Liverpool: an Example of How Football Can Help a City Grow


As Liverpool Football Club paraded their sixth European title through the city’s streets, a sense of togetherness was palpable in the air. Children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents all gathered together to catch a glimpse of their heroes. The city has faced untold hardship over the decades, not just in a footballing sense, so moments like this help Liverpool and scousers come together.

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Four Most Dangerous Sports Fan Clashes of All Time

There aren’t many feelings that compare to your team winning a championship and celebrating with other fans. There’s so much passion, excitement, and thrill that you could taste it while jumping around and cheering. Sometimes, though, the contrast of emotions between the winners and losers can meet and create the perfect concoction for conflict.

In many cases, mostly in countries where soccer has the most fans, “hooligans” take to the streets looking for a fight. It’s usually the losers that want a brawl, but sometimes winning fans wish to scuffle.

Read ahead and take a look at the top 4 dangerous sports fan clashes to date.

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Kevin Reza, Tadej Pogacar Lead Stories of 2020 Tour de France

The Tour de France, cycling’s biggest event on the calendar, is in the books for 2020 and there was no shortage of storylines. The two biggest narratives were of course the underdog story of Tour de France winner Tadej Pogacar and Kevin Reza, who called out racism in the sport.

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John Harbaugh Makes Powerful Statement on Black Lives Matter Struggle

Social justice, or more importantly, the fight against social injustice, was a major theme in the opening weekend of the National Football League. Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh made comments on the issue that were as powerful as anything anybody has said anywhere.

Harbaugh, whose Ravens have arguably the best overall roster in the NFL this fall, said that the struggle African-Americans are enduring right now will ultimately go down, far ahead in the future, as “the greatest freedom story in the history of the world.’”

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Nate Burleson Says Social Justice Conversation Must Become Action

In the words of the famous Elvis Presley song, “a little less conversation, a little more action.” Nate Burleson, Co-host of Good Morning Football and CBS’ “NFL Today” echoed that statement today. He sees and hears a lot of people in this country saying all the right things about social justice, but declared those statements pointless if it doesn’t then lead to actual substantive action against systemic racism.

The former NFL 11 year veteran wide receiver, now an analyst for CBS, discussed the Black Lives Matter movement and all that it stands on the pregame shows this morning.

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Playing a Game Soon? Here Are The Essential Tools You Need To Stay Safe From Covid-19

The recent pandemic is causing so much restriction and stress to a lot of people all over the world. It is affecting almost every community and limiting all human movements in an attempt to contain and avoid the further spread of the virus. For a lot of the activities you should do, it is important to use important and recommended tools that will make you safe from the virus. Should you wish to resume doing some activities like playing a game, you should know the essential tools to protect you from getting sick. 

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5 Ways Sports Leagues Can Prepare for Upcoming Seasons in Covid-19 Era

Like most sectors, even the sporting industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. With a majority of
sporting seasons being canceled, the onslaught has put a lot of financial pressure on the players and
even the sporting committees, in general. However, with MLB starting the new season with
refurbished rules and guidelines, almost every league across the globe is planning to resume
operations, like before.

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Michigan State Football in Quarantine Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The Michigan State football program became the third of the Big Ten East division’s seven teams to suffer a coronavirus outbreak this summer. Just minutes ago, the school made an announcement that included the release of recent testing data. The school tested 122 athletes from July 20-24, and found 16 positive cases.

Are we going to have a college football season to bet on? Probably not, so you can click here for other outlets where you can do your recreational wagering. It just doesn’t seem feasible to play college football during a pandemic. MSU also had four athletic department staff members test positive, and that means the Spartans program summer workouts are now on pause.

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Rutgers Football Experiences COVID-19 Outbreak, Suspends Practice


Rutgers football and Ohio State, despite residing in the same division of the same conference, don’t really have much in common. They’re basically at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to current pecking order and history of program success.

However, they now have a coronavirus outbreak in common. As of today, both teams have seen a COVID-19 outbreak put their program’s preparation for the 2020 season (in the remote chance there actually is one) on pause.

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Aaron Judge Encourages the ‘uncomfortable conversations’

aaron judge

Earlier this week #BoycottMLB was a top trending hash tag on Twitter, and for your sake, I hope you did not click on it. I’m still recovering from the brain damage that I suffered upon looking at it. Almost all of the content posted with that hash tag was provided by people who completely miss the point of taking a knee during the national anthem.

Just like we saw in the NFL, when Colin Kaepernick and company kneeled during the “Star Spangled Banner,” you had legions of people who simply couldn’t understand the true point of this exercise- protesting police brutality and racial inequality. One guy who really gets it, and always has, is New York Yankees rightfielder Aaron Judge. When the San Francisco Giants knelt before an exhibition game on Tuesday night, it was a hot topic nationally.

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Yankees-Nationals Season Opener Overflowing in Political Overtones

When Washington Nationals starting pitcher Max Scherzer through the first pitch tonight at Nationals Park, to New York Yankees Centerfielder Aaron Hicks, it marked the return of “big four” American sports for the first time in four months. No more preseason exhibition stuff, or just sports like substances, or competition only in the lesser known professional sports leagues.

Now we have real life 2020 regular season Major League Baseball (NYY currently leads 4-1, top of the sixth during a rain delay). And like everything else in America, this event is overflowing with political overtones. Every POTUS, with the exception of Jimmy Carter and the current one, has thrown out the first pitch on opening day since William Howard Taft.

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John Calipari Pleads Strongly: “just wear a mask”

University of Kentucky Coach John Calipari met the media, virtually, via Zoom this morning for a session that focused primarily on his recently having partnered with the McClendon Foundation.

Calipari will work with other college basketball coaches to help launch the McLendon Minority Leadership Initiative (follow this link for more), but the main takeaway from the session was Coach Cal’s pleas to “just wear a mask.” The Wildcats head man said this phrase a few times, and he’s absolutely right to keep repeating this message. Simply put, a lot of people are just not listening, and they need to finally “get it.”

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