Bill Cowher Strongly Calls Out Colin Kaepernick; but Misses Some Points



Former Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Bill Cowher made a lot of great points as he called out Colin Kaepernick this morning on The NFL Today. However, he also greatly missed the mark on a few more. The NFL pundit is spot on when he asks Kaepernick why he’s remaining silent, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with querying about the contract specifics, and if those contract requirements stand in the way to Kap’s getting a new gig.

Also, points to Cowher for ending his soap box session with “prove me wrong.” In this era of people not taking accountability for what they say (or truth or facts for that matter), he goes out of his way to take ownership.


Bringing up the incentive based contract clauses is a small, but important talking point that’s gone overlooked in this debate too.

On the other hand though, this reeks of condescension (which to be fair is the job description of talk show pundit).

Still, the statement seems a bit oblivious to what options Kaepernick has or doesn’t have. Even before the Buffalo Bills signed Joe Webb (a guy with no QB game at all), it looked pretty apparent that the NFL is black-balling Kaepernick, and the Webb signing made it all but certain.

Also, if Kaepernick IS in fact more interested in social justice than playing football, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. We have major serious issues in this country that need our attention and effort. These issues make the game of football look pretty superficial in comparison.


Here’s what Bill Cowher said exactly:

“Are you really committed to wanting to come back into the National Football League and re-establish yourself as a National Football League player? Are you really committed to your craft? Are you going to take the opportunity that any team might give you?

“Don’t let the contract stand in the way. Your agent can put performance clauses in there that if you play.  You will get paid. Colin, your silence speaks volumes. And I just wonder, maybe the platform is more important to him than his play on the field. And you know what, Colin, prove me wrong.”

Strong words for sure, but Bill Cowher it still a lot closer to the center than most of the takes out there.

colin kaepernick

In the interests of full disclosure, my opinion on this situation is pretty much in line with the stated views of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He’s telling it like it is; imho.

I think it’s great that there is a #NFLBoycott movement, but it’s a bit extreme for my tastes. On the opposite extreme, good lord is there a horrific lunatic fringe out there.

It’s led by Britt McHenry, Jason Whitlock, Clay Travis and other white grievance and white nationalist sympathizers.

The less said about the viewpoints of those hot taking racist nut jobs the better.

britt mchenry

Actually, the less we hear from all three of those desperately seeking attention at all times talking heads the better.

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