Progressive NBA Needs to Finally Distance Itself from Charles Barkley


As Maya Angelou famously said: “When People Show You Who They Are, Believe Them.” The National Basketball Association doesn’t seem to understand this lesson when it comes to Charles Barkley however. Or they have learned, but don’t really care. He’s repeatedly shown himself to be a social dinosaur, but the NBA seems to be okay with it.

That’s strange given how it’s most the progressive sports league on the planet. The association is a place where some of the most successful figures are also the most out-spoken and forward thinking. Guys like Steve Kerr, Gregg Poppovich, Steve Nash, Stan Van Gundy, the list goes on.

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Athletes Who Destroyed Their Careers Because of Gambling


A lot of people out there enjoy a night or two of gambling and playing at casinos, and in most cases, the excitement and thrill that come with it do not result in a massive strain on the person’s finances. However, some people have let gambling affect them in ways that have scarred their finances and relationships for life.

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot Aims to Make Soldier Field Year Round Destination

On the 22nd anniversary of the founding of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club, and the 148th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Chicago Fire, the club held a media and fan event at Soldier Field. The club will call the building home again next season, much like they did in 1998-2001 and 2003-2005.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was in attendance yesterday, and she’s excited for what lies ahead for both the team and the lakefront venue.

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3 Things To Consider When Enrolling Children in Sports

Playing sports may offer children several lifelong learning tools: working as a team, accepting failure and learning to improve. These skills are beneficial in childhood development and learning to work with adults, yet, it doesn’t develop overnight. Rather, it relies on parent support throughout the emotional ups and downs as well as patience and time. As you enter the world of athletics, keep the following tips in mind.  

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Marcus Rashford Slams Twitter’s Attempt to Combat Online Racism

marcus rashford

Manchester United and England striker Marcus Rashford is one of a handful of footballers who has been racially abused online in the past few weeks. Rashford, as well as teammate Paul Pogba, have been victimized by racist trolls on Twitter since the season started.

Twitter, in an effort to combat racism on social media, made a pledge to monitor the account of the top 50 black footballers in the world.

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How the Baseball Hall of Fame Acknowledges the Steroids Era

To me, the most interesting aspect of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown is what passes as “the steroids wing.” The entire steroids era, from approximately the mid 1990s to the early 2010s is covered by just one display case, which focuses on artifacts relating to PEDs or performance enhancing drugs.

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United Players Condemn “disgusting,” “pathetic” Racial Abuse of Paul Pogba

Manchester United have issued a club statement condemning the racist abuse perpetrated against midfielder Paul Pogba on social media. Additionally, some of the team’s star players have taken to Twitter and voiced their disgust with these developments.

United settled for a draw last night at Wolverhampton Wanderers, thanks in part (but obviously not thanks in full) to Pogba, instead of Marcus Rashford, taking a penalty kick, which he then missed. The decision to have Pogba take the PK, and the general protocol for how United decides who handles spot kick duty, was widely criticized last night. Club legend and Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville was very critical of the situation.

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Philadelphia Union Shred “Stick to Sports” Cliched Nonsense

“Stick to Sports” is certainly in the same family as “go back to your country.” Both seek to condescend and dehumanize. And the kind of people who use the former expression, often use the latter, and vice versa.

It’s odd because a.) no one ever says “stick to sports” when a sports figure opines on food, drink, movies, television, music, books etc. And no one ever a news talking head to “stick to politics” when said pundit opines on sports. What the phrase (used by people as high profile as ESPN/ABC host and far right winger Sage Steele) really means is “stick to sports when you voice political beliefs I’m not comfortable with.”

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10 Great Group Bonding Games to Form a Stronger Youth Sports Team

Do you want a stronger, passionate youth sports team? Try spending some time with these group bonding games. We share our top picks in this roundup. What’s the most important thing any team needs to have? We all know skills are not enough to win games without teamwork and trust.

But how can you develop those soft skills in your players? Read on for 10 great group bonding games your team is sure to love. 

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Cricket Australia has Announced Its View on Transgender Policy

The primary transgender guideline is to appear in Australian elite cricket in the nearest future. On August, 8th, the Cricket Australia revealed the view on the future participation of players in team games with the affirmed sex if it differs from that obtained by birth.

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Revisiting the Worst of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics on the 23rd Anniversary

Happy 23rd anniversary of the start of the 1996 Summer Atlanta Olympics. To mark this occasion, we covered the most recent summer Olympiad staged in the United States on the latest episode of the “Let’s Get Weird, Sports” podcast on the SB Nation/Vox Media/Hammer and Rails Podcast Network.

The Atlanta Olympics are infamous for the bombing, how the media ruined the life of Richard Jewell, the hero from that deplorable bombing, crass commercialization and events being staged at arguably the most racist location on Earth, Stone Mountain. The Atlanta Olympics also highlights one of the city’s biggest shames- extremist disposability of stadiums. Have a listen below:

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Nelson Rodriguez Praises Chicago Fire Fans for Not Doing Anti-Gay Chant

nelson rodriguez chicago fire

Chicago Fire General Manager Nelson Rodriguez just completed the second of his three media roundtable Q&A sessions this year, and unfortunately, there wasn’t any real hard breaking news to emerge from it. Rodriguez was evasive on the topics of Head Coach Veljko Paunovic’s job security and the potential long term home for the team.

He didn’t offer much insight or news-worthy quotes when the topic turned to playing in Solider Field either. However, when asked about the infamous anti-gay chant that Mexican soccer fans make on goal kicks, he gave a strong, impassioned response.

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