Patriots Loss is Vikings Gain: Systems Do Not Trump Talent



Sometimes celebrities get caught up in their own press and are surrounded by “yes men.” In the sports world, the NFL is the king of television and ancillary revenue. Men like Roger Goodell and Bill Belichick are at the top of the spectrum in terms of power and public perception.

No coach in the league has more of a mandate to give his input to ownership and management than the alleged cheater in the Providence-Boston area. In this instance, this ability has hurt the organization and Belichick’s credibility.

The trade of Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings for a third round draft pick and a future seventh rounder is ludicrous and laughable.

As a lifelong Viking fan, I am elated to see the big play threat return to Mall of America Field for the first time since Sidney Rice played on that turf.

By Patrick Herbert

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Brett Favre has looked sluggish at best during the season thus far. The addition of a receiver who has accumulated over 14,500 yards and closing in on one thousand receptions is a bonafide coup considering the price that the Vikings paid for the transaction.

It is true that Moss is in his contract year and the future is uncertain. With possible injuries and a likely work stoppage in the cards, teams have to play for today and the possibility of success this season. The Vikings are in this “win now” situation even more than most because they are also trying to convince the residents of Minnesota to allocate funds toward a new stadium for the franchise.

Sentiment for this type of expenditure would be much more positive if the team experienced the same type of success that they did last season- or even surpass it.

Contrarians may side with the old school Belichick because Moss does have the reputation of quitting on his team during the season and in the midst of games. He has worn out his welcome in his previous stops much like outfielder Manny Ramirez.

They both were cornerstones of proud elite franchises in Minnesota and Boston, but lost favor with the fans through their indifference and lack of effort. The difference in the two is that Moss is still near his prime while Ramirez looks like a beer league softball player in despair, refusing to play unless there are ideal conditions for a short period of time.

Minneapolis has a fervor for the Vikings that is rarely matched in NFL markets. This is largely due to the ineptness of the Gopher football program. They have not been competitive consistently since the days of Lou Holtz. Randy Moss will be rejuvenated in Minnesota because he is wanted there, is playing in an indoor controlled environment, and has Adrian Peterson to take attention away from him.

Randy Moss even has the ability to block downfield during offensive plays for others. Brett Favre can continue to throw underneath to Visanthe Shiancoe and strike deep to Moss. Hopefully the offense will be successful enough to inspire Prince to compose another tribute song for the new Purple People Eaters!

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