Meyers Leonard Has the Right Ideas on Mental Health, Psychotherapy

Monday saw Meyers Leonard make it back to a University of Illinois basketball game for the first time since 2012, when he was playing for the Illini. Leonard and his wife Elle donated $500,000 to the program, with the donation going towards the new basketball practice facility.

Meyers was honored on the State Farm Center court, during the first media timeout, and while this was indeed a special moment, what happened with Leonard in the press room, about an hour earlier, was much bigger than basketball.

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Rachel Balkovec: Backstory Makes it Impossible Not to Root for Her

The New York Yankees, for obvious reasons, are sometimes thought to be synonymous with Frank Sinatra, and one of his signature tunes, “That’s Life,” certainly applies to Rachel Balkovec. All about the roller coaster that is life, Balkovec, just 34, has already experienced the lowest nadirs and the highest apexes.

On Monday the news broke that she had just become the first female manager in the history of affiliated baseball. She now takes over the Tampa Tarpons, the Yankees’ Low A affiliate. Balkovec met the media yesterday, via Zoom, where she said she had to change her name to “Rae” on her resume in order to even get a 1st chance.

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Activities That Can Help You to Take Your Life in a New and Better Direction

Pixabay CC0 License

Everyone loves a good story of someone turning their life around and experiencing that “second wind” after going down would seem like a really bad and unfruitful path.

This is a big part of the attraction of many great sports stories, for example – and there is no shortage of tales out there of individuals across a broad range of different disciplines, and from all sorts of walks of life, who at one time were at a major low, and who then managed to turn things around enough to make a real name for themselves and to excel in one way or another.

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Useful Tips For Sports Employees To Balance Their Education And Work Easily

Are you passionate about advancing your career but not sure how you will balance education and work? It can be challenging to achieve a good work-life balance especially when you work at home and also pursue a professional course. However, you need to switch from work to reduce job burnout and stress. Here are useful tips for sports employees to balance their education and work easily.

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Eric Dickerson Believes SMU Death Penalty Delayed CFBHOF Entrance (Exclusive Part 2/3)

It’s a massive time for college football right now. Yesterday saw the College Football Playoff and bowl pairings announced. Tomorrow brings the enshrinement of the next College Football Hall of Fame class, of which Eric Dickerson will be a part.

We had an extensive exclusive with Dickerson, where we covered a wide-range of topics, including his belief that his induction was severely delayed due to the scandal that rocked his alma mater, Southern Methodist University. Dickerson, never one to pull any punches, let it fly during our interview.

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Olivia Dunne: LSU Gymnast Winning the NIL Money-Making Game

NIL is a brand new ballgame to be sure, and we’re all still figuring out the rules and regulations right now, but Olivia Dunne is the college athlete who is winning it. The LSU class of ’24 gymnast is poised to become the first Name, Image and Likeness generated millionaire.

That’s right, Livvy Dunne, a decorated gymnast who has competed alongside Olympian level talents like Simone Biles, Jade Carey, and Suni Lee, should hit that very lucrative mark first, and not somebody from one of the two revenue sports (football, men’s basketball).

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Pro Palestine, Abolish Police Protest Erupts at Northwestern-Iowa


While some dinosaurs still bloviate how “sports and politics don’t mix,” we all know that concept has fallen by the wayside these days. That said, you still shouldn’t run out onto the field of play to get your message out.

And if you still do anyways, well, try to make your signs readable to all of your potential audience. A pro Palestine group, reportedly Northwestern students, ran onto the field, late in the second quarter of tonight’s Northwestern home game against Iowa. The group was protesting in the name of other causes as well, including abolishing the Northwestern University police.

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Allison Williams Leaves ESPN Due to Vaccine Mandate, OK Bye!


ESPN reporter Allison Williams posted on social media that she’s leaving ESPN, due to the company’s covid-19 vaccine mandate. This follows up on last month, in which she stated that this would be her first season not on the football sidelines, due to her refusal to get the covid-19 vaccine.

This Allison Williams is very often confused for the other Allison Williams, the famous actress of “Get Out” fame and daughter of NBC media figure Brian Williams. Sports Allison Williams has said that she’s avoiding the vaccine out of fear of potential complications which could result from pregnancy.

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Flashing Back to Jon Gruden Washington Team Name Debate Take

jon gruden

In the wake of the news surrounding Jon Gruden this week, we felt it might be interesting to flashback to some of the rare past occurrences where he actually did give his take on social issues. It seems pretty crazy right now, doesn’t it- a man who seemed to love absolutely everyone and everything, was Mr. positivity as an announcer, is actually a deplorable person on the inside.

During an ESPN Monday Night Football media teleconference, several years ago, Gruden even said, with great self-awareness: “people think I’m too positive, I love everybody!” Turns out it was just a character he played on television.

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Don’t Give Jay Cutler, Brett Favre Platforms on COVID Issues

Examples number 9,234,678 and 9,234,679 on why we shouldn’t look to professional athletes for guidance on serious social issues- Jay Cutler and Brett Favre. The former was in the news yesterday for his losing an endorsement over his anti-mask stance, and his potential run for a school board presidency in his home state of Tennessee.

The latter is a top trending term on the internet right now due to his appearing on CNN to talk about the risks of CTE in playing football, and how that puts weight on the decision to when kids should be allowed to play.

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Study Shows Which Football Fans Most Likely to Participate in Boycott NFL Movement

Controversy has plagued the NFL for several years now, following former quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the National Anthem in 2016 in protest of police brutality and racial injustice throughout the country. Kaepernick became a free agent after that season and was not re-signed, which many took as a reaction to his political protest. The kneeling incident sparked a lasting controversy that resulted in boycotts of the NFL on both sides of the issue.

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Meghan Markle Becomes Hero to Italy Fans in Euro 2020 Final


Can’t say I saw this one coming, but it is true that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. As you’ll recall earlier this year Meghan Markle, who made a Brexit from the British Royal Family, pointed out just how epidemic racism is in the United Kingdom.

Markle opened up about the racism that is omni-present within the Palace itself, and as you might have guessed, the royals were in denial about it. As Italy took on England in the Euro 2020 they embraced Markle as one of their own, and if watched the match yesterday with Italy fans, it was not uncommon to hear one of them dedicate their victory to Meghan Markle.

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