5 common elements to a child custody agreement

Every child custody agreement is different, but there are several elements that are found in nearly every agreement. These including legal custody stipulations, physical custody stipulations, custody/visitation schedules, and stipulations regarding important decisions in the life of the child like education and health care decisions. Custody agreements also often contain a stipulation regarding the process to change the agreement in the future.

This keeps the parents from needing to go before a judge to change the agreement. Good lawyers can create a thorough and fair custody agreement that will save the parents time and money that they would otherwise spend on a long custody battle. Read on to learn more about the five common elements found in nearly every custody agreement. 

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How long does a bankruptcy take in KY?

Bankruptcy is not something that many people want to think about. In most cases, when it has come down to bankruptcy there is no other option and the filer has done all they can to try and make the best out of their situation and have worked to do whatever they can to avoid it. That being said, bankruptcy is still something that millions of people face and learning what you can about it can truly help you through the process.  

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Who can be held liable if I get hurt in a slip and fall accident? 

It can be difficult to determine who can be held liable after a slip and fall accident. This is why it is important to obtain an attorney who has a great deal of experience with these complex cases. Your attorney will determine if there was negligence that could lead to liability, which parties may be liable, and what damages to seek.

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Liverpool: an Example of How Football Can Help a City Grow


As Liverpool Football Club paraded their sixth European title through the city’s streets, a sense of togetherness was palpable in the air. Children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents all gathered together to catch a glimpse of their heroes. The city has faced untold hardship over the decades, not just in a footballing sense, so moments like this help Liverpool and scousers come together.

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Is there a difference in how a defense attorney handles misdemeanor and felony cases?

What is Considered a Misdemeanor Case? 

Misdemeanor crimes are less severe than felonies. These may include crime such as drug possession, DUI, and first-time offenders. Expect a year or less in jail, small fines, probations, and community service. [Read more…]

John Harbaugh Makes Powerful Statement on Black Lives Matter Struggle

Social justice, or more importantly, the fight against social injustice, was a major theme in the opening weekend of the National Football League. Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh made comments on the issue that were as powerful as anything anybody has said anywhere.

Harbaugh, whose Ravens have arguably the best overall roster in the NFL this fall, said that the struggle African-Americans are enduring right now will ultimately go down, far ahead in the future, as “the greatest freedom story in the history of the world.’”

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Nate Burleson Says Social Justice Conversation Must Become Action

In the words of the famous Elvis Presley song, “a little less conversation, a little more action.” Nate Burleson, Co-host of Good Morning Football and CBS’ “NFL Today” echoed that statement today. He sees and hears a lot of people in this country saying all the right things about social justice, but declared those statements pointless if it doesn’t then lead to actual substantive action against systemic racism.

The former NFL 11 year veteran wide receiver, now an analyst for CBS, discussed the Black Lives Matter movement and all that it stands on the pregame shows this morning.

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Kofi Cockburn: “can’t we all agree that racism is a nasty thing?”

Sophomore Illini Center Kofi Cockburn met the media this morning, via Zoom, wearing a t-shirt that read “More than an Athlete.” It perfectly summated both he himself, and the theme of the session. Jumping straight into Q&A, he gave a lot of honest and open answers in response to plenty of uncomfortable questions.

At no point was he visibly uncomfortable or annoyed, during the 50 minute Zoom call. The star big man recognizes the very large platform he has as an Illini basketball star, and all the influence that comes with it. 

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Calipari on Potential Rupp Arena Name Change, Team Protests

In a media zoom call scheduled specifically for a discussion on the hiring of Bruiser Flint as a new Assistant Coach, John Calipari covered a vast array of topics. The University of Kentucky head coach was asked about:

COVID-19, the chances of having a season amidst it, backlash for his tweet about getting getting his team registered to vote, the on-campus conversation about potentially re-naming Rupp Arena, former UK Associate Athletic Director DeWayne Peevy taking the A.D. job at DePaul, a potential series with the Blue Demons) and what his thoughts would be if his players wanted to stage a protest against social injustice.

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What to do if You have Been Injured by a Police Officer During an Arrest

One need not read too deeply in the newspapers or on online social media to understand that we live in uncertain times.  Indeed, the news is replete with stories of police overreach, mistakes, brutality, and excess as the nation reels from disaster to calamity and back again on a broad front ranging from public outcry on race relations, fears fueled by the global public health crises, to a growing distrust in the governing structure of the nation.

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What Should You Spend on SEO for a Criminal Defense Law Firm?

The market for individuals and companies offering SEO marketing services is heavily saturated with people who are eager and more than willing to generate a bill for an attorney who is looking to take their criminal law practice to the next level. The average price range for SEO for law firms and attorneys is between $2000 and $10,000 per month.

In areas where the saturation of SEO marketing firms is not as heavy, you may find that the cost of these types of services is a lot less. There are a number of things a criminal defense law firm needs to consider in terms of how to gage what a fair price actually is for SEO marketing strategy services.

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History of Soviet Union National Baseball Team Learns You

Believe it or not, the Soviet Union once had a national baseball team. They weren’t exceptional or anything, but they did try to go toe to toe with the United States. Yes, the East vs West, communist vs capitalist clash of civilizations battle carried over to the baseball diamond.

Much has been made of CCCP vs USA in ice hockey, to a lesser extent basketball and of course the Ivan Drago vs Rocky Balboa prize fight that effectively ended the Cold War.

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