compliance, the market value will reach a staggering $8.1 billion in revenues by 2024. With some of the biggest sports leagues on the planet calling the United States home, it’s not exactly a surprising prediction.?  [Read more…]

What is the Best Way to Stream Sports? 9 Great Services to Use

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Are you trying to learn about the best way to stream sports? If yes, you should check out our list here of the best services. If you want to cut the cord but you think you can’t watch your favorite sports games without cable, I’ve got good news for you. 

Now you can. As the web and TV apps grow with popularity, so do the choices of watching your favorite players in the action on streaming sports channels. So where do you find them? How can you stream sports without the cord and paying so much? 

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PGA, NASCAR Among Leagues Providing Hope of Sports in 2020

Has the coronavirus pandemic shut down sports for the rest of 2020? No, probably not, but some sports and leagues will have a much tougher time returning to business than others. It’s a rough time for all involved: players, coaches, executives, owners and perhaps most of all, fans.

It’s tough for all the businesses and industries directly connected to sports too, like media, merchandisers and casinos. The ripple effects of the global COVID-19 lockdown are being felt everywhere. Let’s take a quick spin through what sports could open, when and in what capacity.

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Mavericks, Illini Legend Derek Harper on Friendship with Mark Cuban

The Wikipedia page of Derek Harper describes him as one of the best players never to have made an All-Star Game. After being named to the University of Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame this week, the legendary former Illini did a teleconference call with the media.

He was asked what he believes his legacy will be, and he responded by saying he really doesn’t think too much about it, but he also offered this very substantive answer: “I think people will remember Derek Harper because he left it on the floor every single night.”

“Played with a passion, tough-minded…I gave the game every breath I had. To me, that’s enough.”

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Where to Watch Free Movies Online

Do you love watching movies, but you cannot afford to pay for a streaming service? You are not alone. You can opt to visit a movie store to get the newest film frequently. However, you will end up with a vast collection that will occupy most of your space. You can avoid this by using one of the several free streaming sites. Here, you can watch both newer and classic movies without spending a dime. You can watch most of these sites in a web browser or a dedicated app. Nevertheless, not all of these sites are legal or secure. Instead of struggling to find which sites are safe, here is where you can watch free movies online.

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Top 5 Benefits of Streaming Sports from Home

If you are a sports lover, you should be thankful to the technological advancements for the enhanced accessibility. These inventions have made it easier for fans to watch their favorite sports events from anywhere at any time. All you need is to have a smart device and reliable internet connection from a reputable provider like AT&T internetand you are good to go. You may choose to watch from your phone, laptop or set up a big screen in the backyard and enjoy watching live sports with your loved ones. 

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How Can We Convert Word into PDF?

PDF and Word are considered as the most important document formats in the academic field. Students, teachers, researchers, even people from every field of life prefer word format for writing content. The word format provides them comfort in fast writing, as well as many other features, can be obtained by using this format, such as spell checker, etc. But, the disadvantage of using this format is that it is not consistent for sharing purposes. This format may display diverse formatting, alignment, design, and fonts of the information when shared from one device to another. 

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Clint Bowyer: ‘perfect storm’ Conditions for iRacing, eNASCAR

Last Sunday, 900,000 Americans watched Denny Hamlin edge out Dale Earnhardt Jr. to win the Dixie Vodka 150, an eNASCAR race from the virtual Miami Hempstead Speedway on FS1. iRacing, a practice which has been in place for well over a decade, is now going mainstream.

Starting Sunday with the O’Reilly Auto Parts 125, from the virtual Texas Motor Speedway, all of the Pro Invitational Series will be televised, on FOX.  Last week saw the most watched eSports event in television history, and eSports are starting to have all the related businesses that mainstream sports have. The Best Casinos are taking action on eSports, you have fantasy leagues out there, not to mention web programming in which pundits debate who the best competitors are.

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Thank You Denny Hamlin, iRacing, eNASCAR, America Needed This

Denny Hamlin passed Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the very final lap to win today’s Dixie Vodka 150,  an eNASCAR race that’s part of the Pro Invitational Series. Most of America is only now just getting acquainted with the iRacing competition, a virtual race/eSport that’s perfectly suited for our chaotic times of isolation and quarantine 

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NASCAR Launching iRacing, an eNASCAR, eSports Series

At this point, we have no sports, indefinitely. So we have to find other ways to entertain ourselves and eSports is one of those options. 2020 was set to a be a huge year for eSports long before the coronavirus outbreak, and now with social distancing becoming the norm and shelter-in-place orders becoming more commonplace, virtual sports will take off.

NASCAR, which is cancelled through May 3, is now launching iRacing, an eNASCAR Pro Invitational Series, an exhibition esports series featuring many of the sports most talented and popular drivers.

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