Man United Tweet Photo of Kanye West in Club Jacket, Fans Get Confused



As we speak, Kanye West is the top trending term of Twitter nationally due to his lunch at the Office and conversation about prison reform with President Donald Trump. While West has zero governmental policy making experiences or true sociopolitical credentials on which to stand, there he was drawing the attention of the nation’s media.

Attention that could be placed on the historic natural disaster tearing through the southeastern part of the United States today.

Manchester United fans also have placed their attention on Kanye West today but for very different reasons. The club’s official twitter account posted this very odd image:

The caption read “International breaks got us like…” obviously in reference to the sad look on the rapper’s face. What’s more confusing though is the lettering on his jacket. It reads “WK,” and that has left many believing that it should simply be reversed to KW for Kanye West.

Someone observers even thought the image was photo shopped. Well, we don’t have any further answers or explanations at this point, but we do have this collection of interesting and engaging twitter reactions, collected by the Manchester Evening News, over at this link. Enjoy!

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